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Engagement Party Themes You Have to Consider

engagement party themes

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Congratulations! You are in charge of planning the engagement party. Which means you need to come up with engagement party themes that please the happy couple. You want something that is unique, but not crazy.

And you want it to be something that makes not just the couple happy, but also provides a great time for the family and guests. Plus, it might be nice if it didn’t cost a fortune.

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Fortunately, coming up with creative engagement party theme ideas doesn’t have to be as complicated as planning the wedding. In fact, if you follow a few simple tips, planning a fantastic engagement party will be one of the easiest things you’ve ever done.

How to Pick an Engagement Party Theme

It may seem like diving in and planning the party immediately after the engagement announcement is the way to go.

After all, you want to have the engagement party soon after the engagement and long before the other showers and the actual wedding. But, it’s important to take a step back and spend a little bit of time planning the party to make sure you don’t get in over your head.

Consider What The Couple Wants

Sure. It’s easy to go with “the happy couple” as one of the engagement party theme ideas. And, let’s face it, that’s probably easier on the wallet, too. But, think about who the couple is and what they like. How did they meet? 

Is there a great story that you could build a theme around? What hobbies do they like? Are they really into classic cars, gaming, or camping? These are all things you can use to start a list of engagement party theme ideas for the party.

You should also keep in mind what the couple might want to share with party goers, and what they might not want to share.

For example, “things for the honeymoon” might sound like a great idea for a theme (and gives the guests ideas for presents). But, some couples may not want to receive gifts that could be a bit too personal in front of coworkers or some family members.

Think About Guests

one of the best engagement party themes

Image via  Pixabay

Think about who is attending the party and what they might like. While great engagement party theme ideas shouldn’t be picked based on the guests’ likes and dislikes, you should take them into account. 

For example, older party guests may not appreciate the hubbub of a casino themed engagement party, while younger guests might get bored at a tea party themed party. Talk to the couple and figure out together what the happy middle might be for the party theme.

Who Is Paying For The Party

If you are the only person paying for the party, you might be able to steer the theme one way or the other. But, if other people are paying, you may have to make some compromises. And that’s OK. With more people chipping in, you may be able to invite more people or have more food options.

Also, it is entirely possible that this couple will have more than one engagement party or shower. So, while you may have to compromise on this party theme, it is possible you will be able to have more input if you are helping plan another engagement party or shower.

Be Patient

While this is a happy time in the couple’s life, it can also be a stressful time. If it feels like one or both members of the couple are being unreasonable, take a break from the planning then try again later. 

Remember, there’s a good chance they are trying to please everyone, too. So while you may think you’ve got the perfect engagement party theme, the couple may disagree with you.

Let them have their say, no matter how crazy it might seem to you. It might help them reduce their stress, making planning the engagement party easier on everyone.

The Where And The When

Where you have the engagement party could impact the theme you ended up choosing. For example, if you have the party at a bar, you might not be able to pull off the garden engagement party theme ideas you’ve been considering. And, a party held on a Sunday morning may not be the best time to have a rock and roll themed engagement party.

What Will This Cost

Where and when you have the engagement party will affect the price. If you have it at someone’s house, obviously you won’t have a rental fee. But, you may be responsible for all the set-up, serving, and cleaning. 

If you rent a venue, you won’t have to set up or clean up, but you will have to pay for the staff to do it for you. An engagement party held on a Saturday night will likely be more expensive than if you have it on a Sunday afternoon, or even a Friday night.

That said, it's important to set a budget and stick to it. You don't want to spend as much on the engagement party as the couple spends on the wedding!

10 Engagement Party Themes You May Not Have Thought About

Once you've talked to the couple, created a guest list, and set a budget, you can start planning the party. We've rounded up some great engagement party theme ideas to help get you started.

1. Wine tasting party

champagne for one of the best engagement party themes

Image via Pixabay

For the couple that loves wine or perhaps met on a winery tour, consider a wine tasting party. Guests can bring the new couple their favorite wine as a way to start or enhance the couple’s wine collection.

For games, have the couple select some of their favorite wines, then do a blind tasting. You can hide each bottle in a numbered bag, then have each guest rate the bottle. Don’t forget the cups and, if you can swing it, send each guest home with a bottle of wine.

2. Hit by Cupid's arrow

engagement party themes: cupids and arrow

Image via Pixabay

For some couples, low-key and generic are the best engagement party theme ideas. But, that doesn’t mean you have to go with “congratulations.” Consider “struck by cupid’s arrow” as a theme. 

Celebrate the new couple’s love with some simple but celebratory balloons. Have guests write down their favorite bit of marriage advice to share with the new couple. You could include a personalized cake topper, so the couple has a special keepsake from the day.

3. Romance in Paris

So, maybe the couple didn’t meet while traveling or in some romantic cafe. But, it’s hard not to think of love when you think of Paris.

Set the scene with the Eiffel Tower as the background and let guests take selfies in front of it -- maybe even tagging it with a special couples' themed tag on social media.

And, at the table, let people feel like they are in a Parisian cafe with napkins and centerpieces. When the party's over, send guests home with a very sophisticated favor box.

4. Glamping

Not everyone likes “roughing it” in the outdoors. Some people prefer a little more glam with their camping. For glamping engagement party theme ideas (or even a rustic theme), you can decorate the table with burlap table runners.

Add a burlap sign with a happy sentiment for the couple. To enhance the rustic look, use some funky looking candle holders on the tables.

5. Cooking class

Maybe they’re the couple that loves to cook. Or, maybe they’re the couple that can’t cook. Either way, a cooking party is a fun, interactive way to get all the guests involved in the festivities.

You can either rent time at a cooking school, or have a chef come into your home and give the lesson there. Either way, you’ll want to make sure that guests are dressed for the party, so make sure everyone has the proper chef's hat to look the part.

Or, if the crowd is more fast-food than fine-dining, consider a cook’s hat. For a favor, and to keep everyone clean during the party, you can’t go wrong with personalized aprons.

6. Clambake

For the casual couple who may have met at the shore, consider beach engagement party theme ideas. For example, a clambake themed party is fun, festive, and laid-back. While it would be great if you could have the party at the beach, that may not be possible.

So, try to set the scene with a fishing net or two, either on the wall or on the table. Scatter seashells around the table if you can. Tiny buckets can be centerpieces, decorations, or even favor buckets.

7. Movie night

The movie-loving couple might enjoy a screening of their favorite movie. While you might be able to rent out a theater, you could consider hosting the party in someone’s home theater, or even their backyard. 

Cover the door to create a special VIP entrance, so every guest feels like a famous celebrity. Serve popcorn in theater style boxes. If the movie is going to be outside, don’t forget the screen.

8. At a roller rink

An active couple might appreciate active engagement party themes ideas. While running a marathon is probably not in the cards, a night of roller skating might. 

Perfect for people of all ages, the rink might even offer lessons for the less experienced skaters. Don’t forget to have some fun when the lights go down for glo-skating.

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9. Rooting for the home team

Sometimes the best party is everyone hanging out and watching the game. Engagement party theme ideas for the sports fan couple could include renting out a box for a game of their favorite team. With any luck, their team will win, only adding to the excitement of the day.

10. No more striking out in love

A hybrid of a sports themed party and an active party, a bowling themed engagement party brings together the best of both worlds. Easy for players of all ages and skill levels (thank you, bumpers!), bowling is a casual but active engagement party theme.

When the fun is over, you can send everyone home with their own mini-bowling lane so they can practice for next time. Or, send them home with a pin full of treats.

Time To Get Planning

Now that you have some fantastic engagement party theme ideas, you can start talking to the couple about what theme they might prefer. It won’t matter if you’re planning the party for a sibling, a college roommate, or even a parent.

As long as you keep some of our tips in mind, planning a great engagement party that’s fun for all should be a breeze.

Office Party Gift Ideas Under $10 for Co-Workers

office party gift ideas under $10

There are many reasons for finding the best office party gift ideas under $10, and they don't all have to do with being cheap. Many offices set this amount because it's affordable for most people. Furthermore, it keeps it fun. If you know you can't spend more than $10 on a gift, you have to get creative, and that's when the fun begins.

However, in some office environments, there are actually legal reasons for needing the best office party gift ideas under $10. For example, if you're a U.S. government employee, accepting gifts from coworkers that cost more than $10 is against policy. However, here's what's actually awesome about that. There is no pressure on anyone, as most people can afford a $10 gift. Therefore, everyone can participate.

The Best Office Party Gift Ideas Under $10 Comparison Table

The Best Office Party Gift Ideas Under $10

green paper cone near slice cakes

Image source: Unsplash

Big things come in small packages. That also applies to gifts. Yes, you can spend tons of money on a gift, but the gifts on this list are office party gift ideas under $10, and they all pack a punch that will please even the most discerning gift recipients. This list of 20 office party gift ideas under $10 is in no particular order.

PowerTRC Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toy
  • Magnetic sculpture is designed to help you release stress and to relax while creating your own art
  • Each individual balls are made out of strong sturdy magnets and stick to the magnetic base
  • Stack the balls as high as you can or spread them apart, it's all up to you and your creativity

Desk toys like the PowerTRC Magnetic Sculpture are popular, and there's a reason for that. After all, they're hypnotically fun. You get to play. Visitors to your office get to play. Furthermore, it can be a tension reliever during tough conversations. When it comes to office party gift ideas under $10. For the most part, reviewers like this office toy.

Also, they like that it's a good price. One customer specifically said it's a "great gift for co-workers." However, one thing to note about this product is that the magnets don't stack up as they do in the images. As it turns out, only the base is magnetic. A bit of a bummer, but still a fun toy, according to other customers.

Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration
  • Meera Lee Patel
  • Publisher: TarcherPerigee
  • Journal: 128 pages

This beautiful little journal is designed to help the gift recipient nurture their creativity, self-motivation, and mindfulness. It's a surprisingly special gift, and one of the best office party gift ideas under $10. This journal encourages you to stop looking and waiting for the right moment and just start where you are.

Reviewers say that the artwork is exquisite and even frame-worthy. Also, they love the thought-provoking questions the book asks of the reader. One customer said it would make a great meditation reminder.

Infinity Cube Fidget Toy, Luxury EDC Fidgeting Game for Kids and...
  • AWESOME HANDHELD FIDGET CUBE TOY GIFT FOR FIDGETERS - Fidget like a boss. Playable with one hand. Prime fidgeting toy...
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  • ANTI-ANXIETY AND STRESS RELIEVER STRESS CUBE - A great way to release stress from school and work. Avoid nail biting,...

The Infinity Cube Fidget Toy is like a fidget spinner for grownups. Covered in black rivets, it even has a classy look about it. That's a great desk toy that will provide stress relief. It's a palm-sized cube that looks like a Rubik's cube but is so much more. One reviewer said that she'd bought similar products for less money and even some for more money, and this is the best toy like it on the market, for the price.

Moreover, others praised the quality construction. Customers say this is popular with both young people and adults. However, one important note: you might not get black. According to one reviewer, she got a lime green cube.

Desktop Tetherball: It's a Wrap! (Miniature Editions)
  • Desktop Tetherball: It's a Wrap! (Miniature Editions)
  • officially Licensed
  • 9"metal stationary pole on base, with attached rope and ball * 32-page illustrated mini book with history, trivia, and...

If your co-workers like a little fun and a short spurt of competition in their days, Desktop Tetherball is one of the best office party gift ideas under $10. This one sits on a 9-inch pole. Furthermore, it comes with a 32-page illustrated mini book that has the history of the game, trivia, and rules. Reviewers expressed surprise at the excellent quality. Moreover, the base has enough weight that it won't easily topple over.

Lavley 16 Adult Achievement Stickers (Adulting) - Perfect Funny Gift...
  • ADULTING IS HARD! - You deserve recognition for a job well done.
  • SET OF 16 - Includes 16 hilarious stickers. Reward your friend or yourself with a special sticker for accomplishing a...
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA - Perfect for white elephant gifts, Christmas presents, housewarming gifts, birthday presents, hostess...

If your gift recipient has a good sense of humor, Lavley Adult Achievement Stickers are a great gift. The stickers say things like "I almost went to the gym today" and "I only had one glass of wine last night." 

One reviewer noted that these are great for people who journal or keep a paper calendar on their desk. Also, they're big enough to be read by other people from a short distance, but not so big that they're in the way.

Squirrel Tea Infuser by Decodyne
  • Whimsical tea infusers offer up a perfect, slow, relaxing cup of tea
  • Sits right along the rim of your cup for a perfect brew
  • Fill with tea leaves

If you have tea drinkers in your office, they'll love this adorable Squirrel Tea Infuser. It's made of food-safe silicone. Just fill it up with tea leaves and set it along the rim of a standard size cup.

Reviewers note that it works wonderfully for loose-leaf teas.

However, one reviewer noted that the holes are a bit small and at an angle, which keeps the water from flowing as freely as it should.

Field Notes Kraft Ruled 3-Pack
  • Ruled Paper 48-page memo book
  • 3 Books per pack - banded and shrink-wrapped
  • Three great memo books worth fillin' up with good information

When it comes to office party gift ideas under $10, you can't go wrong with Field Notes. One of the most classic and timeless notebooks of all time, this will be a welcome gift. This particular product is a pack with three books that are banded and shrink-wrapped. The books have 48 lined pages.

Customers love the value and quality for the price they paid.

One reviewer said it's the highest grade of paper you can find in a notebook. Additionally, they're super rugged for outdoor use.

This keychain is one of the best office party gift ideas under $10. It's rare to find a truly customized gift under $10, and this one makes a great impression. It's constructed of high-quality full-grain leather and made in the U.S.A. Furthermore, it's available in seven different colors. Moreover, the text you want on it doesn't have to be someone's name, either. It can be dates, initials, phone numbers, or whatever else you want in the maximum of 10 characters provided. Also, you can choose the color of your hardware.

They love the quality of the leather and the colors. Also, they commented that it arrives quickly, probably since it's an American product. However, one possible drawback is that it allows for English characters only.

Work Sucks!: An Adult Coloring Book to Relieve Work Stress: (Volume 1...
  • Mark Thompson, Coloring Tiger
  • Publisher: Coloring Tiger
  • Paperback: 90 pages

If the mood in your office is light, a coloring enthusiast will enjoy this coloring book. It has 40 exclusive designs to doodle and funny sayings like "I'd like to help you out. Which way did you come in?" Also, this fun little book comes with bonus PDF pages, so everyone at the office can get in on the fun. Drop by a dollar store and pick up a cheap pack of colored pencils to complete the gift.

Customers loved the quality of the paper, with one reviewer saying that it's at least a 28-pound weight. Also, the printing is nice and bold.

DOUHE Portable Small USB Desk Fan - Mini Quiet Cooling Personal Fan...
  • 【2200 rpm/min Powerful & <30 DB Low Noise Wind】The DOUHE small USB fan can reach rotational speed 2200 rpm/miniute...
  • 【Compact Size with Modern Belt Handle, Light & Portable】 Besides stylish looks and outstanding performance, DOUHE...
  • 【30° Tilt Adjustable Angle & Stable Metal Stand Feet with Anti-slip Rubber Sleeve】Rubber feet help keep the fan...

When you work in an office environment, you usually don't have control over the temperature in the office. People compensate for this by keeping a sweater in the office for cooler days, but what do you do when it's warm and stuffy? Enter the DOUHE portable fan. This little fan is charged by USB and is low noise.

They love that it has no setup. Just open it up and begin using it. Customers also like that you can easily remove the front protective cover for cleaning the blades. Additionally, it's small enough to occupy minimal desk real estate. However, there is one drawback. It only has one speed. Other reviewers report that it has a slightly lower air rate than some fans, so as long as you don't need hurricane force winds, this might be the perfect fan.

EDC Outdoor Portable Keychain Screwdrivers Tool, Flat Head Screwdriver...
  • 100% Brand new and High quality Portable Screwdriver Keychain Screwdrivers,The simple key is easier to carry with you
  • MATERIAL: Precision cast steel.
  • EVERY DAY USES: This key chain is extremely handy, it can be used for box cutting or camping etc.

It's crazy ridiculous how hard it is to find a screwdriver in some offices. How handy would it be to have one on your keychain? Almost anyone will welcome this little wonder as one of the best office party gift ideas under $10. It's made of precision cast steel and has both a flathead and a Phillips screwdriver.

Customers love that it fits all size screws, including the small ones on business level computer towers and laptops. Some reviewers noted that this isn't high quality enough for everyday use. Also, more than one reviewer noted that it takes a long time to receive it. So order in advance.

D-FantiX Shengshou Mirror Cube 3x3 Speed Cube Gold Mirror Blocks...
  • FOR ALL AGES - D-FantiX Shengshou 3x3x3 Mirror Cube is a shape mod that creates different shapes from ordinary 3x3...
  • EXCELLENT STABILITY - It doesn't corner twist as often nor does it lock up.Difficult to pop,good control of the...
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Awesome Looking, everyone will love the way it looks. The sticker actually provide a decent amount of...

If your gift recipient needs a nice fidgeting toy on their desk, this beautiful mirror cube may be one of the best office party gift ideas under $10 you can buy. It measures three inches square, and each tile has mirrors.

Reviewers like that the tiles turn easily, and several reviewers said that it's the best cube they've ever had.

One interesting thing about this cube is that it comes out of the cube shape and is difficult to get back into a cube. This is either a positive or negative, depending on your preference. In short, it's super challenging.

Aqua Notes Water Proof Note Pad
  • Helps you capture and preserve your ideas before they're forgotten.
  • Provides a way to use the shower to organize your thoughts.
  • Unleash your creative and fun side in the shower by using AquaNotes to draw, sketch, or doodle in the shower.

For folks who work in a creative industry, you never know when inspiration will strike. You may even be in the shower. That's what makes this awesome waterproof notepad and pencil combo one of the best office party gift ideas under $10.

They love the spontaneity that this gift allows, and they say it's great for someone with a short attention span who has occasional bursts of inspiration.

Another user mentioned shower thoughts, those mind-blowing epiphanies some people get while in the shower.

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray 2 oz Bottle, Original Citrus...
  • Spritz the bowl before-you-go and no one else will ever know; our most popular scent! original citrus is an uplifting...
  • The original non-toxic before-you-go toilet spray that stops bathroom odors before they ever begin - seriously! no more...
  • Scientifically-tested formula made of essential oils and other natural compounds; no harsh chemicals, aerosol, parabens,...

Most of us know what Poo-Pouri is for, so we won't go into detail. Suffice to say that it should be in every workplace bathroom. This particular bottle is a mini size of two fluid ounces, small enough to fit discreetly in a purse or pocket. It also comes in a 1.4-ounce bottle. However, be sure your gift recipient doesn't have delicate sensibilities.

You won't find a lot of negative reviews about Poo-Pouri. Simply put, it does what it says it will do.

Wee Gallery Kikkerland Clip Photo Mobile, Silver
  • MEMORIES TO CHERISH - Wee Gallery Photo Mobile from Kikkerland is made of stainless steel. Create your own mobile with...
  • A HANGING CLASSIC - Create classic décor in your children's nursery with this stainless steel Kikkerland mobile kit....
  • A COMPLETE SET - This photo mobile features a metallic finish with 10 clips. Use two clips per card for a sturdy hold.

If you have a coworker who loves to display photos of their family, pets, or travel, this mobile is exactly what you need. Also, it's great for displaying children's (or adults!) artwork. Made of stainless steel, it offers a photo gallery with 10 clips to hold photos. You can even face the photos downward by using four clips per card.

One reviewer said that she's yet to find another mobile that compares to the quality of the Kikkerland mobile. Another reviewer said that this also works great as a mobile in a baby's room. A negative is that the clips hold onto the photos very tightly, so the teeth may damage photos.

Moleskine Cahier Journal, Soft Cover, Pocket (3.5" x 5.5")...
  • CAHIER MOLESKINE NOTEBOOK: Moleskine cahier notebooks are perfect notebooks for writing journals, bullet journals,...
  • DURABLE COVER & STORAGE FOLDER: Hold writing projects & notes in your Moleskine cahier notebook with a flexible,...
  • GIFT QUALITY NOTEBOOKS: Moleskine planners, journals & notebooks come in hardcover, softcover, lined, unlined &...

Moleskine. Do we need to say anything else? Anyone would welcome these handly little Moleskine notebooks. This pack comes with three cahier soft cover journals with 64 ruled pages each. Furthermore, in each notebook, 16 of the pages are detachable.

Like Field Notes, you won't find a lot of negative reviews about Moleskine. 

They're much beloved, and most negative reviews out there are simply people who prefer a different notebook. Customers who loved these praise the quality of the paper and that they are small enough to fit into a pocket.

Home-X Mug Warmer, Desktop Heated Coffee & Tea - Candle & Wax Warmer...
  • KEEP MUGS WARM - Heated Plate Keeps Mugs and Beverages Warm
  • USE AT HOME OR IN THE OFFICE - Keep the morning coffee hot at your desk while you work, or keep a cup of hot tea steamy...
  • STURDY & SAFE - Sturdy Plastic Body; On/Off Switch on Cord; Bright "On" Light; 120V 60Hz 17W

It happens to everyone who has ever worked in an office. You're sitting at your desk with your hot cup of tea or coffee. Then, you're called away by a coworker or the phone, and before you know it, your mug of delicious hotness has grown cold. This mug warmer solves the problem.

They say you can use it not only for a hot beverage but also as a candle warmer.

Several reviewers say it's a great product for the price. There are some negative reviews about the quality of this product. There are other mug warmers out there, but most cost more than $10.

Good Days Start With Gratitude: A 52 Week Guide To Cultivate An...
  • Pretty Simple Press
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Paperback: 118 pages

Everyone can benefit by acknowledging and expressing gratitude, even if it's in the privacy of their own journal. This little journal is perfect for that. It's a 52-week guide to cultivating an attitude of gratitude. Each weekly spread comes with a gratitude-inspired quote and plenty of room to write.

Moreover, reviewers say that it has pointed them in a direction they didn't even know they needed to go. One noted that while you can use a regular notebook to document your gratitude, this little journal makes you excited about doing it every week.

SipWell Stainless Steel Drinking Straws, Set of 4, Free Cleaning Brush...
  • Approximately 7-8 inches inches long from top to bottom.
  • Dishwasher safe. Works as an Amazing SWIZZLE stick

These stainless steel straws serve a couple of purposes. First of all, they're environmentally friendly. Second, they won't taste like plastic when your coworker is slurping down their afternoon iced coffee.

Also, buyers like the size, which is a little shorter than other stainless steel straws that are on the market, yet are long enough to fit in a Yeti cup.

Last on our list is this adorable little planter. The tree man is the perfect size for a tiny succulent. It's made of high-quality PVC material and is about 5.9 inches tall. Furthermore, it has a little drain hole in the bottom. This item is one of our favorite office party gift ideas under $10.

More than one customer said they love it so much they have ordered more (or are going to). They say it's "super small" but very cute, and the perfect size for a desk.

With Office Party Gift Ideas Under $10, It's Always Party Time

white ceramic cup filled with brown coffee on white saucer beside gold scissor - office party gift ideas under $10

Image source: Unsplash

Who doesn't love an awesome pricey gift? That's exciting for anyone. However, when it comes to office party gift ideas under $10, there's a different level of fun. You're forced to be creative, and that brings out the fun in all of us. Whether your gift is a classy one like one of the journals we mentioned or a fun one like a desktop toy, you're sure to come out on top of the office party game. Let's party!

Glow in the Dark Party: The Top 10 Fun Ideas

glow in the dark party

Any child would agree that a glow in the dark party is an incredible idea. Whether you're hosting the party for tweens or teenagers, you can rest assured that a glow party theme will knock your guests' socks off. However, to come up with an impressive party theme, you need to pay attention to detail and focus on excellent execution.

Luckily, when it comes to a glow in the dark party, there are many ideas to choose from, and the materials you need are readily available. Just make sure the plan you pick is easy to implement, budget-friendly, and aligns with the interests of the one you're throwing the party for.

What to Consider When Choosing a Glow in the Dark Party

Themes inject extra excitement into your party. Your guests will be excited to choose their outfits and plan dishes that match your theme. You, on the other hand, get to plan everything from the decor to the food and ensure everything matches your theme. Deciding to have a theme party is the easy part. The challenging part is deciding which one to go for.

If you have no clue which theme to go for, here are some important considerations that will help you choose the best glow in the dark party idea.



Image by stevepb via Pixabay.

Your budget is one of the primary determinants of the type of party you can host. You can't afford to invite a hundred people when your budget can only cater for 50. Doing this will only result in a party fail. To avoid such a scenario, set a budget and narrow down your theme options to what you can afford. This way, you are guaranteed that whichever theme you choose will be achievable with the amount of money you have. It's also advisable to try different ways to cut back on costs if you are throwing a party on a budget.

Consider your guests' interests

Before you decide on a glow in the dark party theme, it is also important to consider your guests' interests. Who are you throwing this party for? How old are your guests? What would they enjoy doing at a party?

The answers to these questions will help you select a glow in the dark party theme that everyone would enjoy. For instance, if you are having a party for teenagers, consider some of the things they like such as music, fashion, social media, and celebrities. 

Women taking selfie while partying

Image by Matan Segev via Pexels.

Adults are less complicated than kids; good food, conversations, and drinks can keep them entertained throughout the night.


people dancing in the dark

Image by Trinity Kubassek via Pexels.

Deciding on a location for your glow in the dark party is critical to your event's success. There are certain things you need to consider when choosing a venue. For starters, go for one that fits your budget. It's also a good idea to go for something readily available such as your backyard or your house if you have enough room to accommodate all your guests. 

Next, consider the availability of your venue on the day of the event. If you decide to pay for the location, you may need to make reservations for assurance that the place will be available when you need it. It's also important to consider the size of the venue. Do you think it will be big enough to accommodate everyone you've invited?


It's also important to consider the number of people you've invited to your glow in the dark party. Knowing the number of people you expect to show up will not only help in planning but also help you keep your budget in check. Therefore, find out who is coming and who isn't before you begin the preparations.

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Fun Things To Do at Your Glow in the Dark Party

It's not enough to have an incredible glow in the dark party theme. You also need to figure out what your guests will do for entertainment. Otherwise, your guests will not have as much fun as you anticipated and the party may end up being a fail. There are several things you can do to ensure everyone has a great time.

Dance and music

people dancing in the dark

Image via Giphy

Whether you are throwing the glow in the dark party for a group of teenagers or adults, one thing is for sure; good music is entertaining for any crowd. However, choosing the best playlist can be somewhat challenging. Nevertheless, it is doable.

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The first thing you need to do is to consider the crowd and what type of music they'd like. Next, make sure you have a long playlist that has a mixture of songs. You should also not be afraid to play some of your favorite tunes. It's also a good idea to test your playlist and make edits before the event.

Crafts and fun activities

Another way to make your glow in the dark party fun is to incorporate some crafts and games. Some examples of fun craft ideas include friendship bracelets, customizing t-shirts, paper crafts, and weaving. Fun glow in the dark party games include glow in the dark ring toss, glow bowling, glow golf, and glowing hopscotch, among others.

Food and drinks

It's not a party if there is no food and drinks. Apart from the decorations and games, your food table can also join the illumination party. Consider adding white and neon colors to your table. Icing, cupcakes, jello, and chocolates are great options. You can also make your table more electric by decorating it. To underscore your food table, place a dark table cloth on it and splatter neon face paint all over it. When you put the table under a black light, you'll have a glowing effect.

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Top 10 Glow in the Dark Party Ideas

If you have no clue which glow in the dark party theme would entertain your guests the most, these party theme ideas are a great starting point. There are themes for kids, teenagers, and adults.

Basketball theme party

A basketball glow in the dark party theme would be a great option for teens and adults. First, you'll need a glow in the dark basketball net. Place the net on a basketball hoop. You will also need a glow in the dark ball. Once you have everything ready, all you'll have to do is to gather the teams and have them compete to get the ball through the basketball hoop.

Star Wars inspired birthday party

Lots of kids, teenagers, and adults love Star Wars, which means it would be a great glow in the dark party theme. Turn your venue into the Resistance Command Center with Star Wars balloons, peel and stick decals, and Star Wars pinatas. You can make these items glow by applying neon paint on them. You'll also need costumes to get your guests in character. Lightsabers and toy guns will also come in handy to bring the whole theme together.

Glow in the dark balloon party decor

A balloon decor glow in the dark party is probably one of the easiest themes to pull off. For this, all you need is glow in the dark balloons and party supplies. Get as many balloons as possible to light up the room. You can also create different patterns with the balloons to make it more interesting. For this theme, you also need to include some of the games mentioned earlier to keep your guests busy and entertained since there isn't much to play with.

Neon splatter cake

If you're throwing a birthday party, a neon splatter cake is a good way to go. To make your glow in the dark cake, you will need some edible neon colors. You can make any pattern you want. Just make sure you use several colors so that they can pop in dark light. You can also add neon party utensils to the table next to your cake to make things even more vibrant.

Hide and seek

Hide and seek is one of the best glow in the dark party games for kids and adults who are children at heart. To pull it off, make sure everyone has glow in the dark face paint on them or a glow in the dark shirt. When everyone is ready, have everyone but the seeker hide. After the countdown, the seeker should use a flashlight to seek out the ones hiding. The first person to get caught gets to be the next seeker.

Egg hunt

Egg hunts are not only for Easter. It is a great glow in the dark party game for kids. One of the things that make this idea a great option is that it is very easy to pull off. All you need are eggs and some glow in the dark paint.

Paint all your eggs and place them in different parts of the house or the yard and have your guests go on an egg hunt. To make things more fun, split the kids into two teams and have them compete to see who finds the most eggs. You can incorporate some prizes to make their quest worth the effort.

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Glowing invitations

Your creativity should not be limited to the actual party. You can take it a notch higher by creating unique glow in the dark party invitation cards. For this, you will need some glow in the dark paint, blank cards, and invisible ink pens.

You can make the cards in two ways. First, apply the glow in the dark paint on the blank cards and when it's dry, write your invitation message with the invisible ink pens. The message will only show if the card is under a black light. You can also forgo the neon paint step and only use the invisible ink pen to write down the message. The effect will be the same except for the glow that comes with the neon paint.

Balloon truth or dare

Balloon truth or dare is a fun game for teens and adults. For this game, you need glow in the dark balloons. However, before you inflate them, write truth or dare challenges and insert them in each balloon.

To play the game, turn off the lights and toss a balloon as the guests dance to music trying to keep the balloon in the air. Without warning, stop the music. Whoever is in contact with the balloon when the music stops has to pop it and do the truth or dare challenge inside the balloon. Keep playing until all the challenges are complete.

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Wall Graffiti

Balloon truth or dare is a fun game for teens and adults. For this game, you need glow in the dark balloons. However, before you inflate them, write truth or dare challenges and insert them in each balloon.

To play the game, turn off the lights and toss a balloon as the guests dance to music trying to keep the balloon in the air. Without warning, stop the music. Whoever is in contact with the balloon when the music stops has to pop it and do the truth or dare challenge inside the balloon. Keep playing until all the challenges are complete.

Neon dance floor

Another great idea for a glow in the dark party is a neon dance floor. It is perfect for teenagers and young adults. You will need a disco ball or party light, glow in the dark balloons and other decorations. Place the disco ball or lights above the center of the dance floor so that the colors are spreading out evenly throughout the room. Also, make sure you have a good playlist that your guests can dance to. You will also need snacks and drinks to keep everyone entertained as they dance the night away.

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Create an Unforgettable Glow in the Dark Party!

Like any other party, a glow in the dark party needs to be fun and memorable. You need to ensure that the theme is well executed and, most importantly, that your guests have the night of their life. Start the preparations early, prepare enough food and drinks, stay within your budget, and don't forget to choose a theme and activities that all your guests will enjoy. And don't forget to have fun!

The Best Halloween Party Themes for Fright Night Fun

group of people attending a Halloween party

There are so many Halloween party themes to choose from that it may be challenging to narrow them down to just one. Bobbing for apples or sticking your fingers in red-colored jello for some sugary treats is far too traditional for a 21st-century Halloween bash.

Themes breathe life into an otherwise mundane celebration. Imagine sailing the sea as a pirate in search of chocolatey treasures, or squirming at the sight of a mangled finger cookie! There is so much to discover and gawk at when choosing the theme for your Halloween party.

Why Theme Parties Are Better than Non-Themed Parties

Throwing a party for whatever reason is enough to get your adrenaline pumping. But arranging a gathering with a theme in mind is what makes it extra exciting! Themes make the party feel unique, personal, and best of all, fun and memorable.

When we were kids, simply dressing up for Halloween was enough. But once we grow older, we need a little something extra to get us into the Halloween spirit!

Halloween party themes show the party-goers that your Mischief Night bash was well-planned and thought out for weeks before it was to set to take place. It shows that the host cares about making sure their guests have a great time, whether it’s a Zombieland of blood and guts or a fairytale land full of pixie dust and princess gowns.

a Halloween party pumpkin on entrance

DIY vs. Buying

Before purchasing your decorations, it may be worth making some of the decorations yourself. While this means spending some time and effort to create something entirely on your own, you can potentially save money on decor pieces.

For example, a stand-up Halloween figure can cost anywhere from $100 to $500. However, building one yourself may only end up costing $40 to $50. And best of all, it will look exactly the way you want it to look. When everything is said and done, you will have a Halloween prop that you can be proud to display and use year after year.

Depending on your skill level, however, these homemade props may not be as sturdy or high quality as the ones purchased in-store. Plus, they will take a significant amount of time to create. So, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of making your own decor before diving head-first into party planning.

How To Prepare For A Themed Halloween Party

The key to planning a successful theme party is to plan ahead. Figure out which decor pieces you can make yourself, what you should purchase, and where you should make your purchases. All the prep work revolves around your budget and how crafty you want to be with your decorations.

DIY projects should be done well in advance to work around any existing plans. You should also shop for your purchased items at least two to three weeks in advance, just in case the retailer does not have an item you require in stock.

Finally, don’t forget about the food and drinks! If you love to cook or bake, enlist the help of some loved ones to help out in the kitchen to prepare a spooky feast. But if you’d rather save the cooking for someone else, catering from your favorite local restaurant or grocery store will save you a headache.

There are also plenty of alcoholic- and non-alcoholic beverage recipes online that can easily jive with many themes for Fright Night.

custom for halloween party

Halloween Party Themes For Teens and Adults

Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of themes we guarantee will be a smash hit at your next Halloween bash.

Freaky carnival

Turning your home into a twisted carnival will give your guests the heebie-jeebies. This Halloween party theme is all about taking sweet, innocent carnival memories of your youth and distorting them into a nightmarish event.

lady with face paint halloween


Skeletal clowns with ragged red and orange hair and bloodied clothes are a classic and creepy carnival costume. So are circus performers, harlequin get-ups, and magicians.

Despite being circus territory, you could probably also get away with a ringmaster costume coupled with an elephant or lion. Just make sure they look a little scary before you walk into the demented carnival!

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Thankfully, the food doesn’t necessarily have to take a scary twist because classic carnival food happens to make great party food too. Appetizers include corn on the cob, pretzels, and popcorn (of course).

If you’re looking to make some mains, sliders (mini hamburgers), corn dogs, and hot dogs are easy to eat while socializing and fit the carnival theme.

Lemonade and root beer can satisfy the kids, while cocktails inspired by cotton candy and candied apples will please the older crowd.

Finally, the dessert table can be jam-packed with sweets such as ice cream, cotton candy, and cookies.


  • Glowing crystal ball
  • Mini clown masks as wall decor
  • Stand-up clown figures
  • Red and white plastic tablecloths
  • Red and white striped paper resembling a circus tent

Haunted House party

This is the scariest of all the Halloween party themes! This theme is all about making your venue look downright terrifying. Forget the cliche haunted house of your youth, for there are no bed sheet ghosts or pseudo spider webs in the corner of the ceiling.

This theme requires a lot of attention to detail and loads of props, music, and perhaps even actors to scare the daylights out of your guests.

halloween party themes


Make sure your invites require your guests to wear the most bone-chilling costume they can find to blend in with this Halloween party theme. Fictional costumes include a bloodied patient, a murderous nun, a living scarecrow, or even a porcelain doll come to life.

Or, you take inspiration from Hollywood and purchase the villainous Leatherface from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” Anything that strikes fear into the hearts of others is acceptable garb for a theme of this caliber.

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The good thing about horror-inspired food is that anything can look bloody with a little bit of red food dye and red candy melts!

If you’re doing most of the cooking and baking yourself, appetizers are very easy to assemble. For instance, some Jell-o and Halloween sprinkles can give you a bloody good bowl of popcorn.

The main course can be deviled eggs with red insides, or perhaps a cheese ball carved in the shape of a human brain.

Skip making dessert and instead, have it made for you! A skull- or brain-shaped red velvet cake with bloody drips of chocolate will make your guests’ skin crawl.


  • Nooses
  • Window decorations (such as drops of blood)
  • Faux dead bodies
  • Red/black candles
  • Bloodied barbed wire
  • DIY fake limbs

Zombie Apocolypse Halloween theme

One of the most in-demand themes at Halloween is the undead, also known as zombies. This theme has become increasingly popular due to shows such as “The Walking Dead” and movies like “Shaun of The Dead” and “Zombieland.”

This theme is all about making otherwise ordinary costumes look scary, bloody, and very much dead. The decor should look like something between a fresh crime scene and an eerie cemetery.

An alternate version is the Hollywood Dead party, where your guest dress like famous stars from the past — appropriately zombified, of course. An ashen James Dean can hang out at the punch bowl with a somewhat decomposed Elvis. 

While that sounds awfully difficult to create, below are some ways to incorporate this Halloween party theme into your costume, food, and decor.

man with zombie make up


When it comes to your Halloween character, anything can become zombified. A doctor can become an undead surgeon, a bride can become a flesh-eating bridezilla, and a harmless cheerleader could be looking for her next human brain. It all comes down to torn clothes, a skeletal face, and wounds in the right place.

The key to making realistic-looking cuts and scrapes is to invest in spirit gum, liquid latex, thin tissue paper, and layers of color for bruises and dead tissue. First-timers can purchase wound kits and study online tutorials.


Not unlike Horror House themes, anything blood-soaked will perfectly tie into a zombie theme. An olive wrapped in cream cheese inside a slice of pepperoni makes for the perfect eyeball appetizer.

For the main course, fire up the grill and make some delicious ribs with your preferred barbecue sauce. Plate the ribs around a plastic skeleton laid out on the table and voila — a zombie feast!

Desserts include bloody fingers made of shortbread cookie dough or some faux-blood-splattered sweets. If you aren’t much of a baker, most stores will carry one or two zombie-inspired desserts during Halloween season.

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  • DIY zombie pit
  • Faux tombstones
  • Zombie Flamingo
  • Yellow caution/toxic danger tape
  • Bloody floor footprints and wall handprints

Crime scene theme

This theme is one of the most intensive of the Halloween party themes of the list. This requires great attention to detail and planning to ensure everything is picture-perfect. Don’t think of this as your run-of-the-mill police crime scene. Instead, it should be rather like a Sherlock-Holmes-type of party where everyone is trying to solve a mystery.

Depending on your tastes, you can do an elaborate Murder Mystery party, and stage a game where the guests need to find out whodunnit. You can even purchase a kit with clues and characters to get you started.

If you’re a bit more hardcore, you can play Forensic Files and have your guests examine the bloody evidence and collect clues with tweezers. You can even set up a microscope so they can examine carpet fibers. Or they can see if the hairs found on your corpse match one with the hairs from the suspects in the room.

crime scene with human marker


Costumes for this kind of Halloween party theme party can either be purchased or skillfully crafted at home with some imagination and elbow grease. Store-bought costumes include detective gear, including a hat and magnifying glass, or CSI-type costumes.

Funnier but just as effective DIY costumes include wrapping yourself up in police caution tape or zipping yourself up in a body bag.

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There aren’t many places that sell anything edible that relate to this theme. During the Halloween season, you may find some cookies that are splattered with blood but otherwise, making your own or catering will be your best bet.

Snacks include cups of “on the trail” mix (nuts, dates, etc.) and mini hot dogs that can be labeled “detective dogs.”

Avid bakers can try their hand at making cookies that resemble magnifying glasses (use broken hard candy for the glass).

And why not lay out the food in the shape of a casket or stick a knife in the cake with blood dripping from it and play a game of “who done it” with the party guests. The ideas are endless. Those looking to cater can order a custom layered cake with footprints making their way to the top tier.


  • Caution tape
  • Footprint decals
  • Chalk or white tape for floor crime scene
  • Strategically placed fake murder weapons in each room

Gothic party

Perfect for your Halloween shindig — focus on the macabre rather than the gory side of the holiday. Think Addams Family and Edgar Allen Poe. All the terror of Fright Night, but with lots of class. This is a grown-up party, so remind your guests to wear their most exquisite shroud and make sure they have a designated driver.

Choose Gothic Halloween party themes for an elegant party for adults only


Pull out your Goth finery — black velvet, bruise-purple satin, and black lace. A dark, funereal mourning coat from the Victorian age will give any gentleman a Poe-ish cast. A slinky black vamp dress for ladies would be stunning. Costumes should be dressy but glamorous, too.


Any appropriate party appetizers will work perfectly with a bit of somber presentation. Decorate your table with black lace and serve the food on ornate black iron stands with an elegant candelabra as a centerpiece.

The trick with the food is to go elegant and dark. For example, black caviar and steak tartar make excellent choices. Serve blood red wine or sangria in crystal glasses. For sweets, chocolate anything is always appropriate. And desserts featuring dark berries are a nice touch, too.

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  • Candles everywhere
  • Fake crows and ravens
  • Decorated skulls
  • Fake stone gargoyles

Halloween Party Themes For Kids and Adults

While zombies are awesome and vampires are the bomb, sometimes little ones aren’t as easy going about the creatures of the night. If you’re planning a mixed-age party where young kids will be invited, you may want to ease up on the fright factor.

Superhero Halloween theme

Superhero themes are fun for both kids and adults. It is the perfect theme to finally dress up as your favorite hero or heroine and show the world you have what it takes to save the day.

Making your room or home feel like a superhero headquarters may prove a little complicated, as there are not many of these kinds of decorations readily available in stores. You can, however, make your own city skyline and add your favorite Superhero balloons to finish out the design.

For every one superhero-related piece of home decor, there are twenty spooky Halloween decorations. But in the end, your party will be unforgettable.

boy in a superhero costume with cape and mask


Costumes for these kinds of Halloween party themes are entirely dependent on the guest. Adults may want to buy or make their own costumes.

However, children may wish to make up their own superhero name and costume and that is completely acceptable! If your child wants to wear an old bath towel, an old eye mask, a pair of gloves, and call himself “Incredible Pickle Boy” — then their imagination is enviable. It’s all about having fun.

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Finding pre-prepped food for a superhero-themed party can be easily managed with a little imagination and creativity. Stores simply do not typically stock Superhero Rice-Krispy squares or pizzas in the shape of shields. You’ll have to make most of the food or order it.

Food for a superhero party can include crushed green Jello-O as Superman’s kryptonite, while a plate of cheese squares with pretzel sticks can be Thor’s hammers! Fruit trays can depict the Superman or Captain America emblems. For dessert, use Batman-shaped cookie cutters to cut the perfect shape.


  • Cityscape backdrop
  • Superhero-inspired piñata
  • Superhero party pennants
  • Themed plates, cutlery, and cups
  • Tulle fabric in red, yellow, and blue for ceiling and walls
  • Jumbo Superhero word cutouts

Pirate-themed Halloween party

Channel your inner Ching Shih or Jack Sparrow to pull off the best pirate Halloween party this part of the Atlantic has ever seen! Nailing this Halloween party theme is about being inspired by all things nautical and making food and decor both fun and visually engaging.

This theme is significantly more kid-friendly, but adults can still partake without feeling the least bit childish: It’s all about presentation.

little kid in a pirate costume


Costume choices are unlimited when it comes to this Halloween party theme. Pirate hats, eye patches, hoop earrings, and a little “beard” makeup will go far! Whether you’re swabbing the decks or manning the ship, you’re still a pirate.

Fortunately, practically every retailer has several versions of the pirate costume. Accessorizing can make even the blandest of costumes stand out from the rest. Don’t forget your very own “Polly”!

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While there is no pre-packaged “pirate food” available at big box stores, making nautical-themed food is relatively easy. Appetizers can be as simple as a container of “Polly’s crackers” with some “seaweed dip.”

Fruits and vegetables can be picked up using tiny plastic pirate swords from your local dollar store. Mains for kids can consist of corndog “peg legs” and chicken nuggets (or “golden nuggets” as the pirates say).

Popcorn can be “pirate teeth” while gold foil-wrapped chocolates are the hidden treasure. There are so many unique ways to plate appetizers that making the food should not take up too much time.

Don’t forget the drinks! There are plenty of pirate-inspired cocktail recipes available online to appease even the pickiest of adult guests. Most contain rum, upon which much pirate legend has grown.


  • Skeletons
  • Faux chains and rope
  • Wooden barrels or DIY barrels
  • Realistic decorative fishnet
  • Pirate themed treasure map tablecloth

Out of this world aliens

Another good choice for Halloween parties where little ones are involved is the “UFO” theme. Aliens from outer space are just a little bit scary, but not enough to make you need to hid under the covers.

Space aliens is one of the best Halloween party themes for children


For this theme, have your guests dress as their favorite alien from movies or television. They can choose something mild, like Marvin the Martin, Mr. Spock, or even Zaphod Beeblebrox. Those who prefer a scarier costume can choose the alien from Alien or the Borg from Star Trek Next Generation. Or, they can get creative and make up their own out-of-this-world creation.

The upside is that your guests still have a chance to have fun in an imaginary setting, pretending to be “not of this earth.”


The upside of an Alien party is that you can serve your favorite regular party food on space-age style. Alternatively, you can make your own versions of foods from sci-fi movies and television.

For drinks, serve up Romulan ale and Mudder’s Milk for the teetotalers.

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  • Space-themed party supplies
  • Glowing alien-head lights
  • Glow in the dark balloons
  • Blue and green LED light strings

Fall harvest

Another good choice for parties with small children in attendance is to celebrate the autumn season. In fact, some people don’t feel comfortable at all celebrating Halloween because some feel it’s tied to occult practices.

The debate over the holiday as it’s currently celebrated for ages seems to continue. But there’s no doubt that autumn and the harvest is something worth celebrating.

Fall festival themes are a good choice for parties for small children


The best thing about an autumn festival is that no costumes are required. You and your guests should feel comfortable in any attire that suits your weather and your preferences.


Because this is a celebration of the harvest, the focus is all about food. If your weather is still warm enough, hold the last outdoor BBQ of the year for your party. Burgers and chicken breast fillets are both quick and easy to grill.

Sides should include ingredients in season, such as corn, green beans, and squash. Potatoes, both white and sweet, feature heavily in the harvest feast.

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With apples so abundant, add apple pie or cake to the dessert table. Apple cider (both spiked and not) is delicious served cold or hot with a sprinkle of cinnamon. For the adults, offer mulled cider punch or a Maple Old Fashioned.


  • Bales of hay
  • Scarecrows
  • Piles of pumpkins
  • Centerpieces made from decorative corn cobs and gourds
  • Garlands of orange and red maple leaves

Which Theme Should You Choose?

Selecting which of the listed Halloween party themes is best for you is an entirely personal choice. Some require more prep work and hand-made items, but in the end, they can feel more fun and inviting. Others require plenty of funds and organization to ensure the scariest, most scream-inducing party your guests have ever had. Whatever the theme you decide to go with, we wish you all the best in your Halloween-planning adventures.

If you have thrown a successful Halloween party with a theme not listed, or have a favorite, let us know in the comments!

Mexican-Themed Party: Your South of the Border Fun Fiesta

A Mexican-Themed Party Buffet

What's more festive than a Mexican party with a mariachi band or more delicious than carnitas with warm corn tortillas? Homemade food and celebration are traditions in Mexican culture, which makes a Mexican-themed party ripe with possibilities for your next family gathering.

Whatever the occasion for holding a Mexican-themed party, the trick is to go authentic. Hire a live mariachi band and choose catering from one of the many Mexican-owned businesses located near you. Or consult with experts if you plan to do your own cooking. Your guests are sure to be impressed by your attention to detail.

A Mexican-Themed Party Buffet

mexican themed party

One of the biggest draws to throwing a Mexican-themed party is the food; what a perfect platform to highlight your culinary expertise.

If you intend to stay true to tradition for your Mexican party, you'll invite the family in and take this time to bond. There's nothing like preparing a meal together to make you feel close to one another, and that's part of Mexican style. It's all about family.

Homemade salsa

Salsa dates back to the Incas, Aztecs, and Mayans. The tasty sauce hit the United States market in Los Angeles in 1917 with La Victoria and their Salsa Brava. There are three main types of salsa, and the varieties expand from there.

Salsa Roja or red salsa is super simple to make with tomatoes, jalapenos, and onions. The difference between red salsa and salsa fresco is that the latter isn't cooked. Instead, it's finely diced jalapenos, tomatoes, and onions served raw as a healthy topping.

The third incarnation is salsa verde or green salsa, made with tomatillos. They look like little green tomatoes, and you'll find them quite flavorful. Here's an easy recipe so you can include this tasty dip at your Mexican-themed party.


Empanadas are an ideal item to include in a Mexican party buffet. You can fry or bake them and serve them warm or at room temperature. Make them with wheat, corn, or plantain dough.

If you want to save time on the day of your party, you can bake them ahead, wrap them individually, and freeze them.

Mini empanadas are great for appetizers. Fill them with anything from fruit to leftovers, like roasted meat or baked sweet potatoes. There are a host of regional Mexican empanada recipes to try too.

Best of all, the basic dough recipe is easy to make and uses everyday kitchen staples, like flour, salt, and eggs.

Taco buffet

What could be better than tacos at a Mexican party? Warm homemade corn tortillas wrapped around tender carnitas are an all-time favorite. It's not hard to make tortillas, either, so why not bring the taste of Mexico to your kitchen with an inexpensive tortilla press and a bag of Mexican masa corn flour?

What's more, you can also try a few new and exciting takes on the basic tortilla recipe. Add sun-dried tomato, cilantro, or roasted garlic for more colorful — and flavorful — tortillas. As well as brightening up your Mexican party table, they'll also add some gourmet flair to the menu.

Choose a wide variety of taco fillings, such as different types of meats and cheeses. For example, skirt steak and chorizo sausage both make delicious taco fillings. Also, make sure you provide meat-free fillings for vegetarian guests, like squash, sweet potatoes, and refried pinto beans.

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Mole Poblano

Making mole sauce is a big deal and a time-consuming proposition, reserved for fiestas. Like much of the food that comes to us from Mexico, mole sauce has quite a history. Best of all, you can customize this sauce for various dishes from throughout the country.

Mole poblano is a combination of peppers, seeds, cinnamon, raisins, tomatoes, garlic, nuts, and the secret ingredient, Mexican cocoa. So, if you want to put in the time, this dish is sure to be a hit.

Frijoles and rice

The staple of any Mexican dinner table is beans and rice. Pinto beans are a side dish and filler for all kinds of meals. They're easy to make, and they smell delicious while they're simmering on the stove.

You'll find rice alongside this favorite bean dish. And Mexican rice is easy to make. You can buy it pre-packaged. But, of course, homemade is better! One recipe that we found from Puebla calls for peas and carrots in addition to the standard that we're used to in the United States, made with long grain white rice, garlic, onion, and tomato sauce.

Mexican-Themed Party Drinks

mexican themed-party drinks

The stereotypical drink for a Mexican fiesta is a shot of tequila. Although tequila does have deep roots in Mexico and is popular in their culture and others, let's dig a little deeper into other authentic Mexican drinks. Try one of these original Mexican recipes.

Non-alcoholic beverages

There are a lot of delicious Mexican beverages that don't have alcohol. So, if you want something other than soda or ice tea at your party, here's a recipe that's sure to please your guests.

Watermelon agua fresca, or watermelon water, is a favorite sold by street vendors in Mexico. It's refreshing and easy to make; all it takes is watermelon, fresh lime, sugar, and of course, water. And it's perfect for the youngsters at your Mexican fiesta.

Horchata is another favorite non-alcoholic beverage that's perfect for your party. Rice, milk, cinnamon, and sugar make up this recipe for the frothy, yummy drink.

If you want to warm up, you can make Mexican cocoa or Champurrado. It's not your standard hot chocolate. And with the added flare of cinnamon and clove, it's a lovely example of Mexican flavor.

Beer for a Mexican-themed party

There aren't a lot of artisan beers from Mexico; microbreweries aren't as common as they are in America. But there are Mexican companies who make beers that are perfect for your Mexican-themed party.

Corona is, of course, a well-known name in Mexican beer. However, if you want to be true to how Mexicans typically drink their beer, you'll offer michelada, “my beer.” It's made similar to a spicy Bloody Mary, only with beer instead of vodka or gin. Afterward, you salt the rim of the glass and serve it with lime.

Tequila drinks for a Mexican-themed party

Of course, you will probably want to include tequila at your Mexican fiesta, and that's legitimate. In short, true tequila is a kind of mezcal, made with blue agave from the Mexican state of Jalisco.

Sangrita de Fruta

There's no need just to do shots. Why not try a margarita? Better yet, try this recipe for Sangrita de Fruta. You can even make a version without the tequila for a lovely fruity drink.

Watermelon Margarita

Watermelon margaritas are a superb choice for a Mexican fiesta party, especially when held outside in the afternoon heat. One recipe calls for only three ingredients, but make sure you pick the sweetest watermelons you can find.

Decorating Ideas For A Mexican Fiesta Themed Party

Color is the foundation of decorating for a Mexican-themed party. Use a palette of sunshine yellow, tangerine, turquoise, purple, fuchsia, and lime for bright, festive colors.

Or, you can try gold, coral, tiffany blue, lavender, pastel pink, and pickle green for a more subtle combination.

If you want to go with a more traditional palette, opt for yellow-gold, pumpkin, light blue, cobalt, maroon, and green. More importantly, whatever palette you chose, make color the foundation for your decorating, and you can't go wrong.

Mexican-themed party decor

The Mexican way is to make flowers part of your decor. However, you can also make paper flowers and combine live floral arrangements as well.

Some of the flowers used in Mexican decoration include the national flower, the dahlia. The Mexican marigold, or cempasuchil, are decorations used on Day of the Dead altars and the tombstones of loved ones.

Calla lilies are another popular plant and made famous by Mexican artist, Diego Rivera, who feature the beloved Mexican flower in numerous paintings.

In particular, no Mexican fiesta decor should be left without roses since they hold considerable religious significance in the Mexican culture. Sunflowers and poinsettias often make up the bouquets too, so there's no hurting for color.

While fresh flowers are often expensive, you can usually buy silk or paper flowers from the same vendors as your other party supplies.

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Mexican-themed party tables

Once you've decided on your color palette and flowers, then comes the fun of figuring out how to incorporate all of those gorgeous colors onto your tables.

Party supplies

For large crowds, choose convenient but sturdy party ware made from paper. We recommend choosing neutral colors for your plates and napkins. For example, tableware in sunshine yellow is cheerful. And this way, you can incorporate leftover supplies into future parties.

Table settings

Bunches of traditional flowers in terracotta pots look warm and welcoming on any table as a centerpiece. In addition, a serape-stripe table runner will help reinforce the theme. Then, add soft lighting with some cactus-shaped tea candles between each flower pot.

Favors and decor

You'll want to offer an inviting table for your guests to dine, and adding cute decor and favors they can take home is one way to set a beautiful table.

For example, top each place setting with a tiny succulent planting in mini terra cotta pots as a very special party favor for your guests.

For younger guests, try some mini maracas or these adorable little fiesta donkeys in bright colors.

Other party supplies you may want to consider for your Mexican party include large, decorate sombreros to hang on the walls. Or hang bright-colored paper flowers from the ceiling over the dining table.


How about a Mexican film festival, dancing, or a good old-fashioned game of whacking the pinata until it bursts and everyone gets a treat? Best of all, you can usually find them on display in a wide variety of designs wherever party supplies are sold.

A game with a history

Whacking a pinata is even more old-fashioned than you may realize. Pinatas have a fascinating history. It's long one, so we're going to pick it up with the Mayans, who were into playing physical games. A favorite was a game in which blindfolded players would try to break a pot that was hanging from a rope.

In the 16th century, after the conquest of Mexico, Italian missionaries began using the Mayan game to teach Catholicism. The pots came to symbolize evil, and so after mass, the priests would encourage the congregation to break the pots, and the treats that fell out were likened to blessings from God.

Artisans gave them a colorful makeover and, with the addition of paper mache, made the vessels in forms other than pots, like birds and fruits. Eventually, the religious connotations faded away, and the pinata became a game again.

The modern pinata

Today, pinatas put the fun in a fiesta, and they come in all shapes and sizes. You'll find animals, rocket ships, dinosaurs, and even movie star options for the game. Traditionally, you stuff a pinata with candy, sugar cane, and fruit or small toys. Sometimes, people fill them with flour, confetti, or water balloons as a joke. It's up to you what you want to put in your pinata.

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Mexican-themed party music

In general, singing, dancing, and merrymaking is going to be a lot of fun with the happy sounds of Mexican music. There's tons of traditional fiesta music online if you don't want to pay for live music or a DJ.

Mexican-Themed Party Ideas

We've already covered food, drinks, games, and music, all the most essential items to include in any Mexican-themed party. So next, let's talk about the two Mexican holidays we typically celebrate in the U.S.

Cinco De Mayo as Independence Day

On May 5, 1862, in the small town of Puebla, Mexico, a ragtag band of villagers defeated the French imperialists who intended to conquer them and take their land. The underdog rising to take the win is the kind of story Americans love. It's not surprising we've made a Mexican victory into a celebration of our own.

Folks in Pueblo memorialize Cinco De Mayo, but it's not a huge holiday in Mexico like the Fourth of July is in America. However, you can celebrate respectfully by participating in events around your city that feature Mexican dancers and promote Mexican businesses. And you can use any of the ideas you've found here.

Dia de los Muertos – Day of the Dead

Disney recently did a great job of animating the Mexican celebration of ancestors who have passed on with their beautiful movie “Coco.” It showed in spectacular detail all of the things that make this holiday so intriguing.

If you're planning to celebrate Dia de los Muertos, you should know the history of this 3,000-year-old tradition and decorate accordingly. Most importantly, the holiday is all about paying homage to ancestors. Beautiful altars, or ofrendas, are constructed and decorated with candles, buckets of wild marigolds, and other bright flowers.

For your party, you should include lots of food for the hungry souls: an assortment of fruits and nuts, mole dishes, piles of tortillas, and bread called pan de muerto. Also, have bottles of soda, hot cocoa, and water too, as well as little sugar skulls. You can also find themed party supplies for Day of the Dead online.

There are toys and candies placed on the altar, and on November 2, the adult angels get cigarettes and shots of mezcal to make them happy. Most significantly, the idea is that those who've passed on will keep the family close and protect them, bring them good luck, and offer wisdom.

Throw a Mexican Family Fun Fiesta

Mexican culture is ripe with a colorful history full of celebration, food, music, and sport. If you want to throw a Mexican-themed party, you'll have no problem coming up with lots of entertaining ideas. Above all, remember to respect the traditions that you borrow for your merrymaking and have fun celebrating the beauty of the Mexican people.

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