Do Baby Showers Have Cakes?

Do Baby Showers Have Cakes?

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Baby showers are a time for family and friends to show how much they care and welcome a little one into the world. Blue or pink decorations cover tables and lights illuminate the room. 

Glowing most of all is the expecting mother. It’s wonderful to celebrate the arrival of a new baby. 

When couples are going to have a baby their family and friends will often throw them a baby shower. Guests will bring gifts for the mother and baby. Games centered around pregnancy and babies are played and speeches are given to the expecting mom. 

It’s like a party for the mom and baby. And parties usually have cakes. So, do baby showers have cakes?

Baby showers usually have cakes at them to celebrate the new baby. The cake will feature blue or pink colors depending on the gender of the baby and will be enjoyed by all in attendance.

Baby showers are so much fun to be a part of. There’s just something special about bringing a new life into the world and it’s wonderful to be able to celebrate that. 

At baby showers, there are decorations and desserts for everyone. There is some etiquette when it comes to baby showers like bringing a gift but most of the time this “etiquette” varies. 

There really aren’t any set rules on what you can or can’t do at a baby shower so if you want to ditch tradition, you can. Some prefer the traditional way but that’s up to the mom and those planning the party. 

It all depends on what the baby shower planners and mother prefer to do at the shower. 

Traditionally, the dessert at a baby shower is cake. Although if the mother isn’t a cake person you can substitute it for a different desert like brownies or cookies. 

It’s ok to be creative if you want to. What really matters is what the expecting mother wants at her baby shower because the day is for her. 

If there is a cake at the baby shower, it is usually white with either blue (for a boy baby) or pink (for a girl baby) and decorated with something baby-themed. Most baby showers however, do have cakes at them. 

Along with the dessert, guest shower gifts and love on the expecting mother and new baby. It can be a wonderful time for family and friends to get together and celebrate while also enjoying some cake.

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Do Baby Showers Need A Cake?

The words ”baby shower” may bring many things to mind. Blue, pink, gifts, babies, expecting moms, food, games, and of course cake. But does the baby shower need to have cake?

Baby showers don’t have to have cake at them if it isn’t wanted. You can have any dessert you’d like, however, it is proper etiquette to have some type of dessert and/or food for all those attending the baby shower.

Usually baby showers have a decorated cake but you don’t necessarily need one. Proper etiquette at a baby shower has changed over the years. 

What used to be tradition can be altered for whatever the expecting mom wants. It’s okay to not have cake at the baby shower although it is advised that there be some sort of dessert and/or food for the guests. 

If the baby shower is during a meal time it is recommended that you supply some food for all those in attendance even if it’s just finger food. Just like other parties, desserts are a traditional part of the event. 

Baby showers usually have cake but the desserts at the shower aren’t limited to just cake since they can be whatever the mom-to-be prefers.

At a baby shower it’s okay to let the mom-to-be in on the planning. If she doesn’t want a cake then it’s okay to have a different dessert instead. After all, it’s her party. 

It’s even okay to invite the father of the baby and men and kids to the shower unless you prefer to stick to just ladies. There aren’t any set things that have to be done so be creative and have fun. 

Games are a fun part of the celebration but can be ditched if you’d like. It’s important though not to skimp on food and cake especially if the party is during lunch or dinner time. 

In the end though, it’s the expecting mom’s baby shower so what she wants, goes. You don’t need a cake at a baby shower although it is something that is usually done. 

What’s important is that it is special for the mom-to-be and she will appreciate all of the thoughtfulness. 

What Do Baby Showers Include?

Baby showers are special for expecting mothers. The hostess plans the event and throws the party for her family member or friend. But what do baby showers include?

Baby showers typically include activities such as baby-themed games, gift-giving and opening, as well as food and cake.

Baby showers are great to throw for expecting moms. It can help them feel loved and cared for while also supplying them with gifts for their new baby. 

It can also help to relieve stress and anxiety as they are getting closer to their due date with everything that goes on at a baby shower. The mom-to-be will enjoy the food, activities, and conversations at the party centered around her and her baby. 

There are some things that should be included in a baby shower but you can be creative and have fun when planning it.

The article, What is a Baby Shower? Background, Planning, and Etiquette says that, “Baby showers can be playful and fun, or relaxed and elegant…At the end of the day, a baby shower is one more way to show your support for your friend and her new little one on the way!

No matter who you invite, where you host the shower, and what you do during the shower, make sure the mom-to-be feels loved and cared for with a fun party and gifts…” 

Have fun with games, food, favors, gifts, and decorations to make the baby shower feel special.

Final Thoughts

Baby showers typically do have cake although if the mom-to-be prefers something else like cupcakes for instance, then you can have these instead. It isn’t a set rule that baby showers need to have cake, it is just something that is traditionally done. 

Along with all the things baby showers include like games and activities, gifts and favors, food and desserts, decorations and blue or pink colors, a cake can add a nice touch to the party. 

However you choose to throw a baby shower it will be special for the expecting mother as she is about to welcome her new baby into the world, with or without cake. 

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