Are Baby Showers Before Or After Birth? 

Are Baby Showers Before Or After Birth? 

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Baby showers are a great way to show your support to the new family. Family and close friends come to celebrate a new chapter in their friend’s life! 

You can play games, socialize, eat cake, and just have a lot of fun celebrating this miracle of life. Is there a right or wrong time to throw a baby shower? 

Is it best to celebrate the baby before birth or after birth? 

The best time to throw a shower is before the baby is born. This way if there are any hiccups during delivery the new mom doesn’t have to worry about setting a date and time for a baby shower. 

Typically, a baby shower is thrown about four to six weeks before the baby is due. However, it is acceptable to also throw a baby shower after the baby is born. 

It can be a bit tricky to throw a baby shower after the baby is born though. The new family needs time to adjust to life with a new baby. 

If there were complications during birth, the new family could spend the first few months in the hospital as well. 

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What Gifts Should You Get For A Mom At A Baby Shower?

Many gifts at the baby shower are primarily focused on the baby. The Mom-to-be will also normally get several gifts that make her life easier when caring for her baby. 

She is usually showered with plenty of bottles, wipes, diapers, onesies, and toys to keep the baby entertained. What about gifts for the mom? 

Are there any gifts that you can get for Mom-to-be? 

Here are a few gift suggestions that mom-to-be might enjoy receiving at the baby shower. 

Maternity/Nursing Clothes

She is going to need clothes that fit her ever-changing body. She will need clothes that are comfortable to nurse in as well. 

Finding her some cute and comfortable outfits can be a great gift for the new mom. 

Compression Socks

Ankle swelling is one of the most common side effects of pregnancy. Compression socks can help relieve some of the pain that can come from swelling ankles. 

Spa Gift Box

The best thing for the new mom will be relaxing. You can get her some different spa items that she can use to pamper herself. 

You can get her scented salts to soak her feet in, lotion to soothe stretch marks, and other fun relaxing items. 


If we’re being honest, most moms will just enjoy being with their baby. You can get her a gift of comfortable pajamas that she can relax in all day while enjoying her new baby. 

What Gifts Should You Bring To A Baby Shower? 

Finding a gift to take to a baby shower can seem like a big task. You want to get the baby something special and practical. You also don’t want the mom to get too many of the same gits. 

What should you get for a gift when you attend a baby shower? 

The best thing to do when purchasing a gift for a baby shower is to follow the registry. Although going off script is fine, buying items on the registry is sure to help make the gift perfect. 

If you would like to get something unique for a baby shower, you can choose from some of these gifts. 

Personalized Blankets

The new mom is going to be taking plenty of pictures once the baby arrives. You can get her a personalized blanket that she can use in photoshoots. 

Not only will it be functional as a blanket but cute as well. 

Personalized Outfits

You can create personalized onesies or pajamas. You can create a personalized outfit for each month. The new mom will appreciate the clothes as well as the cute personalization. 

Thoughtful Gifts

If you notice there are items not on the registry that the mom-to-be might need, you can get them for her. 

Teething rings are a great gift for when the teeth start popping in. Nail clippers, snot suckers, and other useful items might not show up on the registry. 

This might mean that mom-to-be either has it or may not know the importance of these items.


You can help grow the family’s library. You can get books for now or books for the baby’s future. You can also give a book instead of a card. 

A card will most likely end up in the trash while a book with a note on the first page is something they can keep forever. 

You can also get the new mom diapers and wipes. You can also get different sizes of diapers to help the mom out too. 

Many of the guests might bring newborn or size one diapers. You can end up getting size two or three diapers to help when the baby grows. 

Why Are Baby Showers Typically Held At Month 7 Of Pregnancy? 

Baby showers are a fun and exciting time. You get to spend the day spoiling mom-to-be and the baby. If you are planning the baby shower, is there any specific time that is best to throw the mom-to-be a baby shower? 

Being pregnant is not easy and you want to make sure that your guest of honor is okay and feeling comfortable the day of the shower. When is the best time to throw a baby shower for mom-to-be? 

Baby showers are usually held around the 7 months of pregnancy but why? 

Baby showers are often held during the seventh month because it is far enough in advance that the mother shouldn’t have to go into surprise delivery. If the baby shower was planned close to the due date the mom-to-be could already be in the hospital or have delivered. 

Seven is also thought to be a lucky number. If you throw a baby shower at month 7, it is thought to bring good luck to both mom and baby. 

Another reason the shower is usually set around the 7-month mark is that it allows guests to buy gender-specific gifts. Another reason that it may be held later during the pregnancy is in case of miscarriage or other unforeseen risks that should decrease as the pregnancy progresses. 

Can You Have A Baby Shower For Your Second Or Third Baby? 

Having a baby is an exciting time for a family. If you plan on growing your family, is it proper to have more than one baby shower? 

Can you have a baby shower for all your children? 

If you plan on having more than one child you can have more than one shower. A baby shower for your second or third child is typically called a sprinkle. 

Sprinkles only became popular in recent years. Before it was unheard of to throw a shower for your second or third baby. 

Sprinkles became popular, especially if your second child is a different gender from you first. This way, the new family can get gender-specific clothes and toys for their second baby. 

It is also to help new parents with extra added expenses for another child. You can just bring wipes and diapers to help out the new family. 

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the decision for when to have the baby shower is up to the mom-to-be. She may want the shower at the typical time, 7 months, or even after the baby is born. 

There is no right or wrong etiquette when throwing a shower, as long as the new mom walks away feeling like she and her baby are loved. 

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