How to Throw a Pink Themed Party Your Little Girl Will Never Forget

pink birthday theme with pink cake and flowers

Throwing a pink-themed party for your little girl is never easy. Girls grow and change faster than boys, switching their hair, their style, and their music as often as the wind blows. Still, there are always things that will say "girl." Target ended the practice of dividing toys into sections for boys and girls. All they really did was remove the gender but left the aisles intact.

When you take a right down the lane with the Barbies and the My Little Ponies, you may not be in a place specially designated for girls. You are, however, in the most likely area in the store to find a girl's toy. A party is the same way. When you walk into a girl's party, you know it immediately. Picking a theme that says "girl" but still gives you plenty of options, is therefore critical.

How About a Pink Themed Party?

A pink themed party is an obvious choice for a girl's party. Not only little girls, either. Girls well into their teens still love girlie things. Even into adulthood, women are going to experience their fair share of girlie, pink party themed parties, from baby showers to bachelorette parties and beyond. Why not? After all, a pink themed party is nothing new. There are as many options in pink as there are with any other party theme.

To do a pink themed party -- on the cover -- is a piece of cake. Buy pink. Combine red with white. Make it look pretty. The problem isn't creating a pink party theme atmosphere; it's sticking to the theme for two or three hours and planning it well enough to satisfy a gaggle of girlie girls. You'll have to think outside the box.

How to Throw a Pink Themed Party

Any party requires lots of planning. When your entire party is going to be a single color, that planning is more straightforward. It is also -- in many ways -- far more difficult. It's easier because the bigger party stores all have sections of colors so you can coordinate a party right. Box stores have party aisles. Craft stores have specialty baking and candy-making supplies.

The world is ready for you to head out and create a pink themed party. Before you go, however, you'll need to make a plan. Setting out to find party supplies without knowing what you're looking for first is an egregious error in judgment. You'll end up buying too much, wasting a bunch and hating the color pink for the rest of your days.

The Invitations

A pink themed party should have pink invitations. Pink invitations are easy to find. What isn't easy, for those who haven't begun the process, is figuring out to whom to send them. Schools have strict rules about invitations these days. You can't directly send your child to school with a pocket full of invitations to give to her best friends. If your child doesn't invite the whole class, she can't invite anyone.

birthday invitation card

That doesn't mean you're required to throw a pink-themed party for 25 3rd-graders. It means you have to find other ways to invite your kid's friends. A note to the teacher will often get you the help you need connecting. They have voluntary email lists they make available to parents. They'll also be able to contact other parents with your information privately.

Those with space and resources, of course, can invite the whole gang and watch as elementary school monsters destroy your home and yard. It's all part of the fun of throwing these things. Girls and boys alike can have a boatload of fun at a pink themed party.

The Decorations

Easy, now. A pink themed party is going to have you salivating at all the decorations available. Pink doesn't just represent pretty and girlie; it also conjures images of princesses, panthers, and oliphants. Your theme, which you'll need to expand with the size of your party, has plenty of options.

The basics are just that -- basic. Pink isn't a single color; it's a series of shades. By adding white to the color red, you will create pink. The more white you add, the lighter the shade of pink. Therefore, when throwing a pink themed party, the colors that make your primary pink will also match. Don't be afraid to toss in some dark red heart-shaped balloons and white ribbon to balance out the look.

Before you go out looking, get an idea of what each store you plan to visit offers. Party City, Walmart, Target, Michaels and Hobby Lobby all have websites you can search to decide which has the best styles of the decorations you're considering. You'll be able to order what you like online, of course, but you'll also miss out on the opportunity to see things that aren't on the website. Those who include their little girl in the planning also get the benefit of an afternoon shopping trip for pretty pink themed party supplies.

The Food

Food for a pink-themed party is much easier if you plan for the early-to-mid afternoon. Pizza is red and white, sure, but you'd rather spend your food budget on pretty pink pastries, candies, and other confections. Party City offers an array of candy in both light pink and bright pink.

Pink cakes and cupcakes are typically available in the pre-decorated case at your local supermarket or baker. Pink is a trendy color in baking, representing girls from birth through the birth of their own and beyond. Your options will include princesses and ponies or anything you print out and bring them.

Party Dessert Sweet Cupcakes Celebration Pastry

You can also get creative with food coloring and create your buffet of pink delights. Any cheesecake, angel food or yogurt-based dessert becomes pink with a drop or two. Pink party themed cookies are as easy as replacing your chocolate chips with pink M&Ms.

Keeping the Party Pink

Now that you have a pink themed party and a bunch of kids, food, and decorations, the question becomes -- how do you keep the theme "pink?" Start with obvious and work your way down from there.


Do you hate Kidzbop? Get over it. Kidzbop has a long list of P!NK songs that girls know and love. Kidzbop, as well as a couple of other channels dedicated to their covers, will add the depth of music and videos to your little one's party. Kids love to dance. Not only will it be a big hit with them, but the pictures and videos will also be cherished across social media.


Tie Dye. You know you want to. Tie-dying is messy and fun. It is also inexpensive. Gift bags full of poorly-constructed toys and gimmicks are all well and good, but nobody forgets a messy good time. Thrift stores and bargain basements have plain white shirts and tank tops for next to nothing. Tie-dye coloring is washable. You'll have to either provide shirts for all the kids to wear while they tie-dye or ask parents to send an old shirt from home. It's going to get ruined.

The beauty of the tie-dye portion of your pink themed party is that all you have to do is add a color two and any boys who have made it this far will be more than happy.

Little bakers and candy makers

Your party needs to have something different and entertaining to do. All kids love to make candy and decorate cupcakes and cookies. There are tons of great ideas on how to incorporate fun foods into any kid's party.

Depending on the age of your guests, the birthday cake itself can be a fun activity. Kindergarteners will need help, but it will still be cute as can be and a cake nobody will ever forget.

The obvious pink themed party staples

Princesses. Disney has no shortage of pink. Ariel and Aurora are the two that are found regularly wearing it. Ariel is more natural to incorporate if there are boys since her story includes plenty of male figures to guide her along the journey. It sure is a cute story. To use a Disney character, one must embrace his or her stereotypes.

Party Dessert Sweet Cupcakes Celebration Pastry

Panthers. He may not be as famous as he used to be, but the Pink Panther is still alive and well. You aren't going to find a Pink Panther section at Party City or Walmart, but have you considered a character for your party yet? Having an adult dress up as the famous kitty will bring smiles and cheers to an already happy occasion.

The pink Heffalump is, of course, a Winnie The Pooh exclusive. He does not exist outside the Hundred-Acre Wood. He doesn't exist inside the hundred-acre wood. The story of the Heffalump begins and ends in Pooh and Piglets dreams. That didn't stop Disney from producing Heffalump products kids will love to watch in the "sit down and chill out" section of your party.

The original stories in which Heffalumps appear also make fantastic readings for kids. Winnie The Pooh (1926) and The House at Pooh Corner (1928) are both A.A. Milne classics loved by children for generations.


Talk to your guest of honor and ask about gifts. Is it important for her to open gifts and go through that ritual? Present an alternate idea. Let the guests know that instead of gifts, you're accepting donations for the local animal shelter. Opening gifts is fun, but it is also a massive time vacuum. Everyone sits around playing with the gift bag knick-knacks while one kid gets a bunch of stuff.

Donating a bag of food or treats or toys to the shelter is not only easy for parents, but it's also less expensive and serves a purpose. Your child will enjoy the trip to the shelter to drop the food off. A word of caution: chances are you will come home with a Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix named Bob.

Let's Get This Party Started

Don't play it safe. Plan for a mess. Help them make a mess. Enjoy their messy fun. You'll thank yourself for having buckets of soapy water ready. Doing the tie-dying on the picnic table rather than the kitchen table is a much better idea. Serve the food over linoleum, tile or hardwood -- not carpet.

You also always have the option of bringing your pink food and decorations to someone else's venue, making cleanup and activities a breeze. Bowling, laser tag, bouncy houses, trampoline fun zones -- there are plenty of places to hold your party that will probably cost you more but save you lots of time and hassle. Give yourself enough time to plan your pink themed party and your choices are endless.

Should You Go Pretty in Pink?

That depends. Do you have a girl in need of a good party who loves pink? Then, yes. You should definitely throw a pink-themed party. Let it say "girl" first and foremost and then tailor fit it to yours. Whether she's still a grade-school kid wearing pigtails or old enough to show no appreciation for your hard work whether she loves it or not, you're creating a momentous occasion for her and her friends.


Featured image: CC0, by Piotr Korab, via Pexels


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