Dinosaur Party Ideas That Your Kids Will Love

Dinosaur party ideas

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When you want to throw a party for your little one, ideas for a unique party theme will probably be running through your mind. That way, you can choose the decorations according to that interesting theme and create an Instagram-worthy effect. You can choose a princess theme, a car theme, or any other kind that’s easy, fun, and memorable. How about some dinosaur party ideas?

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Having a specific theme for your kid’s party will help you narrow down the items you have to buy or make. The same goes for cake choices, party favors, dress codes, and anything else that makes up a crazy kids party! If you get high-quality stuff, you may store them for another time.

Finally, we’ll say that cars, sharks, flowers, or dinosaur party ideas are also a great way to get the kids socializing. It’s an excellent opportunity for even the shy kids to be a part of the crowd and have a wonderful group experience. Whether it’s the celebration of your child’s exam results, their birthday, or just a casual kiddie gathering, getting started with the party planning a bit earlier will help you get the best bargains and a hassle-free party day.

Top 10 Dinosaur Party Ideas to Try for Your Kids

Dinosaur Party Ideas

Dinosaurs are a good theme because you can invest in all the decorations and accessories without worrying about the different preferences of boys and girls. Dinosaurs are something that almost every kid is interested in, so your party is sure to be a roaring success! From dinosaur stickers to dinosaur costumes, the prices of every dinosaur-themed product vary greatly depending on what exactly you pick for your kid’s party.

Not sure which dinosaur party ideas to choose? Let’s get started with the options below:

[amazon link=”B01N4R3XI1″ title=”1. Dinosaur invitations” /]

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To get the dino ball rolling, you can get some Koko Paper Co dinosaur party invitations. These have a fill-in design with colorful T-rex images that will catch the eye of every kid on the block. You can get sets of 25, with each invitation printed on heavy card stock.

The fill-in design means that you can use the invitations for all sorts of parties. Don’t limit yourself to birthdays; use them for a party at the end of the school year, a sleepover, or just a random, no-occasion event. Every invitation comes with its own envelope. You can personalize them further by pasting a photo of your kid over the dinosaur’s head as some reviewers have done, or just leave the vibrant colors to speak for themselves.

These invitations will make sure everyone who is invited knows just the kind of fun you have in store. They’re printed on both sides, are smudge-proof, and won’t let your ink smear even if you’re in a hurry. That means that you can even use a ballpoint to write on these invitation cards. They might be too childish for older kids, though.

With the high-quality and colored illustrations taken into account, the price doesn’t seem so bad.

[amazon link=”B00MMM01IU” title=”2. Dinosaur costumes” /]

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SKM Enterprise now has a delightful Child’s T-rex Dinosaur Costume in sizes four to six. This is one of the most all-out dinosaur party ideas you could present to your child. If you have the budget for it, you can get one for their special friends as well.

The T-rex headpiece, shoe covers, and hand covers are all comfortable and durable. However, you should make sure not to let your child wear this costume without shoes. Some parents have tried this, with the result being that the child had difficulty walking. If they’re going to wear the costume without shoes, you can make them stay indoors.

It’s a somewhat expensive investment, but kids can wear them to other casual parties as well. At the end of the day, the high price is worth it for this quality costume. It’s wise to order a size up, as your kid will probably be wearing it for several months after the party itself.

 [amazon link=”B072LW57KM” title=”3. Dinosaur decorations” /]

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These Moon Boat Dinosaur Hanging Swirl decorations should be among the shortlisted dinosaur party ideas if you want a memorable theme. These hanging options are about 36 inches long and are durable paper stock and plastic. As a result, you get some highly durable décor that can even come in handy for other occasions. If you choose, the kids may take them home after the party is over.

There’s a hook at the top of each string, so you can easily hang these wherever you wish. However, the spirals are perforated and might take some time to separate before hanging. Still, each dino has a glossy finish and is sturdy enough to last for a long time. The best thing about these hanging decorations is that you can use these to get the venue ready for a party in no time. As long as you’re careful with the unwinding part, these decorations will certainly make a wonderful sight.

Every packet has 15 cards with double spirals, so you’ll be well-stocked for the day.

[amazon link=”B079HRR7FG” title=”4. Pin The Horn On The Triceratops” /]

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The classic “pin the tail on the donkey” game gets a new twist with the Funnlot Dinosaur Party Games option! It’s a Pin The Horn On The Triceratops game, which will be a definite hit along with all the other dinosaur party ideas. You get a huge triceratops poster that is 28.2 inches long and 21.2 inches wide. There’s also a blindfold and 24 triceratops horns in many colors.

Armed with this game, your dinosaur party is sure to be a hit. The horns are stickers, which can easily peel on and off as required. When the party is over, you can pack them all up again for another day of fun in the future. Even the blindfold is a delight, being of polyester with an elastic band. This version is miles better than the paper variety, which easily tears and isn’t as soft.

While some may find the stickers a bit difficult to get off, the usual experience with this Triceratops game is that they’re easy to use. This way, you get hours of fun and so do the kids.

[amazon link=”B00I4K1XJA” title=”5. Dinosaur surface decals ” /]

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These Fun Express Large Dinosaur Foot Print Floor Decal Clings come in a pack of 12 pieces. These consist of large dinosaur paw print shapes, which you can stick on the floor or the wall. We recommend the floor, though, as they’re not likely to peel that way. The floor is also a more logical option, as you can use these decals to create a path to the party room or wherever you want the kids to go.

In fact, these aren’t just dinosaur party ideas, but can serve for everyday fun as well! If your child is a dinosaur enthusiast, you can mark out the path to their bedroom for a fun trip every single night. The prints here measure around eight inches at their widest, making them easy to see by any kid. The only issue is that they could peel off easily, especially if you stick them to the walls. If you place them on the floor, though, they can come up again easily and even come in handy for later use.

With the number of stickers you get, this is a reasonable package of fun.

[amazon link=”B07H2YSRHS” title=”6. Dino party favors” /]

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Even when the party is over, you should still be able to make the most of these dinosaur party ideas. How about pleasing your child’s buddies with some party favors? You can get hold of JOYET Dinosaur party bags and fill them up with everything nice. Each packet here has 15 bags in multiple designs, all having adorable dinosaur images. Their material is a quality craft paper, so you get a study and lightweight option.

The overall size here is similar to that of a standard lunch bag of brown paper. This provides a familiar experience when you’re packing them up. If there are any leftovers, you can use them for your child’s everyday lunch as well.

While they might be smaller than they appear onscreen, these bags are more than enough for the candies, tiny gifts, and other things you want to give your little guests. Alternatively, you may also use them as gift bags for a dino-crazed kid. The company offers a reassuring return policy, where you can demand your money back or a replacement if the quality isn’t satisfactory.

[amazon link=”B0791RP29Q” title=”7. Dinosaur plates, cups, and other table basics ” /]

[amazon box=”B0791RP29Q”]

Even the most basic dinosaur party ideas need proper supplies. You can get these with the Blue Orchards Little Dinosaur Standard Party Packs. Each of these has more than a whopping 65 pieces, suitable for at least 16 guests. They’re suitable for even a dino-themed baby shower.

Here, you’ll get 16 dinner plates, 16 dessert plates, 20 lunch napkins, and 16 cups. All of these are made with high-quality paper and guaranteed to last a long time. The best part is that you have everything in one go, so there should be no last-minute panic.

As these are disposable items, they’re not of the sturdiest variety. However, they are strong enough to get the job done, with an adorable design to make every party memorable. Still, you should make sure not to leave any liquid in the cups for too long, as some say the material absorbs any juice, soda, or water to some extent. Nevertheless, this is good news for a fast cleanup afterward.

[amazon link=”B07CV7V23Q” title=”8. Cute cupcakes in dinosaur wrappers ” /]

[amazon box=”B07CV7V23Q”]

It simply wouldn’t be a kids’ party without some sort of sweet treat. Cupcakes are a good option, and Moon Boat’s Dinosaur Cupcake Wrappers deserve to be on your party supply list. Each packet comes with 45 pieces, so you have a whole lot for keeping in tune with your dinosaur party ideas. There are at least three choices here so that you can make cupcake wrappers in the shape of a T-rex, a triceratops, or a spinosaurus.

The material is thick card stock, not flimsy crepe paper. That means kids can even take the wrappers home to display on their bedside tables for some time.

Each wrapper top has a diameter of three inches, with the bottom diameter being about 1.8 inches. You can put a standard size cupcake into each. They also run a bit large, so you may want to do a trial before ordering or making the cupcakes.

They’re full-on 3D wrappers that you can put together in the shape of small dinosaurs around each cupcake. Of course, the assembling requires some time and effort, but the effect afterward is absolutely worth it. Another idea is to make this a fun party activity by setting the kids down at a crafting table and having them make the wrappers. They can then take the dinosaurs home or put cupcakes inside for themselves.

The bright colors and sturdy appearance will impress parents and kids alike.

[amazon link=”B07GVR2BG7″ title=”9. Dinosaur party favor bracelets ” /]

[amazon box=”B07GVR2BG7″]

To continue with your fun dinosaur party ideas, you can consider Trendy Party Supplies’ Dinosaur Party Favor Bracelets. You can consider these dino bracelets as fillers for goodie bags. That isn’t all, though. You can also use these for making keychains or even putting into a piñata as a candy alternative!

Each package has about 32 pieces, which should be enough for an average number of guests. You can have a fun evening making them before the party, or have the kids set up a bracelet making competition/activity. These are designed to last a long time, so every kid will be able to remember the fun they had during your party.

If you’re playing games, these bracelets may also serve as themed gifts. You can hide them around the house and see who manages to find the highest number. As they’re made of rubber, these bracelets can take quite a lot of rough handling. The mixed designs would delight everyone, while the cost wouldn’t break the bank. However, you should make sure that only older kids handle these, as they could be a choking hazard.

[amazon link=”B07KDPBLZN” title=”10. Visual 3D dino effect” /]

[amazon box=”B07KDPBLZN”]

Another of those great dinosaur party ideas is the Hyodream Dinosaur Lamp. As you light this up in the room, the kids will have an actual 3D model of a dinosaur to exclaim over! Since this is a proper gift item, it could even be the actual present for your child. Later on, they can use it as a night light after the kids’ party.

The great thing about this dinosaur light is that it has no less than 16 colors. You can control the hues with the included remote control, creating an amazing dino illusion for the kids all day long. Of course, the lamp itself is a flat one, with the visual effect giving a 3D appearance. The unique lighting effects are a wonder of modern technology. Even a single touch will change the color, or you can set it to automatically change between shades.

This lamp is among one of the most useful dinosaur party ideas, as you can later use it in a baby room, bedroom, or even a hostel room. The base has 10 LED beads, which emit light through an acrylic board. This creates the pattern in the shape of a dinosaur. The power comes either from a USB cable or three AA batteries. The average lifespan for this lamp is 10,000 hours, which should be more than enough for several parties.

The only downside we could find was that the sticker on it could be a pain to get off.

So, Which of These Dinosaur Party Ideas Are Your Favorite?

Any of the dinosaur party ideas above could be a hit for your kid’s next special occasion. However, you should choose wisely according to the age of the kid, the number of guests coming, and the amount of time you’re willing to spend. If you have the time and patience, the Moon Boat’s Dinosaur Cupcake Wrappers would surely be a hit with most age groups. The same goes for the Hyodream Dinosaur Lamp.

Considering your budget and then making a list of your dinosaur party ideas will make it easier to shortlist your favorite ones. You don’t have to include every option, but a few of the above items will make your planning easier. Featured Image via Unsplash

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