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winter wonderland themes

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Keep the magic of the holiday season going all winter by throwing a winter party featuring chic winter wonderland themes. Importantly, many of the decorations used around the holidays could be repurposed to help capture the spirit of winter, from white sparkling lights to icicles, to glistening glass ornaments in cool shades of blue. Then take it to the next level by incorporating decor that will transport your guests to a snowy, icy-looking but actually warm, cozy, and inviting setting.

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The darkest and coldest time of the year can be a difficult one for many people. Throwing a winter party with winter wonderland themes could be the perfect way to combat the post-holiday blahs. The winter has a unique austere grandeur, transforming our surroundings into a monochromatic world of white. Cool shades of blue reflect and dance on the snow. Icicles glisten, and snowflakes sparkle like intricate cut diamonds. Brightly colored birds pop out of the white backdrop like feathered jewels. The intricate sculpture of tree branches provides interest in winter. All of these things and much more can be an inspiration for your winter party themes.

Combat Winter Blahs With Winter Wonderland Themes

Winter Wonderland

image via unsplash

The idea is to create a feeling of cozy contentment and well-being by enjoying the simple things in life. That’s a concept known to the Danish as Hygge, pronounced “hoo-ga.” The cultivation of all things cozy through Hygge makes Denmark one of the happiest countries even through the long hard winters.

You may or may not live where winters are so extreme, but you can enjoy creating that feeling of coziness and contentment at your next winter party. Winter wonderland themes can transform winter from a state of dull domestic hibernation to one with distinct charms to cherish with friends and family. It could become your next family tradition, one to look forward to each year.

The idea for winter parties may seem relatively new and popular in America today, but the concept has been around a very long time. The first winter parties date back as far as the Stone Ages.

Your Own Winter Wonderland

While the history of winter celebrations is fascinating, your motivation will probably be simply to enjoy the company of your friends and family in a magical setting. Let’s look at some simple ways to achieve winter wonderland themes in your home.

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These party decorations from Nicrolandee offer an easy way to create an iridescent backdrop for your winter wonderland themes. The set features large three-dimensional snowflakes, honeycomb balls, a star, and an evergreen tree with garland and star confetti. The colors have to be seen to be described since they reflect a rainbow of colors on an icy blue and white plastic foil background.

The shimmering color-changing quality will look great when hit by the sunlight or by room lights. The ornaments will require some assembly by hand since they fold flat for storage. Anyone familiar with folding party ornaments should find it straightforward to fluff out the folds. For large rooms, it may take more than one set to decorate the room.

[amazon link=”B073W7749X” title=”Snow scene printed tapestry ” /]

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This scene of evergreens covered in snow on a mountain with a soft pastel sky of pink and blue is printed on polyester material. From Ambesonne, the tapestry is a large size of 60 inches wide by 40 inches tall. The size makes it easy to create the winter wonderland backdrop for a party quickly. The tapestry is machine washable, so you’ll be able to use it again and again. It’s simple enough to hang the fabric with push pins or double-sided tape.

If you prefer, you could use the tapestry as a dramatic table covering. Iron the fabric on low heat to remove creases. The material has a slightly shiny satin sheen. There are many designs you could choose for winter wonderland themes. If this one is too literal and photo-realistic, you might consider a beautiful snowflake mandala that offers the feeling of an intricate snowflake with a contemporary design look. Find a design that speaks to you and use it as inspiration for the other decor you choose.

[amazon link=”B07H7X1F3Z” title=”Snowflake mandala tapestry ” /]

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This tapestry has an Indian mandala snowflake design that lends itself to winter wonderland themes. This one has shades of cool blues, greens, and grays with a soft background. If you prefer another color scheme, there are a wide variety of tapestries to choose from on Amazon. In addition, you can choose from a variety of sizes up to an extra-large 92 inches long by 70 inches high.

Again, it could be used as a wall hanging or as a table covering if you prefer. If this design appeals to you, then you can coordinate other party decorations to match in color and tone. While mandalas are not typically what you might think of, the snowflake design does give a feeling of winter in any season. Incorporate other snowflake mandalas into your table setting, or present a wide variety of snowflake designs.

[amazon link=”B07FPJV9KY” title=”Snowfall LED projector ” /]

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One of the easiest ways to create the feeling of a sparkling winter wonderland is with lighting. This LED light projector from Fitfirst creates a pattern of moving snowflake lights to give a sense of falling snow. Conveniently, a wireless remote control allows you to change the speed and flashing pattern of the lights. The fixture can be used indoors or outdoors where the lights project as far away as 32 feet.

If you were having a disco party, you’d want a disco ball. This projector is the equivalent for a winter party. You can position the light against a large wall and up onto the ceiling for a dramatic look. Keep in mind, the lights might be too distracting for use indoors throughout a party but can be used intermittently or left on in an entranceway or outdoors. As a big bonus, you can choose from a variety of slides with graphics for many holidays and occasions.

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If you want to use disposable paper plates, then these plates from Birthday Express will compliment many winter party themes with a large stylized snowflake on a light blue background. However, the design doesn’t scream “Christmas” as many seem to but instead works for a winter party. While the dessert plates are seven inches in diameter, you may also buy larger dinner plates as well as cups and napkins to match.

[amazon link=”B077XG6KWN” title=”LED balloon lights ” /]

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This product is a relatively new idea from Noe LOONS that can turn ordinary balloons into color-changing lighted ones. The individual ball-shaped lights are a little over half an inch in diameter. Since they are so small, they have a wide variety of uses; from putting them inside glass vases or pots with flowers to putting them inside balloons and paper lanterns.

Importantly, once you pull the tab out of the light, it will stay on until you put the tab back in. Interestingly, one customer suggests saving the tabs if you want to use the lights more than once. According to the manufacturer, the lights flash in multicolors for at least several hours. However, some customers say they may stay on for as long as 48 hours. As an example, put them inside white balloons with snowflake designs for a great way to add color to your winter wonderland themes.

[amazon link=”B07BJ8YVTY” title=”Removable birch tree wall decals ” /]

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Oversized removable vinyl wall decals are a great way to change up a room for a winter party. This design features wall-sized birch trees with birds and deer walking among them. The decals are available in two sizes up to 118 inches tall by 102 inches wide. To be sure, the white trees will pop out more on a wall painted with a dark background, but will still be beautiful against lighter shades. Keep in mind, it will take some time to assemble the design in segments, but it’s as easy as smoothing against the wall with your hand. Since they are removable, it’s easy to peel them back off to reposition them slowly. In the end, you might like them so much you keep them all year.

[amazon link=”B07FM52FBV” title=”Light up twig tree ” /]

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The branches of winter trees make beautiful delicate sculptures, the perfect centerpieces for winter wonderland themes. For a larger focal point, this sizeable lighted tree from Jaymark will be sure to get noticed. With dramatic effect, it stands six feet tall with 96 LED lights. As a big bonus, it comes with an extra long cord over 16 feet long, so it’s easy to position in the room.

Although it’s big, this tree weighs just four pounds. It will hold lightweight ornaments, but it looks beautiful all by itself. The small branches are adjustable, and the tree comes apart in two pieces, so it’s easy to move around and store when not in use. Likewise, it stands on a base that screws off. If you live with pets like cats, then you can expect them to knock it over, but customers report it holds up well even after repeated falls.

[amazon link=”B018XEUO9Q” title=”Cardinal LED string lights ” /]

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Brightly colored cardinal birds are a standout in the winter landscape, making them perfect for winter wonderland themes. These bright red cardinals light up with LEDs from Impress Life. The flexible silver-plated copper wire measures ten feet long. Use the lights to bring color to a winter tree or string them along as you would garland. On the other hand, they come in a squirrel design as well if you prefer.

The lights work with three AA batteries. On the one hand, this makes it possible to place the lights wherever you want indoors without using an outlet. On the other hand, the batteries will power the lights for 30 hours before they need replacing. You can operate the lights with the remote and select flickering lights or a steady glow.

[amazon link=”B00O79VY96″ title=”Snowflake fabric ” /]

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As we’ve seen, winter wonderland themes abound using lighting. Another easy way to create a backdrop for your winter party is by using fabric. For example, this sheer fabric with foil snowflakes from Deconovo has many uses, from covering tables to cutting pieces for use with countless craft ideas. Other designs include stars, trees, and delicate branches. Keep in mind, all of these designs could work for your winter party themes.

This organza polyester fabric comes in one-piece panels that are 118 inches by 59 inches. Importantly, the fabric isn’t washable but can be wiped down with a wet cloth.

Your Winter Wonderland Party Awaits

Your Winter Wonderland Party Awaits

teens having a party

image via unsplash

Creating winter wonderland themes for your winter party can be a therapeutic way to get through the cold months. Your guests will enjoy that cozy feeling of Hygge as you enjoy conversations in a magical setting together. We hope you have a magical time and make many warm memories to treasure.

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