What Time Should A Baby Shower Start?

What Time Should A Baby Shower Start?

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It takes a lot of time and thought when planning a baby shower. You need a theme, menu, invitations, favors, and decorations. 

The most important part of planning a baby shower though is the date and time. Is there any specific etiquette of what time a baby shower should be held? 

Typically, baby showers are held in the afternoons around lunchtime. However, if the guest of honor’s family and friends all work during the day, an evening shower might be best. 

The best option for choosing a time for a baby shower is often to confer with the mom-to-be first. She would know best when planning a time for the shower that would fit not only her schedule but her friend’s and family’s. 

If you plan on having the shower on a weekend, you can also opt for a brunch-type shower. Again, it is always best to defer the time and date to the mom-to-be.

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What Should You Serve At A Baby Shower? 

The menu at a baby shower is important. You will not only have hungry guests attending, but you will also have a very pregnant mother with lots of cravings. 

How do you know what to choose for a menu when planning a baby shower? 

Again, it is always best to defer to the soon-to-be mom when planning the baby shower menu. You can do a menu themed around the foods that the mom has craved throughout the pregnancy or simply do some of her favorites. 

One of the reasons it is important to get the mom’s opinion on the menu is that the mom might have food aversions. If she can’t stand the smell of meat, it might be best to opt for a cheese and cracker tray instead of a meat and cheese tray. 

One great option that many people choose for a menu is finger food. You can serve finger sandwiches, crackers, cheese, veggies with dip, deviled eggs, cookies, cupcakes, etc. 

You can also ask close friends and family of the mom to help with bringing some food, like a potluck style. 

Who Pays For The Baby Shower? 

When it comes to money, it is always a touchy subject. If you have been asked to throw a baby shower, it can be awkward to ask about money. 

There are lots of different aspects of the baby shower that need paying for. You need to purchase invitations, food, favors, decorations, etc. And on top of all this, you still need to get a gift for mom too. 

It can be a bit overwhelming monetarily when throwing a shower. Who exactly is responsible for paying for the shower? 

Proper etiquette says that the one hosting the baby shower is the one that pays for the shower. However, do not feel that you have to take on all this responsibility by yourself. 

The Mom-to-be likely has many family and friends that love her and want to help make her shower extra special. Never be afraid to ask for help.

You can have someone help with decorations. Another friend can plan the menu. Someone else can help go in with paying for favors. 

There is no need to put yourself in debt showing mom-to-be how much you love her and the baby. 

How Do You Decide A Theme For The Baby Shower? 

If you are planning a baby shower for a family member or close friend, there can be a lot of aspects to hosting. One of those aspects is decorating. 

You need table decorations, decor on the walls, and possibly a photo booth. Not only are decorations a must, but you also need a theme for the decoration. 

How do you decide on the perfect theme when hosting a baby shower? 

The best option for a baby shower theme is decorating according to what the nursery will be decorated as. This way you can give your decorations to mommy-to-be for the nursery after the shower is over. 

Ask the mommy-to-be if she already has a theme planned for the nursery. If she has a theme planned, it is best to incorporate that in the shower. 

If there is no nursery theme, then you can choose a theme that you prefer. 

Here are some ideas you can choose from when throwing a baby shower. 

  • Elephant Themed: You can use this for either a boy or girl baby shower. Elephants are cute and are a great theme idea for a baby shower. 
  • Oh Baby Themed: This theme can again work for either a boy or girl baby shower. You can combine gold with either blue or pink for an Oh Baby theme. 
  • Nautical Themed: Again, this theme works well for either a boy or girl. You can use navy and white for a boy or peach and navy for a girl.
  • Superhero Themed: While you may first think of a boy for this theme, you can also use it for a girl shower. There are plenty of female superheroes that can be used for decorations. Boy or girl, superheroes are a great choice. 
  • Season Themed: If mom-to-be already has her nursery stocked with decor, you can choose to throw a shower based on the season. You can create a cute pumpkin-themed shower for fall, a sunny shower for summer, chicks and bunnies for spring, and snowmen and elves for winter. 
  • TV/Movie Show Themed: If the parents have a particular movie or show that they love, you can use that as a theme: The Office, Friends, Harry Potter, Marvel, anything Disney, etc. The parents will love sharing their favorite movies and TV shows with their kids and would appreciate a theme surrounding that as well. 
  • Space Themed: Your baby shower will be out of the world with this theme. You can incorporate astronauts, planets, stars, and the whole solar system into your theme. 

Choosing a theme can seem like a daunting task. However, this could also help mom-to-be get decorations and a theme for the nursery too. If you are still unsure of picking a theme, you can take these suggestions to mom-to-be and decide together. 

Final Thoughts

If you are planning a baby shower, it is best to always defer to the mother when making decisions. She knows the guests that are coming best. 

If most of her friends and family can make it in the evening, then an evening shower is best. If the costs and planning of the baby shower are too much, never hesitate to ask the other family and friends for help. 

Everyone loves the soon-to-be mom and wants to make her and the baby feel extra special and loved. 

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