Kids’ Birthday Themes: Our Top 7 Themes to Amaze Your Child

kids birthday themes

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One of the best things about having kids is planning their parties. Kids’ parties are notoriously festive, loud, and an absolute blast for everyone who attends. While attending a kid’s party doesn’t require that much effort, though, planning one for your child’s birthday when you’re out of good ideas is another story. Choosing the right kids’ birthday themes will turn any party into a hit. Once you choose the theme, the rest falls naturally into place: the venue, food, decorations, invitations, the activities, and much more.

A good celebration does not just happen by accident, though. You have to put in the effort and planning to make it a success. But to ensure that you will have a good celebration, you have to start your planning process months in advance. And to make things easier, you can write down a checklist of the things that you need to accomplish before the big day.

A great party always has a great theme, especially when it comes to kids’ birthday themes. A good theme helps to make the celebration more cohesive. Determining your theme also helps you choose the design for the party decorations and invitations. But remember, you are celebrating your kid’s birthday. So make sure you involve them in the process unless it’s a total surprise. That’s because they should be the star of the show. So make sure that the theme idea comes from the celebrator. To help them decide, give them a list of kids’ birthday themes from which to choose.

Kids’ Birthday Themes Ideas: Dress-Up

Acting like you are someone else is fun and exciting for both kids and adults. Movies are an integral part of almost everyone’s childhood. And dressing up as a favorite movie character at your child’s birthday party would be a dream come true. Or simply dress up as another person for a thrilling party. Here are some of the hottest kids’ birthday themes that are focused on dressing up as someone else.

Royal party

A royal-themed party is one of the more unique kids; birthday themes to choose from. You only have to note a few key things that will never go out of style, such as glitter, tulle, and crowns.


If you have a daughter, you can have her dress up as a princess. Or if you have a son, he can be the prince. You can even get them a velvet cape to wear.

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Think about it; everyone has wished to be a prince or princess when they were kids. To step up the royal party a bit, encourage your guests to dress up as a member of royalty. They can wear fancy gowns to help them get in the mood and feel like a royal themselves.


Make sure that your decorations are consistent. For the centerpiece, you can create a makeshift throne. But do not forget to have your very own royal photo wall so that the kids have a place to take photos of themselves in their costumes. That will absolutely make the party one of the most memorable events they will ever attend.


Do not forget to have giveaways and organize games that adhere to the theme to make sure that everyone has a ball. There are many fun games and activities for a royal theme party. Dragon egg bust is similar to hot potato and is always a hit with kids. Or a treasure hunt with a royal theme is sure to be a blast. But if these ideas aren’t your thing, use your imagination. Many games and activities can carry your party!


Getting food ideas that fit with a royal party theme is easy. If you are looking for an extravagant cake idea, creating a masterpiece with a color palette of blue and gold would sure to impress. Here is an excellent example. Or a Victoria sponge cake is another tasty treat that fits well with this theme. The sky is the limit with suitable food ideas!


Children look up to superheroes. So this is why having kids’ birthday themes centered on these amazing characters would be successful.


From Wonder Woman to Spiderman, the outfit possibilities are endless for both boys and girls. And the outfits can feature the heroes and villains of popular characters. For this, you would not be fighting a powerful antihero such as Venom or the Joker. Instead, you will be fighting boring parties.


Party decorations for superhero parties are far from boring. You can have decorations that say “Kapow,” “Thwack,” or “Zap!” in retro colors. Or if your child loves Batman, you can set up your venue like Gotham, the home to this character. Additionally, you can hang superhero logos. For giveaways, you can choose to say goodbye to your guests with comic books goody bags.


There are endless possibilities for fun games and activities that work for a superhero theme party. One example is playing Captain America. All you need are paper plates, a basket or box, and some tape. Kids toss paper plates in the basket to score points. Guests will surely feel like they are part of the movie and throwing their shield at the villains. For outdoor ideas, Catch the Villain, or an obstacle course may be perfect.


Logos of superheroes make decorating food easy. Simply apply their symbol on any tasty snack for a consistent party theme. If your child is a fan of Superman, then Superman cookies may be a perfect choice. Or Wonder Woman donuts are another ideal choice.

Despicable Me

It is nearly impossible to find a kid who doesn’t like the hit movie “Despicable Me.” That’s why having kids’ birthday themes that center on Minions would yield a great time for everyone.


A fairly easy way to cover the clothing at this party could be to print a big eye and mouth on a yellow t-shirt. People instantly think of Minions. If you want to step up your game, you can even dress up as Gru.


An exciting way to start off your party is to send off Minions invitations to your guests. You can set up balloons and streamers with Minion prints. Or to personalize the balloons, you can blow up yellow balloons and draw the eyes and their goggles with a dark Sharpie. And party hats are an excellent option. A consistent color scheme of yellow and black is a surefire way to have guests think of “Despicable Me.”


Here are some excellent party ideas for a Despicable Me theme party. One example of a game is a twist on the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Set up a board that features Stewart and watch kids enjoy trying to stick the pocket on Stewart.


You can also set up a buffet filled with yellow candy and other desserts that are reminiscent of Minions. A Minion cupcake is a sure way to treat your child and their guests. A Minion sheet cake is a popular snack for your party that will surely delight guests.

Frozen birthday party

Make your kid feel like Anna or Elsa by organizing a “Frozen” birthday party. This popular movie is extremely popular with kids and makes one of the most awesome kids’ birthday themes.


You can have your child dress up in Elsa’s iconic blue gown complete with gloves to get them in the mood. Just mix and match cute tutus, and you’re all set! Or buy an Elsa or Anna outfit on Amazon.


A Frozen-inspired invitation is a must for your party. Check out these invitations for ideas. You can even get a blow-up Olaf, the snowman considered as one of the most famous characters from the movie. That will not only delight the kids but will also serve as an excellent prop for photos. Aside from Olaf, you can also cut out huge paper snowflakes or create a castle out of cardboard boxes for decorations.


To set the mood, you can play hit songs from the movie. And without a doubt, the kids will belt out these hit songs. Or if you want to include an activity, you can teach the kids how to make a snowflake cutout.


For an amazing visual experience, check out the Frozen Ombre Min Cakes here. Olaf cupcakes are another guaranteed hit. And of course, a Frozen-inspired cake is a must. Or want to do-it-yourself? Here’s a great recipe.

Place Themed Party

Some children are obsessed with a single place that they really want to go to. So if you can identify this place for the birthday boy or girl, why not make this place the focus of the party? Here are some of the best kids’ birthday themes that revolve on some of the most popular places for children.

Paris party

“We’ll always have Paris” is considered as one of the most famous movie lines, and there’s a reason behind that. Many people have a fascination with the city of lights. While your kid may be too young to watch or appreciate “Casablanca,” it does not mean that they won’t adore one of the most underrated kids’ birthday themes at their next birthday party. Many young girls particularly start to catch Paris Fever when they take ballet lessons or become interested in the fashion world.


Since Paris is the home of fashion, your daughter or son can dress up like a fashionista.

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Through this theme, you can bring a French feel to the party that will impress your guests. And a Parisian themed party should have decorations that are elegant and stylish. To make things easier for you, you can choose to have a color palette. But make sure you have your own makeshift Eiffel tower set up at the party in a central spot. Or you can also opt to buy mini Eiffel towers to have as decorations.


For a Paris-themed birthday party, you can put a twist on the classic game musical chairs and call it trip to Paris. To start, put a bunch of chairs in a circle, make sure that the players number one more than the chairs that you have provided.

For example, if you have 10 players, there should only be 9 chairs. Then, you have to pick a great selection of French songs that will serve as the background music. The players go around the circle and take a seat when the music stops. One player gets eliminated until a winner emerges.


When it comes to food, you do not have to stress yourself by serving authentic French dishes that some of the kids might not even appreciate. Just go for French-style with the paper cups, plates, and utensils. And you can set up a French dessert bar, which will surely be enjoyed by all guests. Some of the staple desserts that you should serve include Pains Au Chocolat, macarons, and crepes. Don’t forget to greet your guests with “Bonjour!”

African safari party

If your child is fascinated with giraffes, lions, and elephants, you can create one of the kids’ birthday themes that focuses on these exotic animals. One of the most popular kids’ birthday themes that will make your child feel like an explorer is an African safari party.

With this, you do not have to purchase plane tickets for the entire family to get up close and personal with some of the most magnificent animals in the world. You can book a party at the local zoo or bring Africa to your home with creative decorations.


Make sure to dress up your kid like an explorer or even an animal, complete with face makeup. Of course, parents can dress up as their favorite explorer as well so they look like Bindi or Robert Irwin.


You can bring the lush African jungle to your event by purchasing blowup animals online. To take your themed party up a notch, you can choose to have it outdoors where you can freely put big fake animals such as an inflatable zebra and other safari decorations. The color palette can be a mix of bright jungle greens or a savannah theme of yellows, browns, and orange.

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Choose related games for more party fun. Games like “Name that Animal” or “Name that animal sound” are simple enough for kids of all ages. To make sure that they learn something, you can give books as a prize.

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Or you can opt to play kid-friendly documentaries about the African jungle. If not, you can just play Lion King. Say goodbye to your guests with a fun Safari thank you note and maybe even an explorer cap.


Kids love cupcakes and desserts. To make sure your food will be a hit and will adhere to the theme, you can decorate your cupcakes with colored frosting to make them look like elephants, zebras, or other animals.

Spa party

Spas are not just for adults. Kids like them as well. So, if you have a daughter who absolutely loves pampering, you should consider having a spa party for her and her closest friends. Bring the salon to your home with a few “treatments” that are easy to replicate at home.


What outfit makes you think that you are in a spa? A plush robe, of course. Invite your guests to bring their own cozy robe for lounging. The birthday girl should probably get a pretty new robe for her special day. One thing you can provide as the host is to get all the guests their own terry cloth spa headbands so their hair won’t stick to their faces while they are getting a facial.


First, choose a color scheme that is refreshing, such as mint or soft pink. Set up an area of your home for the mani-pedis by making sure that there are plenty of mirrors for doing hair and tables for manicure sets. That way, your child and her guests can soak their feet. Add bowls on ice filled with cucumber slices for their eyes and some sparkling water bottles to complete the spa experience.


The food at a spa party should be light and pretty, but it should still be kid-friendly. You can serve vibrant and cute cakes, fruit tarts, and other desserts to your guests. And to elevate your food game, you can decorate the cupcakes uniquely by adding beauty-themed decorations like cute makeup containers and heels.

Plan the Perfect Kids’ Birthday Themes Now!

Planning for your kid’s birthday party should be fun and exciting. And choosing the perfect kids’ birthday themes should not just rest solely on your shoulders; your child should have a say in the decision as well as in the party preparation. Discussing all the options with your kid is the perfect way to start the planning process. So what are you waiting for? Get your checklist ready and start organizing the best party ever for your kid!

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