Masquerade Party Themes: Make Your Party One to Remember

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A masquerade party creates an air of mystery and fun through masks and costumes. Masquerade party themes come in many different flavors. Guests can pose as heroes, villains, or other characters. The party can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. As the host, you can plan a great unmasking or let the mystery continue throughout the evening. Either way, a masquerade party can be a night to remember.

Planning your masquerade party is only half the fun. Creating the guest list, a backdrop for the event, and the storyline is the other. So, get the creativity flowing and start the planning process. The sooner you begin, the better your party will be.

Masquerade Party Themes

masquerade party themes: a woman in a Venetian masquerade mask, with a table in the background

There are as many masquerade party themes as there are reasons to celebrate. You might be celebrating a birthday, anniversary, a new job, or even a retirement party. A masquerade is a costume party for adults, with a touch of elegance and class most costume parties don’t entail.

First, start with a list of masquerade party themes — all the themes you can come up with. Then narrow it down to a short list. This will give you a better idea of who to invite and how to create a fun evening for everyone. These are a few creative, fun ideas you might consider when planning your masquerade party.

A Halloween masquerade

A Halloween party is a great way to celebrate this festive holiday. Most of us don’t outgrow a love for costumes — we just don’t get enough opportunities to put them on. And your party will give them an excuse.

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Food and drink

masquerade party themes: a plate of Halloween-themed candy and cookies

The next step after the theme and the guest list will be planning your menu. It’s not always easy to eat daintily while wearing a mask, so choose foods that your guests can manage. Keep it simple. Finger foods are great, as well as items that won’t crumble or fall all over the place. Consider small sandwiches and meat pies, along with trays of veggies and dip. Quick, easy, and mess-free — this is the way to go. As for drinks, how about an orange and black signature cocktail? Or maybe ghoulish Halloween specialty cocktails that guests can sip during the festivities?


Now that your food is sorted, it’s time for decorations. You might think about:

  • Masquerade masks to hang throughout the party hall or venue
  • A spooky chandelier or candelabra hanging above the tables
  • Cobwebs, spiders, black cats, witches, and other Halloween-theme garland or hanging streamers
  • Distinct lighting, to help set the mood for the event.

If there’s a specific character theme for the Halloween party, incorporate the villain into the decorations as well.

A Mardi Gras masquerade

Mardi Gras falls in February or March, but you can have a Mardi Gras masquerade party any time of the year. And because Mardi Gras is such a fun holiday anyway, it’s perfect for marking nearly any accomplishment or achievement in life. Mardi Gras uses distinct colors and imagery, so when planning for the party, choose the decorations accordingly.

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masquerade party themes: Mardi Gras mask and table decorations

How a party host chooses to decorate an event hall or venue will depend on several factors. For a Mardi Gras theme, you might consider:

  • Gold, purple, and yellow beads
  • Metallic curtains in the entryway
  • Mini centerpieces on tables with masks and other Mardi Gras inspired items
  • Directional display signs pointing guests to the bar, dance hall, and other areas of the venue.

The options are endless when it comes to this theme. Have fun!

Food and drink

There are a number of food and drink items people think of when they think of Mardi Gras. Bourbon, beignets, and dirty rice are a few of those items. When planning a masquerade party, light, main courses and appetizers are a great choice. These parties often take place in low-light settings. So, most guests don’t want to have a sit-down dinner. And, many don’t want to get their masks and costumes dirty while juggling a full plate of food. Desserts are always welcome onto any menu as well, so make sure to have these on hand for guests. Think mini crab cakes, hot crawfish dip, and King Cake cupcakes.

A superhero masquerade

Kids aren’t the only ones who love superheroes. Many adults dress up as superheroes for Halloween. Additionally, events and conventions like Comic-Con highlight the relevancy of superheroes in adult life. You can create a party around a single superhero like Wolverine, or around the entire cast of a movie or comic book.

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masquerade party themes: superhero toys Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, as decorations

When it comes to decorating for a superhero masquerade, you have a lot of choices. Consider the following:

  • Superhero themed centerpieces or nameplates
  • Tablecloth and accent napkins in different superhero color schemes
  • DIY superhero signs
  • Superhero cutouts and a photo booth to capture guests as they enter the venue

Food and drink

The food is also essential when preparing a superhero theme masquerade party. A Hulk cocktail or Avengers jello shots are creative and fun ideas for your drinks menu. Small snack foods are also a good option. Wings, chips and dip, and a cheese tray are some simple ideas guests will love.

No matter what food or decorations hosts choose, make sure they work together. Characters, colors, and the central theme of the party will come together if you make sure to plan first.

A Disney masquerade

Nearly everyone, at some point, has wanted to be a Disney character for a day, whether a prince or princess, a pirate, or Mickey Mouse. Your Disney masquerade will give them that chance. But you have to have the right balance of fun and enchantment. And that can only happen with the right kind of planning. No two Disney masquerade parties are going to look alike. You can create the perfect ambiance by planning early and possibly working with a party planner for the festivities.

masquerade party themes: Disney table decorations

The menu

Create a menu that incorporates several fun food items for guests to select. And consider bite-size and finger foods for snacking. At a masquerade party, sit-down or formal dinners are tough to pull off. Keep things simple with foods that are easy to eat. No one wants to ruin their costume!

For sweets, Mickey and Minnie Mouse cookies are a great idea. Cupcakes with a “Snow White” or “Beauty and the Beast” Disney movie theme will also bring guests to the table. Enchanting petit fours will fit in with any Disney fairytale theme, but we recommend contacting a bakery.

Guests will also look for some salty snacks at the party. A cracker tray with cheese in the shape of Cinderella’s Castle will attract guests quickly. A fruit and cheese tray in the form of a Disney character is also a simple idea to consider. Mini sandwiches, chips, and small items like mini quiche are also easy for guests to eat neatly.


There are several approaches you can take when decorating for a Disney masquerade party. Some fun decorating ideas include:

  • Cutouts Cinderellas castle or a fairytale forest backdrop
  • A photo booth to capture everyone in their character costume
  • Fun “drink me” shots for an Alice in Wonderland theme party
  • Icicles or LED hanging lights for a “Frozen” party theme.

Because there are so many characters, settings, and storylines to choose from, Disney is one of the most versatile masquerade party themes you can find. And if you like to get your hands dirty with the creative work, you can put together a truly magical evening for everyone.

An animal masquerade

masquerade party themes: colorful animal masks

An animal theme is another great option for a masquerade party. You can choose circus animals, safari animals, birds, sea creatures, and more. If there will be a lot of couples at your party, you could even suggest they come as predator and prey! And, of course, you will need to plan food and decorations accordingly.

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Food and drink

There are some easy foods to serve at an animal masquerade party. Cupcakes or cookies with animal print designs and iced and decorated animal crackers are fun for your sweets table. Pigs in a blanket and kabobs with chicken and veggies are delicious, as are shrimp skewers. Cheese trays and crackers are also items guests can nibble on, without ruining their mask, facial paint, or makeup. You can even serve safari-themed drinks with cocktails with names like Tiger Claw and Jungle Book Juice.


Masks will be the centerpiece of any animal masquerade. The great thing about masks is that you can buy them, make them yourself, or have a mask-making activity table at your party. Have a look at this video to see how to put together a lovely bird mask.

As for your venue, here are a few decorating ideas:

  • Animal centerpieces to create themes for tables or sections of the party hall
  • Tablecloths to match the animal theme (tiger, cheetah, monkey, etc.)
  • Safari hats and Jeep cutouts for a Safari theme party
  • A custom balloon arch featuring different colors for specific party themes.

The decorations can be as simple or ornate as the party host chooses. With this party theme, a laid-back venue will put guests at ease. So, consider some simple decorations for the party. It helps bring everything together in the party hall that the host chooses to rent when hosting a masquerade party.

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Superhero Masquerade

Disney Masquerade

Animal Masquerade

General Decorating Tips for All Masquerade Party Themes

Planning your decorations in advance will make all the difference. Planning early ensures the venue looks great. And this goes for all masquerade party themes.

Tips to ensure the best execution possible

First, decide on your masquerade party themes as early as possible. This will guide your booking the venue, choosing the music, sorting out decorations, and putting a menu together.

Once you choose a theme, you can start selecting decorations. Consider colors, venue, and whether a formal or casual evening will unfold. Choose an appropriate menu and select foods that fit the theme. Consider hiring caterer. A buffet set up so guests can choose their meals is easy, too. A sit-down dinner is challenging to pull off at masquerade parties. So, keep foods simple and bite-size so they’re easy for guests to consume while in costume.

masquerade party themes: an organizer calendar open on a table

It’s also important to make sure guests are aware of the theme as early as possible. It allows them to buy their mask and costume and prepare themselves. For large events, hosts should consider renting a hall or venue for the masquerade party. It ensures all guests will fit and that everyone will be comfortable at the party.

As a host, the more planning and preparatory work you do, the better your party will be.

Masquerade Party Themes: Endless Variety for Endless Fun

Whether you’re going for mystery, fun, or a combination of both, a masquerade party can make your party the event of the season. And there are so many masquerade party themes to choose from. The sooner you begin the preparations, the easier it’ll be to pull off the festivities without a hitch. And, the earlier you begin to plan, the more relaxed you’ll be on the day of the party. So, you’ll get to enjoy the party with your guests when the big night finally arrives.

Have you thrown a masquerade party? What was the theme? Was it fantastic, or a fantastic disaster? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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