movie-themed party

Top 5 Tips for Throwing A Movie Themed Party

We all want to be the person that throws the killer party that everyone wants to attend. While that might seem like an impossible...
Ideas for a surprise birthday party for a best friend

Ideas for a Surprise Birthday Party for a Best Friend

Have you ever spent weeks thinking about the best ideas for a surprise birthday party for a best friend only for your birthday surprise...
best places for a toddler birthday party

Best Places for a Toddler Birthday Party: Your Complete List and...

Celebrating birthdays started with the Egyptians and the tradition of having cake followed with the Ancient Greeks. More recently, it was the Germans in...
60th birthday

60th Birthday: It’s Not Just An Ordinary and Simple Party

Everyone likes to have a fuss made on their birthday. This is true whether it's a 60th birthday or a 6th. Parties change, but the point is always the same.
people gathering in a barbecue

Housewarming Party Themes to Introduce Yourself to Your New Neighborhood

Whether you're moving to a new home or a first-time house buyer, purchasing a home a big step, and you should celebrate accordingly. The...

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