Ideas for a Surprise Birthday Party for a Best Friend

Ideas for a surprise birthday party for a best friend

Have you ever spent weeks thinking about the best ideas for a surprise birthday party for a best friend only for your birthday surprise to backfire on you? Well, I have. For my best friend's 16th birthday, I planned a fantastic surprise water-themed party.

I had everything figured out from the games to the gifts and decorations. However, at the last minute, half of the guests I had invited called to cancel, leaving only seven people available for the party. Seven is a good number, but not if three of the guests are adults and wouldn't necessarily participate in the games I had planned out.

To make matters worse, my best friend got word about my plans, and it ruined the whole surprise. She talked me out of it, and we ended up eating cake at her home without any of the games I had planned.

If you are planning a surprise birthday party, proper planning and perfect execution is everything. Don't make the same mistakes I did! Start early and ensure everything goes according to plan.

What to Consider When Brainstorming Ideas for a Surprise Birthday Party for a Best Friend

A surprise birthday party can go wrong very quickly. From the guest of honor arriving before everything is ready, to potentially running out of food, you need to know how to avoid surprise party mishaps to come up with a memorable and eventful party. Apart from picking the best ideas for a surprise birthday party for a best friend, there are other important things you need to consider.

What are their interests?

girl holding birthday cake

When planning a surprise birthday party, it is essential to consider what the person likes. Since you are their best friend, this should be easy to do. You can also get ideas from what they have been talking about doing on their birthday. Close relatives can also give you some suggestions on what they would enjoy.


balancing on a calculator

How much do you plan to spend to execute the idea? Do you think the idea is achievable with your budget? These are some of the questions you need to be asking yourself as you plan for the party. First, figure out what the different materials you need to pull off the party will cost. These materials include things like food, venue, snacks, decorations, and invitations among other things. Next, compare the total amount with your budget to find out where you can cut back on expenses to avoid overspending.

If your goal is to throw an awesome party on a budget, consider ways you can cut your costs. For instance, instead of paying for a venue, you can opt for hosting the party at your home if there is enough space. You can also make DIY decorations at home.

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save the date

The time of day you plan to have the party is also crucial. Is it a convenient time for most of your guests? Will the guest of honor be available at that time? Before you begin planning for the party, make sure the time is perfect for everyone -- especially if it is on a weekday where most people may be preoccupied with other things. This way, you are assured that people will show up.



It is also important to figure out where you will have the event. Is it at their house, yours, or do you have to pay for a specific venue? Choosing your venue in advance doesn't just allow you to fit it into your budget -- it also allows you to ensure it is available when you need it by making reservations if need be. However, if you are strapped for cash, it is always a good idea to host the party in your home or another free-to-access venue.



How many people do you plan to invite to the party? Knowing your number of guests beforehand allows you to do proper planning. With a number in mind, you can tell how much food, seats, space, and other materials you need to make the event a success. Make sure you ask your guests to RSVP for the party so that you can get a precise number.

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How will the guest of honor be kept busy?

The last thing you want after planning the best surprise birthday party is for the surprise to be ruined. If you and your best friend spend a lot of time together, it might be challenging to keep the secret without some help. On the day, have someone keep them busy until all the preparations are done. You can ask her parents to keep her busy with chores or have a friend take them out for some hours until you are done.

Fun and Interesting Ideas for a Surprise Birthday Party for a Best Friend

Here are some incredible ideas for a surprise birthday party for a best friend that are easy to pull off and budget-friendly.

Fun-filled day

fun-filled day

When choosing ideas for a surprise birthday party for a best friend, it helps to choose easy to implement ideas. A fun-filled day is one of the easiest plans to pull off. However, you need to consider what your best friend would enjoy the most. The best way to go about it is to list their favorite activities and plan them out at different times of the day. You can also spread the activities throughout the week so that you can get the most out of each day. Do the most exciting activity on their birthday.

A walk down memory lane

Movie theme decorations

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If you and your best friend have known each other for a long time, this should be one of the easiest surprise party ideas to pull off. All you need is a lot of balloons and pictures from his or her childhood up to the present. Tie the photographs on the balloons such that all the memories are floating around you. Involve the guests so that everyone gets to participate in this exciting hunt for pictures.

Number shaped envelopes


You can also surprise your best friend by creating a number of their age with envelopes. The envelopes can contain anything from heartfelt letters from you and the guests to small gifts. What makes this one of the best ideas for a surprise birthday party for a best friend is that they can preserve the letters for years to come.

24 gifts for 24 hours

24 gifts for 24 hours

How about surprising your best friend every hour of their special day? You would have to come up with a long list of gifts, but you can rest assured this simple birthday surprise idea for a best friend will not disappoint. Just make sure you save the best gift for the last.

Kidnap plan

kidnap plan

A kidnap plan is one of the ideas for a surprise birthday party for a best friend that can go wrong very fast. Before executing this plan, assure your best friend of their safety lest they cause a commotion that may alert the authorities. Also, make sure the destination is worth it; decorate it, fill it with gifts from guests, and have a lot of fun activities planned out.

Birthday gift climax

birthday gift climax

Another great way to make your best friend's birthday memorable is to build up to the gift. It not only increases their anticipation but also makes them excited every time you give them a gift because they keep guessing what the final gift is. However, to make this plan successful, you need to ensure the last gift is something that will blow them away. You can buy them something they've been talking about getting for a while. Also, make sure none of the other gifts give a clue as to what the last gift is.

Old memories gifts

old memories

This is one of the most affordable ideas for a surprise birthday party for a best friend. All you have to do is to gift them something you both treasured in the past. It can be anything from collectibles to a trip to one of your favorite childhood spots. While it's not a complicated or fancy gift, they will surely appreciate the walk down memory lane with you.

Birthday card rush

birthday card rush

A birthday card rush is also among the simple but effective ideas for a surprise birthday party for a best friend. In this day and age where people share birthday messages on social media, it can be exciting to receive a tangible birthday greeting. To pull it off, have everyone write their birthday wishes on cards. You can have a session where the birthday girl or boy reads out the cards or have them select a few to read before cutting the cake.

Water balloon war

water baloon war

This is one of the best ideas for a surprise birthday party for a best friend of both genders, and it's quite affordable. All you need are many water balloons and a group of people ready to have fun.

To implement this idea, gather the water balloons and walk to your best friend's house with your friends. When they open the door, launch an attack on them until they are soaking wet. When the balloons are over, present the cake and gifts.

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Digital surprise

digital suprise

This is a great birthday surprise if you live far from your best friend and cannot make it in person. It is also an excellent choice if you want to wake them up in style on their birthday. All you have to do is to request their parents or siblings to log onto Google Hangout and place their laptop next to their bed with the speaker on. Call them in the morning and send your wishes. You can gather a few friends to make the surprise even more fun.

Pool party surprise

pool party

Do you have a pool and you are running out of things to do for your best friend's birthday? A pool party is an excellent idea. To pull this off, ensure you have a lot of drinks and snacks. Also, get some great music and select fun games to play to make the day even more eventful. Do not forget to carry a swimsuit for your best friend.

Car decoration surprise

car decoration surprise

This is also among the easy to execute ideas for a surprise birthday party for a best friend. Decorate their car with balloons, ribbons, and other decorative materials you can find to make it attractive. You and your friends can even hide inside the car and come out to surprise them when they approach the vehicle. To achieve this, you may need some help from their relatives to get the car keys. Also, make sure they don't catch you decorating the car, as it may ruin the surprise.

Treasure hunt surprise

treasure hunt surprise

Just like building up to a gift, a treasure hunt creates mystery and builds their anticipation. You create your treasure hunt to lead to the venue of the party or a big birthday gift. The quest can begin in their bedroom and go through different areas that have sentimental value to them. To make it even more exciting, offer a gift from friends and relatives for every clue solved.

Road trip

road trip

A road trip is always a good idea if all your mutual friends are free and you have a good car to accommodate all of you. For this birthday idea, you need to plan to avoid the last minute rush that can cause everything to fall apart. For instance, save up some money for fuel, snacks, and the cake before your trip; you can ask your friends and his or her relatives to chip in. Also, figure out where this trip will lead you. Will you drive aimlessly or do you have a destination in mind?

Cook surprise

man with fish

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If your best friend is introverted or likes to stay indoors, a good meal would be an incredible surprise for them. To make this idea a success, you need to come up with a mouth-watering recipe they will surely enjoy. If you have no idea what to prepare, it helps to research the best recipes for birthdays before the big day. Don't forget to test the recipe beforehand.

Movie night

movie night

A movie night party is one of the best ideas for a surprise birthday party for a best friend if you are on a budget. The best thing about movies is that they are readily available. Just make sure you have a good selection of videos to keep the party going throughout the night. Also, ensure there are enough drinks, food, and snacks for everyone.

Pretend to forget

Man with cake and friends

The last person who should forget your birthday is your best friend. As such, your best friend will be expecting you to do something to commemorate their special day. Pretending not to remember their birthday may be the best surprise ever. While they are busy getting mad at you for forgetting, you should be planning the best surprise. It can be anything from presenting a gift when they least expect it to bringing the party to their home when they are busy sulking.

Balloon avalanche

balloon avalanche

Ideas for a surprise birthday party for a best friend don't always have to be grand. Your best friend may appreciate even the little things you do to make their day special. A balloon avalanche is an excellent idea. Just make sure there is something amazing behind the door that will surprise them even more. You can have the room decorated and filled with presents or hide and jump out yelling "surprise" when they open the door.

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Home spa session

home spa

An at-home spa session is also an excellent idea if you are strapped for cash and cannot afford to take them to the spa. It is one of the best ideas for a surprise birthday party for a best friend who is a girl. To pull this party idea off, gather your mutual friends and get enough manicure and pedicure sets; you can ask each guest to bring their own to minimize expenses. You can also give your best friend an at-home massage to relax them on their special day.

A kind gesture

kind gesture

Do not underestimate the power of a kind gesture when brainstorming ideas for a surprise birthday party for a best friend. This party idea makes you come across as thoughtful and caring. Take some time to figure out what you can do for your best friend to make their day a bit easier. Have they been struggling to get a baby sitter? Has it been a while since she got her hair done professionally? Think about what she needs most that you can offer and do it for her on their special day. She or he will always be grateful.

Make Your Best Friend's Birthday a Day to Remember!

Friendship gives you an opportunity to love, mature as a human being, learn more about yourself, and open up to the full experience of life. As such, you should always grasp an opportunity to show your best friend how much you care for them. Their birthday is one of the best days to do this. While it may not be easy to come up with ideas for a surprise birthday party for a best friend, it's worth the effort. Just remember to anticipate their needs and consider their likes and dislikes when planning so that you can come up with a party they will love.


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