Do Baby Showers Have Themes?

Do Baby Showers Have Themes?

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Baby showers are a fun and wonderful way to celebrate a mom who is about to welcome a little one into the world. Friends and family of the mom-to-be are invited to join a party where there are games, food, cake, gifts, and lots of conversation about babies. 

This can be a stress relieving time for the expecting mom as she gets to talk and spend time with those she loves. Baby showers can help the mother to feel loved and cared for as well. 

Baby showers can also help out the parents of the baby by supplying them with gifts for their little one. Baby showers are similar to parties with cake, decorations, and gifts. 

Parties sometimes have themes and are decorated according to whatever that theme is. Everything will be centered around a particular color, or time. 

If a baby shower is themed, it will usually involve something babyish. But, do baby showers have themes?

Baby showers don’t have to be themed but many of them are. It all depends on how the planner of the baby showers wants to decorate. Most of the time, baby showers are themed according to the gender of the baby and so they will have either blue or pink decorations.

When it comes to baby showers, there doesn’t have to be a set theme besides babies. Throwing a baby shower for an expecting mom is done by one of her family members or friends. 

The planner can enjoy choosing a theme that is cute and perfect for celebrating a new baby. The mom-to-be can also be included in theme ideas and things to do at the shower. 

After all, it is her baby shower. Theming a baby shower doesn’t always have to be done and simple decorations can be used as well. 

However you choose to decorate for the baby shower, people will enjoy it. The mom-to-be will appreciate all you have done to make the event a special one. 

If you need some help coming up with a theme for the baby shower, many ideas can be found online. 

Pinterest has some baby shower ideas that are cute and affordable. It can actually be pretty easy to pick a baby shower theme since there are so many ideas that can be found online.

Baby shower themes can vary from cute animals to simple colors. Pink themes are common for a girl baby and blue themes are common for a boy baby. 

Really, any theme is acceptable for baby showers. If you find something cute you can theme the party after it. Also, you can consider talking to the expecting couple to see how the child’s nursery will be decorated and then theming the baby shower after this.

To see popular baby shower themes just click here. 

What Is The Most Common Theme Used In A Baby Shower?

Baby showers are great for the expecting mom as she can spend time with family and friends while receiving gifts for her new baby. Although you aren’t required to have a theme for a baby shower, some may want to go this route. 

When planning a baby shower for a mom-to-be, some may want to go with a specific theme. It can be hard to choose what idea to go with. So, what is the most common theme used in baby showers?

The colors pink and blue are the most popular themes for baby showers. Not only do they identify the gender of the baby but these colors are easy to find and decorate with. Pink and blue are simple colors that make cute baby shower themes.

Baby showers can be themed however you wish. Just using certain colors like pink for a girl and blue for a boy can be a nice touch. Using these colors is the most common way to decorate for a baby shower. 

Some other popular ways to theme baby showers include cute animals, princesses, or woodland themes. Other ideas for baby showers are rustic themes, elegant themes, or boho chic themes.

Usually baby showers are for the mom-to-be and her female family members and friends where gifts are given, games are played, and food is eaten. There is also a cake or desserts to complete the celebration.

At a typical baby shower, there are themed decorations although this doesn’t necessarily have to be done. The one hosting the shower can theme and plan the event however they choose and the mom-to-be can be included in the organization as well. 

How Do You Pick A Baby Shower Theme?

If you are a great party planner, choosing a theme for a baby shower can be fun. If party planning isn’t your forte, it could get a little overwhelming. 

Some like to go all out on the theme while others are content to just choose a color scheme to go with. If you are trying to pick a certain theme for the event, there are so many options to choose from. 

Even some simple themes can turn out to be really beautiful.

Picking a theme for a baby shower can be fun but also complicated. When deciding what the theme should be, consider how the parents are decorating the baby’s nursery and decorate accordingly. Or you can just stick to a simple pink or blue theme.

When picking a baby shower theme, you can also go with things that the expecting parents are passionate about. Things like travel or hobbies are great ideas. 

Or you can go with some babyish themes like bows or blocks. If there is something that stands out to the parents-to-be then you can go with this theme or if you want to stick to pink or blue colors this can turn out to be a great theme, too.

It doesn’t matter if there are fancy decorations galore or just some simple yet lovely ones. A baby shower will be fun and beautiful either way. 

Some baby showers don’t have themes at all and opt for just a color scheme. Some go with cute babyish themes. And some are decorated according to how the parents are doing the child nursery. 

Picking a baby shower shower theme doesn’t have to be hard. Just choose whatever you think will look best and it will likely be just fine. 

Final Thoughts

Baby showers don’t have to have a specific theme. Unless you are wanting to go all out on a theme for the party, simple color schemes and decorations are just fine for a baby shower. 

The most common themes for a baby shower are the color blue or pink. This can be an easy way to decorate and it identifies the baby’s gender (blue for boys, pink for girls). 

Baby showers can be done in several ways and it’s okay to get creative with fun ideas. Usually the planner of the party will organize all the food and activities but the mom-to-be can also have a say in what to do at the shower. 

If you are having trouble choosing a theme for a baby shower, you can pick a cute baby theme like animals or use the theme that the baby’s nursery will be decorated in. 

When in doubt, you can always just stick to pink or blue for a colorful yet simple baby shower. It all depends on how you want to decorate and baby showers don’t have to have a theme. 

That is unless you want to do a themed baby shower.

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