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Tinkerbell Party Supplies that You Can’t Live Without

tinkerbell party supplies

Who is your favorite Disney character? If you said Tinkerbell, then you're in luck! You can find a slew of Tinkerbell party supplies to transform your event space into the ultimate fairy fantasy land.

The awesome part of having a Tinkerbell related party is that is can be fun for both girls and boys. When you incorporate Tinkerbell's friends like Terence and the Lost Boys, you can have a fun party that everyone can enjoy. The fact is that there are tons of different party supplies for all of these fun characters including party favors, games, and treats. Half of the fun is choosing from everything that is available.

Here's your one-stop shop for everything you need for a Tinkerbell party your guests will never forget. 

A Little About Tinkerbell

tinkerbell party supplies

No discussion of Tinkerbell party supplies should start without first learning a little more about this famous sprite. Tink first showed up in 1911 as part of J. M. Barrie’s play, Peter Pan. Tink was Peter's co-conspirator and best friend -- as well as Wendy's rival for his friendship.

Though the character is over 100 years old, most youngsters first caught a glimpse of Tinkerbell during her appearances in the more recent family films including the 1953 animated Peter Pan film, the Steven Spielberg film Hook, and the  animated films in recent years including Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Never Beast, The Pirate Fairy, and Walt Disney’s Tinkerbell.

As her name suggests, she's known for being a tinker, meaning she's skilled at mending, fixing, and inventing. Disney describes her as a few inches tall, with a small frame, and big fairy wings. She is usually happy and kind, but if you get her angry, look out!

Why Do Kids Find Tink So Alluring?

Kids love Tink because she's an upbeat, spunky, free spirit. She's also a problem-solver and is always happy to lend a hand to those in need. At the same time, Tink isn't perfect. She has a temper and a jealous streak something we can all identify with. And everyone wants a bit of fairy magic in their lives.

Tinkerbell Party Supplies

If you're going to throw a Tinkerbell party, you'll need the right kit. Fortunately, you have many choices.


When you start your search for Tinkerbell party supplies, the first step is finding the right invitations. And how can you not, when there are so many options?


If you're looking for something basic but fun, then invitations with just a picture of Tinkerbell and the words “You’re Invited” are a surefire winner. You can also find Tinkerbell accompanied by short sayings, Tinkerbell waving her magic wand, and Tinkerbell invitations in unique shapes.

Disney Tinkerbell Fairy Birthday Party Invitation (8 Pack), Multi...
  • An adorable invitation the features Tinkerbell sitting in a purple flower.
  • Invitation reads "You're Invited" in the front.
  • 8 Invitations in a pack

Personalized invitations

If you're looking for something a little more interesting, consider personalized invitations.

Customize a little or a lot, from necessary information only to the birthday child’s name and picture. You can even create your own from scratch. There are custom printing options, or you can download a digital file and print them yourself.


tinkerbell party supplies

Once the guests have arrived, it'll be time to lay out the tableware. And once again, you're spoiled for choice.


There's nothing like a Tinkerbell tablecloth to set the stage for your birthday feast and cake cutting. This cute but understated tablecloth has the sides decorated with Tinkerbell in her various famous poses. Tinkerbell gathers with some of her famous animated friends on this colorful tablecloth. If you want a table cover that you can use year after year, then this fun and vibrant cloth will create memories for a long time to come.

Hallmark Disney's Tinker Bell and Fairies Table Cover
  • Hallmark Disney's Tinker Bell and Fairies Table Cover
  • Toy
  • Hallmark


Now that your tablecloth is set up, it's time for plates.

This pack of eight plates features Tinkerbell in one of her most adorable poses. This eight-pack plate set shows off Tinkerbell in vibrant violet and bright pink. If you're looking for a matching set of plates and napkins, then you can’t go wrong with this colorful set. Finally, this expansive 16-piece set featuring napkins and a tablecloth will kick the party up a notch.


If you have the plates, you'll need the cups, too. And there are many options from which to choose. This set features Tink and her friends floating around the cups. This lovely set offers a bright, unique look at our favorite sprite. If you want cups that keep on giving, then these fun reusable Tinkerbell cups are a must-have.

Cups | Disney Tinkerbell - Best Friends Fairies Collection | Party...
  • 9 oz.
  • Package of 8 paper cups
  • Purple & blue, "Tinkerbell" & her fairy friend, flowery background

Table Decoration

tinkerbell party supplies

If you want something premade, then you have a plethora of options. There are many fun table decorating kits such as this vibrant set, which includes a 12-inch Tink cutout, two side centerpieces, and an adorable butterfly confetti set.

The best table decorations give the illusion that Tinkerbell has joined the party and this upright popup fits the bill with its lifelike appearance. These gorgeous centerpieces feature wood bases and double-sided designs.

DIY Table decorations

There are a lot of fun DIY centerpieces that you can make at home. Here is a fun centerpiece made from a mason jar, some glitter, and some paint. Use flowers, paints, and a stencil to create a Tinkerbell centerpiece. Older kids will have a blast helping you make them as well. 


No youngster’s party is complete without balloons, and there are plenty of Tinkerbell balloons to choose from. You can find mylar balloons, for example, with lovely Tinkerbell designs. For extra flair, larger balloons made in the shape of Tinkerbell are always a hit. Get the best of both worlds with Tinkerbell balloon sets


Pinata are a classic, and no discussion of Tinkerbell party supplies would be complete without them. Check out this one, with Tink in a long flowing dress. If you're looking for something smaller but adorable, then a lovely pinata featuring a traditional Tinkerbell floating about will be a hit.
BdayParties Disney Tinker Bell Birthday Custom New Party Pinata
  • The pinata is 15 x 15 x 3.5"
  • Fill it with candy and party favors for a fun party game
  • This pinata is custom made to order mylar party pinata

Personalized Items

While most kids are just happy being at a Tinkerbell party, every child loves party favors with their names and special messages on them. 


What child doesn't like stickers? And stickers with their own name on them? An instant winner.

Many customizable Tinkerbell stickers can be made in a variety of colors and can be hung at the party or given out as favors. Put your guest’s names on these adorable stickers and send them home with a gift they won’t forget. 

  • Tinkerbell Pack of stickers of 350
  • Great for goody bags
  • 5 sheets


Who doesn’t love personalized candy? As far as Tinkerbell party supplies go, there's not much that can beat that. When you're putting together the gift bags, fill them with personalized candy tins, lollipops, and even full-sized candy bars.


Personalized buttons are great because they can be worn time and time again. These unforgettable pins can include the guest’s name in bright pink. Pairing Tinkerbell with her friend Peter Pan is always a hit.



Don't forget the treats! Cake and cookie designers love working with Tinkerbell, and you can even make some of these snacks yourself.


Complete the Tinkerbell theme with an unforgettable cake. There are many variations available. Some of the most memorable include those with 3D figures on top. Sheet cakes offer more real estate for elegant Tink displays.

Tinkerbell cupcakes are always a hit because you often get more bang for your buck. Plus, the best cupcake toppers are just adorable. This collection of cupcake rings are pure party pleasers.


For lighter fare, add cookies to your list of Tinkerbell party supplies. Cookies come in all shapes and sizes. Individually wrapped Tinkerbell cookies are great for party favors. If you want to keep the fairy theme without Tinkerbell, there are numerous generic cute fairy cookies available. If you want to make your own cookies, then you can buy Tinkerbell cookie cutters. Once done, design them however you like.

Tinkerbell Costumes

Some of the best Tinkerbell party supplies are the ones you can wear. From fairy dresses to DIY Lost Boys costumes to pirates-in-training, there's a costume for every child.

Disney offers an authentic Tinkerbell outfit that is absolutely gorgeous. There is also an adorable model for baby fairies. If you want to dress in a precious fairy dress without going to Disney, then try a comparable costume. This costume includes large wings and a magic wand. For $20 to $40, you can purchase this intricate fairy dress that will make your little girl the belle of the ball.

Petitebella Green Fairy Costume Wing Set Party Dress Girl Clothing...
  • Product includes: dress, wing
  • Material: mainly polyester
  • Item size: 5 options for 1 to 10 years

Thank you cards

Once the party's over, it is time to send your guests home and thank them for their gifts in style. Tinkerbell thank you cards come in a variety of options. This adorable set lets you write your message right on the front. Many collections are relatively inexpensive and display a beautiful picture along with your message. This lovely set features Tinkerbell and her fairy friends. 

Pirates and Lost Boys

Boys are certainly able to enjoy the Tinkerbell party supplies we have listed above. The great news that boys and girls alike can also have a blast celebrating with Tinkerbell’s many friends.

Lost Boys party supplies

Lost Boys party supplies

Parents who want to honor their child’s wishes of having a Lost Boys themed party can get a decorating kit. Some kits include Lost Boys invitations, banners, and paper hats. Speaking of banners, this Peter Pan/Lost Boys banner will look great at the festivities. Kick the festivities up a notch with this huge and picture-worthy Jolly Roger ship prop. Finally, invitations for a Night in Never land appeal to both boys and girls.

Terence supplies

While you are shopping for Tinkerbell party supplies, don’t forget about her faithful companion, Terence. He's Tinkerbell’s friend from the movies who spends his mornings handing out pixie dust to the other fairies. He also has his own range of party supplies.

Balloons, streamers, and cakes all make the party better. But how about party favors? You can hand out Terence patches or customer made play figures. You can even have the birthday boy, or his guests dress up as Terence with this DIY costume. 

Tinkerbell Party Activities

Since all of the Tinkerbell party supplies are in place, no party is complete without fun activities. There are many great fairy inspired games and activities that are a blast during any Tinkerbell party. These are activities that both girls and boys can enjoy.

Hunt for pixie dust

Hunt for pixie dust

To prepare for this game, hide little pouches of pixie dust (gold confetti or glitter) and hide them around the event space. Then have the guests hunt for them. Have an adult dressed as Captain Hook offer clues to where to find the treasures.

Fairy tale Theater

Fairy tale theater involves the participation of all the girls and boys at the party. Have everyone dress up as Tinkerbell, Terence, the Lost Boys and all of the fairy friends then put on a show. Make paper hats, magic wands, and wings during the party and then perform with your props during the big show.

A fun way to make fairy wings is to attach nylon to plastic hangers. Once you secure the wings, have the kids decorate them with stickers, glitter and puff paints.

GLITTIES NAIL ART Iridescent Fine Glitter Powder-for gel nail polish,...
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  • Ideal for nail art, including nail tips, gel polish, gel or acrylic nail powder.
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Freeze tag with fairies and lost boys

After the show, you can play a rousing game of freeze tag. For this version, pick out one guest to be the bad fairy and one to be the good fairy. When the game starts, the rest of the guests run around the area. If the bad fairy tags a player, they have to freeze. The only way to be unfrozen is by the good fairy.

Magical mushrooms

Magical mushrooms is basically a play on musical chairs. To prepare, create mushroom cutouts with cardboard and markers and place them in a circle on the floor. Have the kids skip around the play area while you play light, fairy-themed music. When it stops, they have to find a seat. Last fairy or lost boy sitting wins! 

I Believe

The only thing necessary to play this game is imagination. Here, one player will be the “Fairy Catcher.” That individual will change the other guests around. If they get tagged, they must go to the fairy trap. Once there, they have to say “I believe in fairies” 10 times fast. If they can do it before the Fairy Catcher returns, then they are set free! 

Your Tinkerbell Theme Is Limited Only by Your Imagination

With all of these fantastic Tinkerbell party supplies available for your fairy party, it is no wonder why this particular theme is such a hit. And shopping for these supplies can give you ideas for creating your own unique supplies. The wonder of a Tinkerbell party is limited only by your imagination.

Have any of our readers created fun Tinkerbell party supplies that were not listed here? If so, how did they work out? Share your success stories in the comments.

18th Birthday Party Themes That Your Teen Will Love

18th birthday party themes

So, your child is officially becoming an adult and is ready to start the rest of their lives. But, first comes the party! Do you know which of the many 18th birthday party themes you want to use to kick this milestone off right?

As a parent, you will be looked at as the guiding light when it comes to planning the perfect shindig (at least the bankroll). You’re probably asking yourself where to start. The good news is there are many different creative 18th birthday party themes available that combine fun, games, and memories you and your teen will remember forever. We have compiled a list of awesome co-ed themes that will have your kids singing your praises come the big day.

Considerations for Planning 18th Birthday Party Themes

When designing the perfect shindig, you have many creative 18th birthday party themes from which to choose. But regardless of which theme you go with, there are some general considerations that parents and new 18 year-olds should think about. You want everyone to have a good time, but you also want to be smart about planning and enjoying the festivities.

Guest list

When planning these 18th birthday party themes, you want to take some time to craft a well-planned guest list. Parents should work together with the teens on this task. Invite your friends but make sure the list doesn’t grow out of control. Though you want them to have fun, you must maintain a sense of order.

If you are holding the party at a venue, then you want to be sure that the location allows the number of guests you plan on bringing. To properly spread the message about the event, use a social media platform like Facebook to ensure all guests get the necessary info. 

​​​​Be relaxed but wary

As parents, you want to make sure that everyone at the party remains safe, while allowing the teens to enjoy themselves. Still, you don’t want to get so relaxed that things get out of control. During the party, be there in the background to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch and that nothing gets out of hand. Just don’t be so involved that you end up hampering your teen's time with their friends.

Document the event

The momentous occasion of turning 18 is a big milestone in anyone’s life. So make sure that the cameras are rolling. A key to enjoying any of these 18th birthday party themes is creating memories that you and your kids can revisit for years to come.


There are many ways you can go about documenting. As parents, you can go around the party and take pictures or video of the fun moments. You also have the option of hiring a professional photographer. Another fun idea is to buy a bunch of inexpensive disposable cameras and hand them out to the guests. Have them take their own pictures and then collect the cameras at the end of the event. Select the best shots and make a scrapbook out of them.

Many 18th Birthday Party Themes From Which to Choose

There are a million different 18th birthday party themes that you can choose for your big day. You can pick and choose from different ideas or create a brand new theme all your own. If you need assistance, below are a handful of themes to get you started.

Pool Party

Provided you have access to one, the pool party can be one of the easiest 18th birthday party themes to coordinate. Who doesn’t enjoy a dip in the pool? Even a minimalistic approach with lots of floats, lounge chairs, and tropical drinks will be a blast for all involved. 

18th birthday party themes


While the pool is the main attraction, there are little touches you can make to spruce up the theme. Fill the pool with colorful beach balls and cover the chairs in brightly colored towels. You can kick up the exoticism of the event with tiki torches, tropical flowers, and bamboo accents.

12 Inch Inflatable Beach Balls for Pool Party & Luau (12 Pieces)
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  • Each bright and colorful beach ball is 12 inches when deflated
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There are tons of fun pool games to engage the guests at your party. Get a floating ping pong table or set up a volleyball net and play a few rounds. Buy some pool noodles and have a jousting match. A fun group activity is watermelon polo. To play it, cover a watermelon in vegetable oil and drop it in the pool. Then have to teams battle while trying to get the slippery melon to the opposite side of the pool. It’s like soccer but played with your hands.

Toga Party

One of the wildest of the 18th birthday party themes is the infamous toga party. You know the deal. Everyone gets their favorite bed sheet and ties it up to look like the togas of ancient times. If you want to kick it up a notch, you can even have everyone dress in actual elegant ancient Roman costumes.

EraSpooky Adult Emperor of Rome Caesar Costume, OneSize
  • Complete with headpiece, robe with attached shoulder drape and belt.
  • White pullover robe has bands of gold braid at neck, sleeves & hemline.
  • 100% polyester interlock & sequin knit fabrics


For your decorations, you can take inspiration from pictures and movies based in the Greek era. Make your own handmade scrolls to act as invitations. Decorate the venue with columns, pedestals, and fake classical statue busts made out of paper mache.


On the invitations, invite guests to create the ultimate toga or Greek outfit and then have awards for best dressed. Instead of bobbing for apples, you and your guests can bob for grapes or olives. A great game to play at your toga party is Who Am I? To play, get a bunch of flashy headbands and write the name of a famous Greek character on each of them. Once everyone has their headband on, they have to guess who they are!



One of the most fun and relaxing 18th birthday party themes is the bonfire. Whether you can have the fire safely in your backyard -- or at another location such as the beach or a nature park -- there's just something about your best friends surrounding a crackling fire that just shouts celebration. To complete the bonfire look, make sure to gather lots of wood along with hot dogs and other food to roast on the fire.


This is another of the 18th birthday party themes where you can add a little more texture to the event by setting up tiki torches. You can also hang string lights around the area. A thermos with a package of hot cocoa mix inside and bags of marshmallows make great party favors.

Deco Home Set of 4 60-inch Citronella Garden Outdoor/Patio Flame Metal...
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Before the party, encourage the guests to prepare a performance that they want to share with the group. Whether it be playing the guitar, drums, singing, or telling ghost stories. Have each person around the fire take turns sharing their talents.

Since you are passing the 18th birthday milestone, think back about some of your fond memories and share them with the group. Bonfires are also great times to have trivia contests, play truth or dare, and have water balloon fights to cool off.

Dance Party

Dance party

Who doesn’t love a dance party? For those who love to get down, this is one the most engaging 18th birthday party themes you can have. When planning to have a dance party, get a feeler for which of your guests love to dance and those who are less comfortable doing so. You want to make sure you include everyone. When you get that all set, get ready to boogie!


Either find a venue to hold your dance party or create your own dance floor at home. In either case, make sure there is enough room for all of your guests to get wild. Naturally, you will want to hang a disco ball above the dance floor. If you are having the dance party at home, you can decorate with cartoonish musical notes and records. To make them, get some black construction paper and cut out the shapes before hanging them on the wall. Finally, blow up a healthy amount of balloons and put them on the dance floor so the guests can dance around them.

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Of course, one of the most engaging activities at a dance party is dancing. You can mix things up with some dance related games. Start by having a dance contest with fun awards for the winners. For another fun competition, have everyone sit in a circle. The first guest stands up and does a dance move. Then the next person goes up repeats that dance move and then adds one of their own. Add to the new dance routine with each new guest. Anyone who forgets a move is out. Play until one dancer remains.

Another fun activity is setting up a styling area where guests can have their hair sprayed with glitter or get neon highlights in their air.

Cocktail Party

cocktail party

Though this birthday does not mean that your teen can legally drink, you can have the next best thing with a mocktail party. Of the 18th birthday party themes, the mocktail party exudes fun and maturity. Juice up the theme by making hors-d'oeuvres and serving non-alcoholic versions of drinks like pina coladas and daiquiris. If you want to kick this theme up a notch, you could turn it into a masquerade party complete with exotic masks and elaborate outfits.


Transform your home into a mock nightclub by covering some high tables with fancy tablecloths and serve the drinks in cocktail glasses complete with stirrers and cute paper umbrellas. To complete the nightclub look, dim the lights and hang string lights around the ceiling.

JoyJolt Afina 4-Piece Cocktail Glasses Set, 8-Ounce Martini Glasses
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During your mocktail party, have a dance floor so guests can try out their best moves. After that, engage in some group games. Have a music guessing game where you play retro tunes and see who can name that tune. You can also play a truth-lie game where everyone sits in a circle and says something about themselves that may or may not be true. The other guests have to guess if it is a truth or a lie. Then play a game of charades. Top of the night with some karaoke.

Movie Night Marathon

Movie Marathon

If your teen is looking for a more laid-back event, then the movie night marathon might be the most ideal of the 18th birthday party themes. As it sounds, this theme entails having friends over to enjoy a few flicks with some fun embellishments.


Movies are all about creativity, so get creative with your decorations. Start with the food. Make a refreshments stand complete with soda, candy, popcorn, and hot dogs. You can make it more authentic by renting a real popcorn machine. For the invitations, create mock movie tickets with the guest’s names on them. Get plenty of bean bags, cushions, and sleeping bags, dim the lights, and enjoy the show.

6010 Great Northern Red 8oz Roosevelt Antique Countertop Style Popcorn...
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The movies are the headlining entertainment. Find a genre that everyone at the party enjoys and stick to it. Horror or comedy movies are always a good choice. Play games in between flicks. Play a game of popcorn basketball by throwing kernels into a popcorn bucket. You can have a candy quiz by putting different pieces of candy in bowls then blindfolding guests and having them guess what they are eating. Of course, movie trivia never fails during movie marathons.



As far as 18th birthday party themes go, you don’t get much flashier than the casino theme. With a few decorations and a couple of card tables, you can have a mock casino set up in no time. Have your guests dress up in suits and elegant dresses and let the good times roll.


Go to your local party store and find an almost unlimited supply of casino decorations. There you can get all of your chips, casino themed plates and cups, and centerpieces you desire. You can decorate the walls with slot machine wallpaper and hang decorations inspired by the suits in a deck of cards.

CASINO NIGHT 13pc Party Balloon decorations
  • (1) Two Sided 30" QUEEN OF HEARTS / ACE OF SPADES
  • (1) Each of 18" RED DIAMOND & 18" BLACK CLUBS FOIL


Set up some card tables and play friendly versions of blackjack and poker. If you are artistic, you can design your own roulette, Plinko, and wheel spinning games. Another fun game involves two teams building their own castle of cards. The team that wins the biggest tower wins!



The luau party is one of the most adventurous 18th birthday party themes. Have everyone dress up in grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts, and leis to complete the look. This is a great party theme for out around the fire.


If you set up outside, spend a few bucks on tiki torches to drive the theme home. Get some bamboo mats and lay them on the ground and have everyone dine on pineapple cake and chips with mango salsa. Finish decorating with lots of pineapple, parrot and ​flamingo centerpieces. Don’t forget about the balloons!

Pink Flamingo - Party Like A Pineapple - Baby Shower or Birthday Party...
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Start the festivities off by turning on some Hawaiian music and do the limbo. After that, have a hula dancing competition. For luau games, you can have a scavenger hunt, tiki torch ring toss, and a variation of musical chairs: musical leis.

Neon/Black Light Party

One of the most unique 18th birthday party themes is the black light party. The basics of this shindig include a few black lights and some glowing accessories. Everything looks a little different under these lights, and it will truly be a party to remember.


The key to neon 18th birthday party themes is finding accessories that will create a unique glow under the black lights. Make a fun background for pictures with a hanging black tablecloth covered in neon colored streamers. Cut circles into neon paper and hang them from the ceiling. Attach glow sticks to balloons and spread them around the event space. You can even cut pieces of neon cardboard and attach it to fan blades to give a cool effect.

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Half of the fun of a neon party is finding new ways to make everything glow, making this one of the most creative of the 18th birthday party themes. How about making the guests into the decorations? To do so, have everyone come in white shirts. Hand out neon markers and have the guests draw things on each other’s shirts. Then have a dance party to show off your creations. You can play a game of ring toss by covering cans in neon paper. Then, throw rings made out of glow sticks. Finally, set up an art station with paper and neon paints so the guests can make their own creations.

18th Birthday Party Themes Create Forever Memories

Officially becoming an adult is a momentous occasion and adding these 18th birthday party themes will only elevate this milestone. These events are just the tip of the iceberg with the type of theme you choose limited only to your imagination. Birthday boys and girls should plan their party along with their parents to get the best idea. Most importantly, have fun with it!

New 18th birthday party themes are popping up all the time. What did you do for your 18th birthday? Do you have a theme you recommend? Sound off in the moments.

Try These Unique Retirement Party Themes for Your Coworkers

retirement party themes

It’s your responsibility to plan a retirement party at your office, and you are looking for new and exciting retirement party themes that aren’t “Happy Trails to You.” Whether it’s a funny and over the top shindig or a small and informal affair, planning the office retirement party doesn’t have to be difficult.

Not all retirement party themes need to focus on “The End.” In fact, many office retirement parties are celebrations of all the accomplishments the retiree has achieved during their career. Or, the party can be all about the great things the guest of honor is going to accomplish in this next chapter.

How to Plan an Office Retirement Party

retiremet party themes

While some people like surprises, not every guest of honor does. When choosing retirement party themes, start by figuring out what the guest of honor would appreciate. Take into account their likes and dislikes. Ask yourself if they want a huge send off or if they would prefer a quiet celebration.

Don’t be afraid to include the guest of honor in these discussions. Sometimes it’s better to ask than to assume. Ask if they want their past accomplishments highlighted or if they would rather focus on their future. Will the retiree want to make a speech? Ask if he or she will be comfortable with others making speeches, especially the boss.

Who to Invite

Of course, you should invite current co-workers. But, it’s also a nice touch to include the family if you can. If you have a large budget and can swing it, it can also be a fun surprise to include past co-workers and even former bosses.

Choosing Where to Have the Retirement Party

Once you’ve figured out what kind of party to have your budget, of course, will be an important factor in choosing a date and time for the party. Whether you have a large or small budget and guest list, consider something other than cake in the breakroom or renting a ballroom. Non-traditional venues can include:

  • The skybox of a sporting event
  • A local park
  • Someone’s house
  • A favorite bar

What Should Happen at the Party

While not every party will be the same, most retirement parties have one or two speeches that honor the retiree. Bosses, coworkers and even family could be extended the opportunity to toast the guest of honor. But, make sure you remind each speaker to be brief and to keep it clean. This is a work function, after all. If the guest of honor is so inclined, allow them a few moments at the mic as well.

Most retirement parties include a group gift. Because this is a retirement party, try to avoid work themed gifts that may no longer be useful. While a gold watch or a plaque is a “traditional” gift, why not also consider having guests create a scrapbook page with their favorite memory about the retiree or the best piece of advice the honoree ever shared. If you know what the retiree does as a hobby, perhaps a non-traditional hobby-related gift is a better choice than the traditional. Whatever budget you are able to come up with to purchase a gift for the retiree, make sure the gift reflects the value of that person to your organization over the years.

Personal gifts from coworkers don't need to be big, fancy or expensive. It should be something meaningful and personal to the retiree.

Retirement party decoration

What You Need for a Retirement Party on a Budget

Whether you decide to go budget-friendly or over the top you will, of course, need certain essential items for all retirement party themes. To elevate your retirement party above the generic “So Long and Good Luck,” here are some ideas you can use for multiple retirement party themes.


You don’t have to order fancy, custom invitations. A simple fill-in-the-blank invitation will always work. Consider using a colorful ink to fill out the information. Or, print up the information on stickers using an intricate (but readable) font and place them on each invitation.

Photo booth props

In today’s age of sharing everything, no party is complete without photo booth props. They are perfect for everyone to express their humorous sentiments about retirement. You can collect them all into a scrapbook for the guest of honor to enjoy later.

Retirement Party Photo Booth Props, Selfie Props - 31 Pieces
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Wish cards

Wish cards allow party-goers to share their advice, sentiments, and ideas on what the retiree should tackle next. They can be funny, sentimental or encouraging.

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Plates and decorations

A create your own banner allows you to state whatever sentiment or theme you like. Of course, you need plates. And for dessert, a retirement-themed cake topper is an easy, budget-friendly way to create a special moment for the retiree.

Consider a party pack of decorations that includes a banner, a sash and other fun items that can be used with numerous retirement party themes. Mini signs that you can decorate yourself let you create multiple retirement party theme for a lower price than custom decorations.

Retirement Party Themes

If you have the budget, the time, and a willing guest of honor, consider one of these retirement party themes to create a memorable experience for everyone.

Relocation party

The guest of honor is off to a warmer place like Arizona or Florida. Maybe they are moving to someplace more exotic. Send them off with a banner letting them know that good times are ahead. If it’s appropriate, you can use custom wine bottle stickers to let the guest of honor know how excited you are about their next chapter. For guest favors, you could give them a suitcase full of candy for them to take on their own adventures.

Bucket list party

Now that the guest of honor is retiring, he or she has the time to do all the things they’ve been putting off. Retirement party themes like this one could start with a customizable banner to highlight the first bucket list item to check off. Have the guests come up with their own ideas and suggestions for the bucket list and let the honoree take the bucket home to keep filling it up (and emptying it!). Include a cute instruction sign so everyone knows what to do. Use smaller versions of the buckets as table decorations or favors.

World traveler party

Off to see the world! Send the guest of honor off for many happy adventures. In this retirement party theme, a world map-themed banner sets the international mood. Globe balloons are an added worldly touch. Include passport favors as either a take-home gift or have everyone write their travel wishes for the retiree in the blank pages.

Pull the theme through at the table with travel placemats and international flag napkins. Hang a map that allows the guest of honor to show where they are going to travel. They can take it home to mark where they have been. And before the honoree starts sharing all their travel highlights, have the guests share some of their own with travel-themed photo booth props. Send everyone home with their favors packed up like an international airmail package.

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When you were hired

For people who have been at the company for a long time, consider retirement party themes that take place in the year they were hired.

The 1970s

Time travel back to the 1970s with a funky tinsel curtain. Have a disco-themed background ready to go for all the groovy pictures guests can take. Include tablecloths that look like a disco floor and even some disco ball centerpieces. To remind guests of the great time they had, a favor box that features a disco ball is a truly retro touch.

The 1980s

Totally tubular retirement party themes from the 1980s would not be complete without the right accessories for all the guests. Make sure everyone knows what decade they are entering with a door sign and backdrop. Or, create your own version of the 1980s with scattered props and decorations. And, of course, don’t forget the photo props so everyone can relive their MTV years.

A legend forever

This retirement party theme lets the honoree know that there will never be another one like them. This is not a college toga party, but, instead, a celebration of all the great things the guest of honor has done. This party theme acknowledges the legacy they are leaving behind.

Start by setting the scene with columns, but don’t just limit yourself to the background. A table is an excellent place for subtle accents. Add some greenery and gold leaf decorations to make things feel more decadent. To honor your legendary co-worker, a crown of leaves so everyone knows who is legendary. And, of course, no Greek retirement party theme would be complete without an appearance from Zeus.

A subtle celebration

Of course, some of these retirement party themes might be a bit over the top for some. For the wallflowers, you could consider a simple banner that expresses your thoughts about how much you will miss them along with a simple gift.

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A retirement roast

A roast, when done with humor and love, can be a fun send-off for a beloved coworker. Try a different take on the “roast” theme by having a campout and s’mores themed party.

Make sure you have a S’mores station so everyone can make their own. Set the camping theme ambiance with the right tablecloth, centerpieces, and signs so everyone feels like they’re in the wilderness. You can even include some fun lighting to help enhance the scene. And when the party is over, don’t forget the favor bag.

Personal hobbies

You can’t go wrong with retirement party themes that highlight what the guest of honor loves to do.


Tee off a golf lover’s party with golf invitations. For a smaller or low-budget party, consider simple decorations. Or, go big and have a lot of decorations. Send the retiree off to the 19th hole with some great theme photos that have golf props. Instead of one big cake, consider cupcakes that use individual golf themed toppers. As a favor for guests, a golf key chain or golf club pens would be a hole in one.

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For the fisherman (or woman) include a banner that lets them know that now they have all the time in the world to fish. Add a cake topper that lets them visualize what they have to look forward to. And, of course, you need a gift and a memory card for everyone to sign.

Our Final Thoughts on Retirement Party Themes

Planning a retirement party isn’t easy and choosing retirement party themes can be even harder. However, if you take the time to get to know the guest of honor and even include them in the planning process, picking the right theme is easy. Once you’ve selected the right theme, everything else falls into place allowing you to enjoy the party as much as the other guests.

New Year’s Eve Party Themes – Our Favorite Themes and Ideas

New Year's Eve party themes

Nothing calls for a big party like New Year's Eve. One night a year, it becomes completely acceptable to stay up way too late. In fact, staying up past midnight is mandatory. So is finding someone to kiss when the clock strikes 12. Choosing from the most successful New Year's Eve party themes will help you throw a party that your friends and family will remember throughout the coming year.

Planning a party can be a pretty daunting task. The moment we celebrate the new year has its own traditions: confetti, kisses, noisemakers, and popping champagne bottles. However, entertaining a house full of guests for the preceding three or four hours takes careful planning and some forethought.

People remember New Year's Eve moments. It may be a significant night with a special someone, or the only time your friends have a chance to gather together at once. Many people consider it a way to say farewell to an unforgettable year. Planning a party with New Year's Eve party themes will help you create those lifelong memories for your guests.

What Are New Year's Eve Party Themes?

New Year's Eve party themes can be any party theme at all. Many classic themes feature elegant cocktails, over-the-top food, and dressing up. You could also plan something more laid-back, like a bonfire night under the stars to ring in the new year. One of the tricks to throwing amazing parties is to create anticipation in your guests, and choosing a fantastic theme does just that.

Throwing a Party Right

Most New Year's Eve parties will require some commitment from your guests. They'll need to find the right outfit, and perhaps the right babysitter, in order to attend. Many people start planning their New Year's Eve right after Thanksgiving. So, make sure you chose any New Year's party themes early enough for your guests to plan. Get your friends on board early to stir up some excitement.

Have a Plan

Far too many parties die before they ever begin because of poor planning. Try to remember the little things that will make a big difference come party time. For example, call your neighbors and let them know about your plans. Better yet, invite them, so you don't make any enemies.

Take a few minutes for common sense planning about logistics like parking, coats, and designated drivers. Ask close friends and family to volunteer to help or even take over a few tasks. You can never plan too far ahead or be too prepared. The less you have to do when the guests start arriving, the more time you'll have to interact with your guests and have some fun yourself.

Part of planning your party means making time to get plenty of pictures and video. Many hosts set up photo background or a photobooth for their event so that all the guests have a chance to take souvenir pictures at the big blow out. You can even set up a webpage that hosts the invitations and any photographs. Your guests can then access the site to upload and share images. Look at websites like PictureX, DropEvent, or even Facebook. One advantage to Facebook is that it can also send your invitations, keep track of guests, and let you notify them if any of your plans change.

Consider Your Guest List

A New Year's Eve Party requires a lively atmosphere. You may already have a list in mind, but don't be afraid to invite people you might normally pass over. Consider new co-workers who haven't had a chance to make friends yet. Working moms and dads may appreciate a night away from the kids. Even your older family members might love a rare night out.

Whoever you do invite, remember to keep all of your guests in mind when deciding which of these New Year's Eve party themes to use. If you have a mixed crowd of adults and children, make sure you have a way to amuse over-tired and bored youngsters. If you're inviting elderly relatives, make sure they have somewhere relatively quiet to sit and chat or play cards until the big moment.

Choosing the Menu

Unless your guests are very close friends and family, you may not know what they can or can't eat. So, try to select a variety of menu items that are universally appealing. You may be using one of those New Year's Eve party themes that dictates a particular menu. However, whichever one you choose, consider adding a vegetarian option, along with some sugar-free or gluten-free items so everyone can indulge.

And speaking about indulgence, remember to cater to your designated drivers. These volunteers should be the real VIPs at your New Year's Eve party. So, make sure you have a selection of non-alcoholic drinks and even hot coffee and cocoa to bolster these everyday heroes before they face a cold night's work shuttling party guests home safely.

4 Best New Year's Eve Party Themes

Finding the best choice from a list of New Year's Eve party themes will depend on the kind of guests you're planning to invite. Consider their ages, interests, and lifestyles. Also, consider their hopes and dreams. Remember, you're building a party that leads to a moment you want people to think of fondly forever.

New Year's Eve often conjures at least one moment that stands out in everyone's memories. Whether you had your first kiss with the person of your dreams at midnight, kicked off a really amazing year, or just went to an unforgettable party, being able to attach it to something like New Year's Eve makes it all the more special. Whichever theme you choose, remember that your staging that special moment for every one of your guests.

Times Square

For more than 100 years, the ball has dropped from a rooftop on Times Square, signifying the start of the new year. There are probably few things more recognizable in American culture.

The Times Square party is perfect for those who love the excitement of the big city. When you think of New Year's Eve at Times Square, you think of people bundled in the cold, waving at the camera. For your home party, you can recreate that feeling without having to endure seven hours in the sub-zero temps.

As for lighting it up like Times Square, you'll go far with multi-colored Christmas lights. ‘Tis the season, after all, and in Times Square, colorful is everything. Add to the ambiance with photo backdrops featuring this iconic neighborhood in Manhattan. Dedicate a TV to the NYC live cam feed, as well as the network feed, so you can catch all the real-life street action. The network feed, of course, will be on the main screen.

The beauty of the Times Square party theme is that you're part of something iconic in the very moment it's happening. People who have dreamed of living that night under the shimmering lights on Broadway will get to enjoy the next best thing.

Baby New Year

This is one of the top New Year's Eve party themes because you can add a little twist. Everyone knows that over the course of the year, Baby New Year becomes Old Man Time. And for your party purposes, it's a fantastic theme. Your guests come dressed as someone famous from the year they were born. If you've given your guests enough time to plan ahead, those with similar birth years will find things in common and coordinate outfits or props.

To get conversation going, have them bring pictures of themselves through childhood. Set up a board with a timeline and labeled years or decades where your guests can display their pictures.

If your guests know each other pretty well, have them bring baby pictures to display, and have your guests try to guess which baby is which guest. You can also create a slideshow that features images of famous people and events throughout the years.

This is one the best New Year's Eve party themes for creating interaction between your guests. And once you've just created a situation where your guests can find common ground, there will be no shortage of conversation.

Singles Only

Are you single? Do you know a lot of single people? In an age when people spend more time looking down at their phones than they do connecting with each other, a singles party might be just what the doctor ordered. How easy is a singles party? Pick any of the New Year's Eve party themes and attach the words “singles only” to the invitation.

Your goal is to throw a party that makes people smile and keeps them engaged. A house full of single people all staring at each other isn't going to do anyone any good. You'll end up watching the ball drop all by yourself, sad that your last guest had to get home to her labradoodle. Although it sounds silly to find party games for grownups, they do exist and can help break the ice. Keep your guests in mind, however, and be aware of their boundaries. It's best to start off with some “clean games” to be safe. Let the crowd decide for themselves what is and isn't too personal.

A singles party takes attention and finesse to pull off. You'll need to be ready to make introductions and direct conversations. It's a good idea to choose light finger foods so your guests won't have to juggle plates and forks as they try to mingle. Also, make sure you have flattering lighting as well as seating areas that offer some privacy so your guests can talk together quietly if they like.

My Favorite Year

Along with welcoming the incoming year, why not celebrate your favorite year? With this theme, have your guests dress from their favorite year. They can choose to dress from an era from the past or even their own lives. They can choose a known figure from an important historical event or even come as themselves during their senior year in high school. It may sound a bit disorganized, but think about how much of your friends will have trying to guess which year the others have traveled from in time.

As the host, you can choose whichever year is your favorite for the food and decor. Love the '70s? Don't forget the jello salad! Have a thing for the '40s? Set up a martini bar and wear a sharp, broad-shouldered suit. With New Year's Eve party themes based on years or decades, people can have a lot of fun showing up as anyone from the distant past.

The Most Important Element: Have Fun!

Great New Year's Eve party themes get your guest talking and interacting, whether they are feasting, dancing, or hitting the karaoke machine. Your success depends only on your commitment to showing your friends, family, and coworkers a genuinely good time.

As parties go, you can't beat Baby New year. People from all walks of life will love meeting with others the same age and talking about their memories growing up. My Favorite Year allows your guests to reveal a secret side of themselves. Who knew that Joe in Accounting was just a fan of Lord Byron? As far as a Singles Only party, you can have fun playing matchmaker. And who knows, you may find yourself with a date for Valentine's Day by the end of the evening.

When you put your heart into it, whichever of these New Year's Eve party themes you choose on will be an exciting adventure. And the ambiance you've staged for that that all-important New Year's Eve moment will reward you, your friends, and your family with memories that will last a lifetime.

Featured Image CC0 by JESHOOTS via Pexels

Holiday Party Themes to Warm Up Your Winter Guests

holiday party themes

People have different reasons for looking forward to the holiday season, including gifts, festive treats, sales, and of course, holiday parties. These gatherings are a great way to reunite with friends, loved ones, and even meet new people. But how can you make your party unique? Have you considered a themed party? By putting your own twist on classic holiday party themes, you can make your party an event to remember.

Without a doubt, having a specific theme for your party will make things more exciting and fun. Not only will you dazzle your guests with your creativity, but you'll also be creating unique memories. With the right theme and the right planning, your party can be the talk of the town.

Planning Your Party

Planning a party can be stressful. But you can make it easier by giving yourself time to plan your event. Holiday party themes can make party planning easier by giving you a focus for decorations, costumes, music, menus, and more.

Keep organized by making a to-do list. That can include creating invitations, buying decorations, setting up the food and venue, and deciding on your music playlist. And don't forget the guest list. A sure way to make your party exciting is to invite an interesting mix of people. Get people from your yoga class, high school, or neighborhood to come. You can even get people from your workplace. Considering that over 50 percent of employees hate office Christmas parties, they may be more inclined to join your more private soiree. You never know which of your friends might already know each other. And you never know who might unexpectedly hit it off.

If you think the task is too much, don't worry. You can always ask for help from your friends. This way, they too can be a part of the fantastic party-planning process. If you're still looking for inspiration, think about holiday party themes to tie it all together. Here are some of the best ideas to give life to your party.

Costume and Fancy Dress Parties

Costume parties are a blast. You can learn a lot about your guests by asking them to dress up according to a certain theme. A costume theme can bring all those different kinds of people together in a single activity. And it can help with your decorations, too. If you're working with a color scheme, make sure your theme stays consistent by using party decorations that match the color theme. You can even set up a photo wall so that your friends can upload something on their social media accounts.

Ugly Sweater Party

ugy sweater party

The holiday season is almost synonymous with sweaters. And ugly sweaters are practically a holiday tradition. Let's face it, pretty sweaters can get boring. Because the holidays can be a stressful time for many people, having a party in which people do not have to make an effort to look their best can be a breath of fresh air for your guests.

You don't have to be strict about this. Just let your guests know that they only need to wear a funny-looking or a downright ugly sweater to get a pass to your party. And bonus points if what they're wearing has a touch of the holiday spirit. Most people have an ugly sweater hidden somewhere in the depths of their closet that they never thought would see the light of day. Well, now is the time to flaunt it!

Winter Wonderland Party

winter wonderland party

What color comes to mind when you hear winter wonderland? Most people would answer white. Let your guests know that all they need to do is wear something white. It’s as simple as that! You can spice up your party by having lots of sparkling wintry decorations — lights, icicles, and glittering snowflakes. Make your venue a winter wonderland!

You can choose or make snowflake invitations. Find some nice ice graphics to help this holiday party theme stand out. To further set the tone, you can use silver gel or glitter  You can even get a plastic snowman to work as a decoration together with fake snow and, if you're feeling bold, maybe some ice sculptures.

Santa Party

santa party

A Santa party is one of the standout holiday party themes that you should experience at least once in your life. Seeing one guy dressed up as Santa Claus at a party is great, but seeing everyone dressed up in their version of Santa Claus is a blast. Seventy-five percent of grown-ups said that they believed Santa existed when they were still kids. So, it definitely is a great way for people to flash back to their childhood.

Your guests don't have to go full Santa with a big belly and a beard. Let them know that they can be creative with what they choose to wear. As for decorations, make sure to incorporate Santa, reindeer, and elves into your decor to unite the party under your Santa theme.

Red and White Party

red and white party

A red and white party screams holiday. Throwing a party that focuses on these colors will give your guests the opportunity to finally wear that jaw-dropping red suit or dress that has been sitting in their closet for months. For this party, make sure to decorate your venue with red and white ornaments to keep the vibe consistent.

So what’s the perfect drink to go with this amazing theme? Wine! Light up your party with some fabulous red and white wine. It will give your guests something to talk about — something else, that is, besides your fantastic party. If you're feeling adventurous, you could even invite a winemaker or sommelier to give a short presentation. That would make your party one for the history books.

Special Holiday Party Themes

Holiday party themes don't have to be only about decoration. Get your guests active and participating as well, and make them part of the show.

Holiday Talent Show

holiday talent show

If you're looking for holiday party themes that will actively involve your guests in the party, then a holiday talent show would be perfect for you. With this theme, you just have to ask your guests to prepare something to perform. It could be a comedy skit, a song, dance number, or even a baton-twirling act. The sky is the limit. If you have an eclectic mix of guests, the evening will be one to remember.

If you're less confident with your hosting skills, you can hire an MC or get a friend to host your party to ensure that things will go smoothly. This party theme is also a great way to break the ice among guests who don't know each other well. What’s better than getting guests to perform in front of others to build friendships quickly?

Christmas Movie Marathon Party

christmas movie marathon

If you prefer a more intimate gathering, how about a party where guests can snuggle up on a comfortable couch, watch their favorite Christmas movie — or movies — and munch on some delicious snacks together? It doesn't matter if most people have already seen most Christmas movies. That's what makes it fun. It's one of the more informal holiday party themes, but it can also be one of the most memorable.

What about food? Well, movie food makes great party food. Chips, popcorn, and soda are cheap and tasty. Or how about hot cocoa with marshmallows and a candy cane for that holiday spirit?

Knowing the preferences of your audience will help you choose the right movies to play at your party. You can play Christmas comedies and family movies if you want to be safe. Some popular choices include “A Christmas Carol,” “Elf,” “How The Grinch Stole Christmas,” “The Nutcracker,” and “It’s A Wonderful Life.” You can set the movie up on your flat screen or a projector against a white wall.

Caroling Party

caroling party

A holiday party doesn't always have to be in your house or at a single venue. One amazing way to carry the fun around the neighborhood is to organize a Christmas caroling party. It can be casual, so you and your friends don't need to stress about fancy clothes to wear. Everyone will be bundled up in coats anyway, right? But you could also go all out and dress up.

After caroling, invite your friends back to your house to have a few hot drinks, desserts, and even more singing. You can host this event on a Friday or Saturday night to make sure that everyone is available. Additionally, make sure that you have your song list ready. You can stick to two to three simple songs depending on the guests. If you're really feeling ambitious, host a rehearsal night beforehand.

Gingerbread House Decorating Party

gingerbread house decoration party

One of the most popular holiday party themes for kids and adults is the gingerbread house decorating party. Since this unique party focuses on decorating food, make sure that you have enough table space for your guests. You can also opt to get matching gingerbread placemats and gingerbread-designed kitchen paraphernalia such as bowls and aprons.

If you want to go all out, you can bake the materials for the gingerbread house yourself. However, you can always buy pre-packaged kits to save some time. You can choose to set up the houses yourself so that your guests can just decorate them when they arrive. You can add bowls filled with candy, marshmallows, candy canes, licorice, cookies, and frosting between workstations so that your guests can share the ingredients. That will also make things more cozy and intimate.

Holiday Karaoke Party

karaoke party

If you want a good party in which you don't have to worry about the playlist, then try a holiday karaoke party. Let your buddies belt out their favorite holiday songs while munching on their favorite treats. Whether it's a diva from work or your shy neighbor, few people can resist stepping up to the microphone. Make sure you sing a couple of songs yourself to get into the mood. Remember, it's your party, too.

Worst Present Party

worst present party

Have you ever gone to a holiday party where you went home with an absolutely hideous gift? Well, with the worst present party theme, that's the point. You won't have to worry about expecting the best gift from your friends. And you won't have to worry about giving the best gift of the evening either. Rather, you'll have to worry about coming up with the worst present. And that can be a whole different challenge.

Tell your guests to bring the worst gift they can imagine — something nobody would want. When your guests arrive, have everyone put their wrapped gifts in the same place. Then, at some point in the party, have a gift exchange. Make sure your guests open the presents then and there. You could even have a vote for the worst gift, and give a prize to the person who brought it.

Merry Petmas

merry petmas

Many people consider pets to be part of the family, so why not include them in holiday parties? Many fantastic holiday party themes can center around dressing up your best friend and involving them in the fun and excitement. You can dress up your dog or cat as Santa Claus or even as a reindeer. If your friends have well-behaved pets, they can dress them up and bring them along! For another variation, your friends could bring pictures of their pets in their holiday finest, and you could host a beauty contest.

Special Interests

If you have a group of friends that share an interest, try hosting a party centered on that interest. Here are a few ideas.

Beer Tasting Party

beer tasting

If your party is for people over 21, a beer tasting party is a great option. The objective of this party is to introduce your friends to unique kinds of beer that they may not be familiar with. You could choose local brews or foreign ones; expensive beer, or the best budget brews. You could host a tasting, for example, and have everyone share their tasting notes. Or you could all vote on which one everyone likes best. The options are endless.

Merry Quiz-mas Holiday Party merry quizmasA trivia night holiday party is one of the best holiday party themes that you can choose. Most quiz games only take an hour, but you can choose to make them longer if you like. To make your party more organized, break up your guests into teams. Make sure that you incorporate people who don't know each other in every group so that they can make new friends.

There are tons of available questions online, but we suggest making your own. You can choose from categories such as the best Christmas movies, Christmas songs, or even Christmas facts. Additionally, you can have a visual or audio round to spice things up. Make sure you have a suitable prize in store for the winning team.

Make Your Dream Holiday Party Themes Come to Life!

Start the season right by testing out your party-planning skills. Everyone loves great holiday party themes, and with all the inspiration you possess, you're surely ready to whip up your own event. Bringing friends together for a day or night of laughter, food, drinks, and games would definitely be a blast — and well worth the time spent planning. One thing is for sure; your only problem will be outdoing yourself next year. So what are you waiting for? Start planning now!

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