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The 6 Best Dress up Party Themes for Adults You Should Try

adult man in a dress up with wig and sunglasses

Great dress up party themes for adults are easy to come up with but not always so easy to execute. Anyone can come up with a perfect plan for a “Grease” theme party, for example. But do you have space, the time, the resources, and, most importantly, the people to pull it off?

Grandiose party ideas often end in disaster. So do themes you might think are fun but others may not. Don’t plan a hunting theme if your friends are vegetarians. A “Call of Duty Theme” may not go over well with your mostly female workplace. There is a lot to consider when looking for a party theme, and the first step in planning is brainstorming.

Planning Your Adult Theme Party

Stay away from extreme niche interests like “My Little Pony.” While there are plenty of available props and even a strangely rabid adult fanbase, you’re unlikely to find very many people in your social group who share such a specialized interest. The same goes for gender and age-specific themes unless that’s exactly what you’re aiming for.

People love a chance to dress to the nines or don a costume, however. And the best dress up party themes for adults, or for anyone, will appeal to the widest range of people.

Your party space

best adult party themes: a party venue waiting for guests

The amount of room you have available for your party makes a significant difference when you’re considering the best dress up party themes for adults. Say, you’re planning an outdoor party by the pool for 20 people, and it starts raining. Do you have room inside for those 20 people, plus the food and drinks tables? Will it ruin the ambiance and overall theme of the party?

Make sure before you plan anything that you have both the room and a contingency plan. You’ll thank yourself later.

Invite a good mix of people

Some of the legendary party hosts of all time became known for their soirees for choosing a wide variety of fascinating people to invite. So, while you may feel most comfortable inviting only a handful of your closest friends, consider opening up your sphere of influence. When you’re planning a big celebration, choose friends and acquaintances from different areas of your life.

Food and drink doesn’t have to be complicated

Even if you decide to go all-out on the decorating theme, you don’t always have to be so particular about the food and drink table. A good party food menu includes choices for all guests, even those on dietary restrictions. So, while it may sound fun to serve wild game pies for Tudor or medieval dress up party themes for adults, most of your 21st-century guests would probably rather you didn’t. Decor and plating touches can do a lot to transform your food table to fit the theme.  

Provide adequate notice

When planning dress up party themes for adults, you owe it to your guests to give them enough notice to create or find costumes. If dressing up is the focus of the party, give your guests time to do it right. For large, formal parties, send your invitations to arrive at least six weeks before the date. For small, informal gatherings — say a Rocky Picture Show screening at your home — give your guests at least two weeks to find a lab coat or pink suit.

The Six Best Dress Up Party Themes For Adults

We choose the following six themes because they’re fun, easy to find supplies for, and diverse. Your friends and coworkers will be able to express themselves with each experience. Whether they want to be funny, serious, sexy, or just plain cute, these themes allow them to find and harness their creative sides.

1. Space

best adult party themes: the mars probe

Space — The final frontier. When the theme is space, the costume possibilities are endless, and the decorations are easy. The beauty of calling it “Space” and not choosing a particular genre is that not only will you save yourself time building model nacelles and cardboard bat’leths. As for party supplies, the campier the better.

Your guests will arrive to the awesome sights of paper planets, creative lighting, space-themed snacks — and a room full of the best costumes from this galaxy and at least one other far, far away.

Great costumes for this party are going to be easy to come by. The obvious sci-fi apparel is, of course, more than welcome. Anything Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica — and the list goes on — is fair game. You could also go sci-fact and dress as your favorite real-life astronaut.

Build your own costume ideas include rocket ships, planets, and meteors, a sun, a moon, and, of course, the all-new Space Force. People will have no problem finding something that works with this ever-expanding party theme.

2. ‘Westworld’ And The Wild West

best adult party themes: a wild west street scene

“Westworld” is in. Cowboys and Indians; black hats and white, all began to fade away until robots happened. Because — Steampunk is just so cool. Your typical bank robber will now come complete with the battery pack he stole from a live bait aerator. The barmaid with the puffy dress will convince some poor schlep she’s interested, only to pretend they’ve never met 10 minutes later.

Whether you love the show or hate it, it will make for a great twist to an already fun party. Decorating for the wild west is pretty easy as well. A nice DIY touch to any wild west party is to buy old-looking cork-topped bottles and use them for the bar. Little touches like that turn ordinary parties into memorable occasions.

Aside from the “Westworld” theme costumes, your friends can also have some fun with horses, arrows through their head, and other tomfoolery connected to the era. The Wild West theme certainly deserves its spot on the list of the best dress up party themes for adults.

3. Superheroes

best adult party themes: guests at a superhero party

You can’t go wrong with superheroes. Aside from the wide array of available costumes, this theme gives people real choices. Not only are there multiple incarnations of every comic book hero ever created, Chuck from accounting can also come as “The Super Stapler.” Marge from your cousin’s bowling league decided to be the Nacho Ninja and your boss, who you thought had no sense of humor at all, came dressed as an on-time version of you.

Superhero parties inspire people to create. The host is no exception. Leaning in this direction means you either love the genre or you know of a Harley Quinn outfit you will just rock. Decorating is a breeze as well. Hit your local party city, pick a few heroes and dedicate a room to each. The Batcave bathroom is through Gotham Kitchen and down the Hallway of Justice — second door on the left.

4. Princes And Princesses

best adult party themes: people dressed as disney princes and princesses

There is not a campier theme on the planet than Princes and Princesses. The idea of royals may seem outdated these days. But, the live action versions of every Disney Princess bringing grownups back to the movie theater, maybe they’re not so passe. And what could be more fun and escapist for adults a real-life ball? Just because we grow up, doesn’t mean we have to lose touch with tales about fantasy lands of castles, magic, and dragons. And Daenerys Targaryen.

Decorating for Princes and Princesses is easy as well. One fancy dessert table satisfies the menu requirement. Lacey bows with flowers tied around things at random and signs that start with “Ye” are a must. Picking a friend to play King or Queen for the duration will add depth to the party and create smartphone video moments that will circulate on social media for as long as there’s an internet.

5. MasterChef

best adult party themes: competition at a Masterchef party

The “MasterChef” party is brilliant. You have to either assume the role of Gordon Ramsay or have a friend volunteer. You can, of course, have up to three judges. All you need to decorate are some printouts of the show’s logo and some creative appetizers. The guests take care of the rest.

The Masterchef party is one of the best dress up party themes for adults because the main course is brought by your guests. Your invitation announces that you’re hosting a dress up party and potluck. Their dish, dessert, or store-bought contribution will be judged for originality, flavor, and plating.

When done right, the results will be hilarious. Nobody will ever forget your “Masterchef” party. Your guests can come dressed as their favorite celebrity chef or just some wacky home cook from Piedmont, North Dakota with a beaver tail and something to prove.

6. ’80s Hair Band

best adult party themes: people in 1980s hair band costumes

In 1989, if you knew three guitar chords, you could play three songs by Guns N’ Roses and Poison’s entire discography. It was truly the time of massive hairdos, power ballads, and stadium shows featuring blinding laser lights and spinning drum sets.

Your ‘80s Hair Band party gives your guest the opportunity to put on a wig and some leather and air guitar the night away. The soundtrack will be epic, the food will be pizza and the memories will last a lifetime.

Decorating for the ’80s couldn’t be easier. Retro 1980s posters, lunchboxes, and other memorabilia are readily available. And ’80s clothing is even making quite the comeback. And the hair? The women will love you for giving them the chance to tease like it’s 1985.

Never Forget Your Party

The biggest mistake you can make is not taking enough pictures and videos of your guests having fun. Throwing a successful party is something to be proud of. Set up your devices around the party to record whenever possible. Take the time to do live recording sessions with your friends. Have them talk about the party while it’s still going on.

You’re assuring that your friends, neighbors, and coworkers will all know that an invitation to one of your parties is something special that doesn’t come lightly. After all — you throw bashes based on the best dress up party themes for adults.

Housewarming Party Themes to Introduce Yourself to Your New Neighborhood

people gathering in a barbecue

Whether you’re moving to a new home or a first-time house buyer, purchasing a home a big step, and you should celebrate accordingly. The best housewarming party themes make the best housewarming parties and help to break the ice. A party is a great way to introduce yourself to your new neighbors. Using a party theme is an excellent way to inject your personality into a new neighborhood. It’s also a fun way to showcase your new home to friends and family.

Fun housewarming party themes allow you to create a warm and engaging environment for all of your guests. So prepare your guest list, buy your supplies, get your menu ready, and let’s get this party started.

Housewarming Party Themes

Everyone has their interests and passions. For sports fans, athletic housewarming party themes will allow you to showcase your team pride. Families that love gardening or outdoor activities have different options to suit their taste. And, DIY enthusiasts will find opportunities to show off their skills, whatever the theme.

Regardless of the housewarming party themes you choose, adequate planning and attention to detail go a long way. Before sending invites out to your guest list, consider these great themes along with the supplies you’ll need to make your party unforgettable.

Throw a casino party

A casino is always a fun place to visit. The roulette wheels, slot machines, and the sound of coins dropping elicit sheer joy from casino goers. You can bring the thrill of the win and excitement of the casino environment to your home. And the best part is, nobody is going to lose their shirt. This is one one of the best housewarming party themes for young couples moving to a new home.

When selecting the decorations for your casino party, there are some items you can’t overlook.

Some decorations to add to your list include:

  • Roller dice boxes
  • A roulette table
  • Dealer’s visors
  • Playing card cutouts
  • Card stacks

Party hosts also have to consider the food and drinks they’ll serve to guests. A bar is a must-have for your casino housewarming party. For the guests who don’t drink, punch and soda are always viable options as well. A buffet-style setup is quick and easy, whether you do it yourself or hire a caterer. Prime rib, baked potatoes, and shrimp cocktail are some classic casino foods. And if you hire a caterer, you can relax and enjoy the festivities as well.

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This theme will require a great deal of planning and prep work to execute. However, your work will pay off. Everyone loves a casino. What’s more, casino games provide a great conversation starter for guests who don’t know one another.

A classic garden party — or a not-so-classic one

housewarming party themes: a garden table made out of a tree stump with a decorative tablecloth

A garden-themed party is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors and warm weather while showing off your new outdoor garden. With the right furniture and lighting, you can make your outdoor setting cozy and intimate. Or you can make a spacious place for children to play and adults to explore. Either way, guests are going to feel right at home the moment they arrive.

When preparing your party, the right supplies are essential to ensure the decor fits the theme. Keep things simple, and create an engaging scene that guests will truly love.

Some of the supplies you might need include:

  • Garden pots
  • Floral arrangements
  • Plates and candles
  • Gardening supplies
  • Picnic furniture
  • A decorative tablecloth

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In addition to enjoying the fresh air with your guests, you can also get your hands dirty during a garden party. Have guests pitch in and help you plant flower beds in your new yard with the gardening supplies you provide. Utilize the garden pots as a centerpiece on the tables — fill them with fresh flowers. Or use brand-new pots lined with parchment paper to serve snack mix. Hosts can also set up plates with a candle on them, to add their own intimate touch to the party. A checkered picnic table adds country charm. You can get some ideas for your own party in the video below.

When creating the menu, keep it simple as well. Fresh ice, a few bottles of wine, and sparkling water with fruit are perfect thirst quenchers. For the taste buds? Finger sandwiches and foods with organic, hearty ingredients are a good option. Cumin, dill, or rosemary are a few herbs and spices that will add to the meals to create that “earthy” feel. A veggie and cheese tray can compliment your choice of sandwiches for the event.

You don’t have to make it ornate or over the top to create a memorable housewarming party. This theme is fun, engaging, and allows guests to get their hands dirty, all while contributing to your garden.

Throw a Mardi Gras party

Mardi Gras, or Fat Wednesday, is the Wednesday before the beginning of Lent. But it isn’t just a religious holiday anymore. Now, Mardi Gras is for everyone. It’s a time for feasting and celebrating and letting loose. And who doesn’t love that?

Mardi Gras brings to mind a very distinct set of images, including beads, bourbon, and the festive color combination of purple, gold, and yellow. Mardi Gras is fun, loud, and vibrant. And these are the elements that your housewarming party needs to have

The video below can help you begin the planning process and choose decorations for your party.

Some of the supplies party hosts should purchase include:

  • Gold, purple, and green coins and beads
  • Purple, gold, and green tablecloths
  • Masquerade masks
  • Metallic fringe to hang on doors
  • Mardi gras drink fan assortment

Of course, the decorations will look great, but you also need the right food and drink menu. Bourbon is a must if you’re having a housewarming party for adults. Crawfish, shrimp and grits, milk punch, and crab cakes are also traditional foods. For dessert, King Cake is a regional must-have. And for those who aren’t chefs, catering is always an option! There are several prepared mixes and food kits hosts can utilize so that they can prepare favorite dishes as well.

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This is one of the most fun housewarming party themes and will require planning and dedication to pull it off. But, with proper planning, supplies, and decorations, you can make your party unforgettable.

Everyone loves a disco party

housewarming party themes: a disco partyRemember bell-bottom jeans, platform shoes, and disco music? No? Then it’s time for an introduction. Disco was the popular dance music of the 1970s, and it had its own fun style to go along with it. A disco party can bring neighbors of all ages together. Older people will remember when it was fresh. Younger people can enjoy a blast from the past.

Decorations for a disco party

Finding great music for the party won’t be an issue. But, how hosts choose to play that music will! A jukebox is a great centerpiece that’s sure to elicit some conversation. And, that’s just the beginning when it comes to your list of decorations.

Some party supplies to purchase when choosing decorations include:

  • A disco ball
  • Disco-theme silhouette cutouts
  • Lava lamps
  • LED balloon lights
  • Plastic records

There’s no shortage of fun ideas a party host can come up with when choosing the decor for the party. However, creating a central theme, like music, will bring everything together. The more layers of decoration add and the more authentic they are, the better they are going to look.

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When sending out invitations, use a record or disco ball themed invitation. Invite guests to wear costumes. Make it as fun and engaging as possible. That’s the best way to ensure guests have a good time and that the party is a success.

Of course, party hosts also have to feed their guests. Consider a ’70s cocktail drink menu, featuring Harvey Wallbangers or Tequila Sunrises. When it comes to the food, keep it simple. Fondue fountains with a variety of types of bread to dip are always a crowd pleaser at any party, which is why they were so popular in the 1970s. Small finger foods are also simple to prepare, and partygoers love them. Mess-free, fuss-free is the best approach when it comes to choosing food for your housewarming party.

drinks and finger foods for housewarming party themes

Have a ball with a sports party theme

There’s an avid sports fan in every neighborhood — the fan that never misses a game, and has their quirky traditions on gameday. For those folks, one of the best housewarming party themes is a sports theme party. There are a number of approaches homeowners can take when preparing for the party.

If kids are attending, it would be a good idea to consider an afternoon event. Rent sports-themed bounce houses and playpens. Set up an outdoor obstacle course or fun games for the kids to play. Then there are the decorations for your party.

An avid football fan is going to choose their favorite team’s colors.

Some fun decorations to use when decorating include:

  • Banners and streamers
  • A green tablecloth to mimic the playing field
  • Mini helmets with the team logo on them
  • An inflatable helmet or team logo
  • Balloons and lights to match the team’s logo and uniform colors.

Food and drink for a sports party

The food options are straightforward when planning for the sports housewarming party. Some simple ideas include pigs in a blanket, nachos, chips, and Buffalo wings. Serving finger foods means fewer dishes to clean or mess to pick up afterward. Of course, there also has to be beer on hand. Cans, bottles, or a keg, are all great options for large parties. For non-drinkers, sodas, water, and juice for the kids are some items to have on hand also. And, for those who want to get really creative, choose team-colors when purchasing juices. Make it as fun as possible for yourself and your guests.

Sports are one of the easiest ways to bring people together. No matter what differences people have, a sports team can easily integrate communities and bring crowds together. It’s a great way to get to know the neighbors and bond over a common interest. It is also a fun way to show team spirit. You’ll have a blast organizing and setting up a sports party, and it’s pretty easy, too. For this reason, a sports party can be one of the best housewarming party themes for introducing yourself to the neighborhood.

people holding a slice of pizza with beer

Planning and Preparation are Key

A housewarming party is your initial entry into the neighborhood. It is an excellent way for you to welcome family and friends into your new home. It’s also a good way to get to know the neighbors who will be living next door to you for years to come. There are a lot of great housewarming party themes to choose from. No matter what your interests are, the best theme is the one that brings people together. And, if it can help you get to know your neighbors, that’s even better.

Take the time to plan accordingly and show an interest in getting to know your new neighbors. Send out invitations early and make sure all party information is on the invitation. Also, if there’s anything guests should know (costumes welcome or sports jerseys encouraged), include this information in the invitation.

Have you thrown an unforgettable housewarming party? Or maybe one that was unforgettable for all the wrong reasons? Let us know about it in the comments!

50th Birthday Party Themes To Plan For Loved Ones

happy birthday letter abbreviation

A few years ago, most people thought 50 was “old.” In recent years, however, more and more people are coming to embrace their age. Aging gracefully is now the norm. Many soon to be 50-year olds look forward to being “over the hill,” so they can celebrate the occasion. There are several great 50th birthday party themes to consider as the party host for the honoree.

Have a spouse who loves golf? Why not try a favorite things party? For the marathon runner, hosts can prepare a party to celebrate their many accomplishments and marathons they’ve run. There’s no need to start planning a funeral and choosing tombstones for someone just because they’re 50. Unless, of course, you’re preparing an over-the-hill themed party.

Fifty is only a number, and some people will tell you that 50 is when life really starts. So, get the pen and paper out, and start planning for that significant milestone in a loved one’s life. Prepare the guest list, start sending out invites, and get to a local or online party supply store. There’s plenty to do, and many great 50th birthday party themes to choose from! The possibilities are nearly endless.

50th Birthday Party Themes

There’s no shortage of fun ideas when it comes to picking 50th birthday party themes as a party planner. Depending on the person’s interests, party hosts can choose from several over-the-top or simple ideas. It is essential to consider the party-goers’ interests as well. Doing this helps create a fun evening for the party recipient as well as all the guests who are in attendance.

A black and gold 50th birthday cake.

As the party host, some details are essential to planning a great party. The decorations, timing, and the element of surprise are a few of the critical components to consider. And, of course, it’s essential to remember the food and drinks!

Having a few great 50th birthday party themes in mind will help you narrow things down and focus on what you really need. It also allows you to come up with fun ideas about how to create a captivating and eventful evening for party-goers. Without further ado, here are some of the best 50th birthday party themes to consider when party planning ensues.

Photo booth  for 50th birthday party themes

With a photo booth, fun times are sure to follow. And at a 50th birthday party, it’s a great way to commemorate half a century of life! Of course, renting a photo booth is imperative as it is the central theme. Having the appropriate decorations and props in place will create an engaging and fun atmosphere for guests.

Where do you begin with the decorations? Some items you’ll need to decorate the event hall, home, or outdoor venue include:

  • A photo booth or multiple photo booths, depending on how many guests are coming to the party
  • Streamers and metallic fringe curtains to create a “grand entrance”
  • Fake cameras, film reels, and other “photo” themed props and decor to place on tables
  • Cutout word bubbles with creative phrases for guests to hold when taking photos
  • Small props (like mustaches, crowns, or hearts) for guests to keep/use when capturing images in the photo booth

The more creative the party host is, the more fun guests and the birthday celebrant are going to have.

Naturally, you’ll have to worry about the food preparations as well. However, on this front, consider simplifying things. Rather than a sit-down dinner or fancy meal, decide to serve something more casual. Printable and edible food fondant cutouts are a great decorative piece and tasty sweet that both kids and adults will love. Having food takeout boxes on the tables with hor d’oeuvres and finger foods are also some fun ideas. A buffet style line or hiring a catering company to prepare food is also a possibility. Whatever you choose, make sure to work in a few dishes the guest of honor loves.

Black and white theme

Black and white is an excellent “coming of age” party idea. The color black signifies the passage of youth. What better time to commemorate that than at a 50th birthday party? And white perfectly balances that. It means the guest of honor is aging gracefully and transitioning to a new stage in life.

If this is one of the 50th birthday party themes on the short list, how do you plan? Of course, it starts with the decorations. Some items you’ll need to add to the list of decorations include:

  • Black tablecloths
  • White chairs
  • Black and white balloons
  • Streamers and banners that are black and white
  • Black and white garland

For hosts trying to spice it up a bit, you can add a pop of color to the mix when choosing decorations. For example, bright red roses on the tables will add some life to the room. Incorporating a few red tablecloths with the black and white theme will also set things apart.

The food list and guest attire

The right foods are also important to consider when planning this black and white party. For something fun, black and white cake pops are a sweet treat. If kids are attending, they’ll love these tasty treats. An Oreo cookie centerpiece would look great on the table. An all-white cake, with black lettering, adds to the theme when incorporating food choices too.

No products found.

Get creative with the drinks as well. White hot chocolate or black punch, are some tasty concoctions guests will love. It doesn’t end with the food and drinks. Another twist to incorporate is to have guests wear black and white. For example, guests who are below 50 can wear white, and those 50 or older, can wear black. Or, hosts can have women wear white, and men wear all black (or vice versa).

Tombstone/over-the-Hill theme

This idea is one of the classics when it comes to 50th birthday party themes. There are many ideas you can use for an over-the-hill party. You can throw a “mock” funeral, and use it to roast the birthday boy or girl. Hosting the party outdoors with a tombstone and other ceremonial decorations can add a lot of humor to the Big 5-0. 

The decorations will make or break the party. Therefore, hosts have to take their time in choosing wisely. Some decorations to consider for the party include:

  • A tombstone or custom headstone
  • “Over the hill” balloons
  • Vinyl cutouts with over-the-hill phrases/connotations
  • Street signs

Putting your own spin on it by having your guests give a eulogy. You could even throw a New Orleans Jazz-style funeral for a unique twist. 

Get Creative With The Foods

With this theme, getting creative with the food and drink menu will also help liven up the party. For example, choose foods and drinks that fit the theme. 

Cupcakes with blue icing and tombstones that are perfect for a 50th birthday party with an Over-the-Hill theme.

Favorite things theme

Everyone wants people to take the time to get to know them. After many years of marriage, preparing a favorite things party for your spouse is a great way to celebrate them. This idea is one of the best 50th birthday party themes to show the person you love that you truly know them. Plus, it is a fun way to incorporate a few gifts into the mix.

The decorations are genuinely going to differ for every “favorite thing” party. For one person, it might be a sports party. In this case, getting tickets to an upcoming game might be one of the small items on a table. Some decorations might include logos/images of their favorite team, memorabilia, or cutout sports quotes throughout the room. Some everyday items to choose when decorating, regardless of the theme, include:

  • A photo album with images of their favorite things
  • Paintings or drawings of the favorite things
  • Signs/boards to write different messages
  • Balloons and streamers

Of course, depending on the favorite things theme, the notes on these decorations will vary. However, there are sure to be plenty of items party hosts can utilize when decorating for the festivities.

Favorite Things Foods And Guest Attire

It’s important to go all-out with the planning of a favorite things party. So don’t stop with the decorations! Consider having guests wear clothing that relates to these favorite things. With the sports theme, guests can wear jerseys or T-shirts for the sport or team the guest of honor loves.

For the foods, this is also going to revolve around what the guest of honor loves. If they love fancy, formal, sit-down dinners, hire caterers and have their favorite foods on the menu. Concoct a drink menu revolving around their favorite spirits and non-alcoholic drinks as well. Have snacks, finger foods, or a buffet ready for the date of the party. The options are endless and should strictly revolve around the favorite things theme to bring the party together.

Milestone/timeline theme

There’s always that overachiever. There’s the CEO who has led their company to the highest performance marks for 20 years straight. Or the marathon runner going on their 30th marathon at the age of 50. No matter what accomplishments the guest of honor has to their name, commemorate them on their big day.

birthday card greetings

When it comes to decorations, this is a free for all. The party host needs to choose wisely. Some ideas for decorations include:

  • A photo timeline of the guest of honor’s accomplishments
  • A chalkboard with quotes or messages to the birthday boy/girl
  • Photos of their kids and family
  • Essential dates commemorating the purchase of their first home, the birth of a child, or job promotion
  • A quote book for guests to write messages/favorite quotes they share with the guest of honor.

There are so many ways to go about choosing the right decorations for the 50th birthday party. Each party will differ significantly depending on the accomplishments you are celebrating. For a marathon runner, party hosts can have photos of finish lines and mile markers. For a top-executive, essential dates in their career are worth highlighting. Hosts must keep it fresh and relevant to the accolades and accomplishments of the person they are celebrating.

No products found.

The food list

Here’s another area which is going to differ at every 50th birthday party with the milestone theme. One party might incorporate a formal, sit-down dinner and serve the guest of honor’s favorite meal.

A fancy dessert with Happy Birthday written on the side of the plate.

If it is a casual outdoor party, finger foods or barbecue are perfect for the menu. A buffet is simple and requires little planning apart from telling caterers what foods to add to the line. Keep things simple. Remember to keep the guest of honor in mind and choose foods and drinks they’ll love.

Guest attire

Add this information to the invitations you send out to guests. If it’s a party for the marathon runner, have guests wear a prop like a headband or running shoes. Also include details about whether it is a formal party, sit-down dinner, or a casual event. Again, every party differs, so make sure these details are on the invitation, so guests know the appropriate attire.


Easy To Attain




Cost Efficiency

Black And White Theme

Tombstone/ Over The Hill Theme

Favorite Things Theme

Milestone/ Timeline Theme

Choosing the Right 50th Birthday Party Themes

There are so many fun ways to celebrate a 50th birthday party. With several great 50th birthday party themes to choose from, every party host can come up with something fun.

Just because they’re 50, doesn’t mean it has to be a somber event. Even with the over-the-hill theme, party hosts can make it a party to remember. The right music, guest list, decorations, menu, and drinks will result in an unbelievable party all the guests will love and remember. Start the planning early and send out the invitations. With the right party theme, creative party hosts can put together a 50th party no one will forget.

Unique 1st Birthday Party Themes That Every Guest Will Remember

unique 1st birthday party theme

Let’s face it, at their first birthday party, children aren’t an integral part of the party planning. When coming up with unique 1st birthday party themes, parents can run with their imaginations. And at such a young age, children have very few interests and opinions about the theme for their party. They do, however, have an interest in eating, napping, and enjoying a few of the goodies at the party.

When it comes to planning a first birthday party, there are countless ideas and themes to select. The most unique 1st birthday party themes serve as a platform for future parties for upcoming years. And of course, they’ll serve as precious memories for parents and extended family members as well. So, get the planning going! Choose the right decorations, birthday cake, balloons, and fun party games for a day to remember.

Unique 1st Birthday Party Themes

Planning a 1st birthday party is stressful. The guest list, menu, and choosing the perfect unique 1st birthday party themes are only a few of the many aspects parents are juggling with when planning the party. Luckily, there are several great party favors, decorations, and venues to help make the party planning a little easier on parents.

Parents will want to plan everything correctly to ensure a successful party. However, they need to go easy on themselves. Your 1-year-old infant isn’t likely to remember the party at all. Many will spend a great deal of it napping. However, since you’ll likely invite friends with small children and extended family members, you do want to plan a memorable 1st birthday.

unique 1st birthday party theme

Dr. Seuss theme

Even a 1-year-old child with the shortest attention span is going to react positively to a Dr. Seuss party theme. This theme is one of the most unique 1st birthday party themes parents could choose when doing the party planning.

It starts with the right decorations. Dr. Seuss is whimsical, silly, creative, and fun. The colors, the excellent book titles, and memorable characters will make the baby’s 1st birthday one to remember. Some of the decorations parents might choose when preparing for the party include:

  • Custom tableware
  • Party balloons with famous Dr. Seuss characters
  • A Cat in the Hat Pinata
  • A cardboard cutout of one of the memorable characters so that guests can take photos upon arrival

Renting a photo booth is also a great idea for a large party with many other children attending. It can add to the allure of the whimsical party theme and allows guests to interact and commemorate the day. Plus, it’s a great way to have several photos to remember the creative 1st birthday party. And, it will also give parents ideas for future parties they host for their kids.

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Get creative with the food

Don’t limit the creativity to the decorations; there are several fun ideas to consider when preparing the menu. Cupcakes with toppers, Thing One and Thing Two cupcakes, and One Fish Two Fish Jello cups are some ideas to start. Green eggs, green ham, and a cheese tray are good ideas for the adult guests to munch on.

Guests at this party likely know the foods are just as creative as the decorations and party theme. So, as a parent planning the menu, keep it light and fun. And, let guests know what the menu options are in the Dr. Seuss invitations. This way they’ll know what to expect upon arrival.

If there are specific costumes or attire hosts want guests to wear, also include this in the invitations. Encourage parents to dress their kids up as a Dr. Seuss character. Make it fun for the kids and the parents alike.

Race car theme

Race cars are one of the best and easiest ideas to prepare when planning a party for a 1-year-old. For parents, there are several great decorations and party foods to incorporate to ensure the party is a success.

When choosing the decorations and games for the party, some fun ideas include:

  • A Cars-themed bounce house or playhouse for the older children
  • A racetrack floor runner for guests to walk down as they enter the front doors
  • Inflatable traffic signs and road signs
  • Race car cutouts
  • Race car and race-theme cups, plates, and banners.

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There are countless products available when choosing race car decorations for a birthday party. And, parents who have time and want to be creative, can make their following online tutorials.

Get the guests into the mix

Don’t stop with the decorations for the party, go all out and have guests dress up as well. Driver uniforms, helmets, and other fun ideas will help liven up the party. Adults and children will enjoy the fun games and designs that party hosts put into the festivities.

Choose fun party foods

A race car party also needs race car inspired food ideas as well. Get creative with labels. Add fun titles to the sodas like antifreeze or motor oil, to blend into the theme. If plenty of kids are present, keep the food options simple for them and choose finger foods if possible. Chips, dip, cupcakes, and cookies with race flags or other decorations, are sure to elicit excitement from guests. For adult guests, you may want to add a big party sub. And a cake in the shape of a tire is a simple idea that all ages will love. Or, choose one with a helmet topper and race flag as the centerpiece for the food table.

Disney character theme

Everyone loves Disney princesses and princes. Even a 1-year-old may show some interest in the bright, colorful animation and catchy tunes in most Disney movies. This party idea is great when choosing unique 1st birthday party themes when there will be children of all ages attending. Disney appeals to most kids under 12, and even teens and adults. And who doesn’t love Mickey and Minnie Mouse?

When choosing the decorations, some great ideas to consider include:

  • The Cinderella Castle as a cutout, or a bounce house where kids can play in the yard
  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse Ears, banners, and garland
  • Mini character glitter pieces to put on the tables
  • Princess and prince centerpieces, or a Disney-inspired centerpiece for tables.
  • Tablecloth with the most beloved Disney characters.

Parents will quickly find there are thousands of kits available for party supplies for a Disney party. Finding the right decorations depends on the direction parents choose to take when planning the party.

There are many great food ideas for the Disney party as well. Character donuts with Mickey and Minnie Mouse Ears or a Pluto design will stand out. Pretzels with an orange and black stripe design can mimic a favorite character from Winnie the Pooh. Or, choose cookies designs from the film “Alice in Wonderland.” There are many great options when planning a Disney party. And, there are several memorable Disney movies and characters to choose from.

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No matter which of these parents choose as the party theme, work the decorations and food revolving around it. Just pick a theme, and go with it.

Zoo theme

A zoo party theme is another fun option for parents looking for unique 1st birthday party themes for their child. This party can take place outdoors so that parents can get even more creative in their planning.

Some of the decorations for this party theme include:

  • Zoo-animal masks for the kids and adults
  • “Don’t feed the animal” signs or cutouts
  • Paper balloon animals
  • Paper cuts and plates with tigers, lions, monkeys, and other favorite zoo animals.

Have a creative station for the kids to play as well. Make a craft area for them to design their zoo theme masks. Animal bounce houses, slides, and outdoor games will guarantee a fun time for the kids in attendance, too.

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The menu for the party requires a little creativity. If parents choose a specific animal, they can make foods revolving around that zoo animal. Some simple ideas include animal crackers and a popcorn concession stand. The cake might have giraffes, monkeys, and elephants made of fondant, covering a green savannah. For drinks, monkey punch for the kids and a classic tiger’s blood cocktail for adults will liven things up. Sodas, water, and juice are also some simple ideas that all guests will enjoy.

Superhero theme

Today, superheroes are possibly one of the most popular unique 1st birthday party themes. And, they’re not just for children! Adults have great costume parties revolving around these characters as well. For hosts considering this theme, there are several great ideas to consider when planning for the festivities.

There are many hit superhero films in theaters today. That’s why it is such a favorite theme for party planners hosting a party. Both classic characters and new characters will make for an excellent backdrop when choosing the decorations for the party. Parents might want to have an outdoor setup for this party theme. Having a play area or bounce house is also an excellent idea for the party. It is a simple way to keep the kids active, and you know they’re having fun. It’s also a great way to further incorporate the central party theme into the festivities.

When choosing decorations, consider the superhero that the party will revolve around or select any number of favorite heroes and heroines. Some great decorations include:

  • Red, white, and blue balloons, for a Captain America or Avengers theme party
  • Cutouts of Hulk, Superman, Ironman, or other characters
  • Novelty cutouts with words/phases superheroes say in movies
  • Tablecloths and chair liners with a logo/emblem of the superhero.

Parents can also make their own DIY party favors and decorations. Balloon arches at the doorway to greet guests or garlands with different character faces are a couple of easy projects.

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The superhero foods

A child’s birthday party will likely involve many children and guests. When choosing foods for the party, make sure the foods are appropriate for guests’ ages. Cupcakes and cookies with “S-logo” for Superman or a print of a character are fun options. Mint Oreo Hulk cookies are also a creative idea. A Captain America shield cake or platter offers a great backdrop for the food options.

Sandwiches, wings, and finger foods for adults are also some simple ideas party hosts can add to the menu. Also, you can’t go wrong with chips and dip, for both parents and children in attendance. Doing this eliminates the need to spend countless hours in the kitchen prepping fussy decorative finger foods for small children.

Include the guests in the festivities

Parents may choose to dress their one-year-old in the costume of the superhero that features in their party them. Encourage young guests to dress up as well when sending out invitations. Parents can also dress up to add to the allure of the festivities as well. This will make the party memorable for everyone who is in attendance. It also helps spark up a conversation between guests who might not know one another when attending the party.

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Race Car Theme

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Zoo Theme

Superhero Theme

So What’re The Most Unique 1st Birthday Party Themes for Parents to Host?

baby birthday party

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At their first party, kids aren’t going to remember much. So, as the party planner, host, and loving parents, make sure to snap plenty of photos! Regardless of the unique 1st birthday party themes you go with, there’s plenty to consider when planning. Parents want to consider the right decorations, party foods, and something fun to keep older kids amused. They may also need to clear room for infants and toddlers to nap. Superheroes, princesses, animals, or any whimsical celebration are great ways to celebrate your child. It’s up to you which theme you believe to be most appropriate for your child when preparing for the date. And best of all, you can choose the theme you like best for the first birthday.

Remember, this may serve as the baseline for parties you’ll plan for your kids as they get older. Therefore, it’s essential to plan accordingly and do something manageable. Life with a 1-year-old is pretty hectic, and other parents will understand the stress. Focus on creating a fun, memorable event, but don’t feel you have to make everything perfect. The more time parents take to plan and prepare for the celebratory day, the more relaxed and fun it will be for you. After all, your child won’t remember it at all.

Masquerade Party Themes: Make Your Party One to Remember

different mask for masquerade party

A masquerade party creates an air of mystery and fun through masks and costumes. Masquerade party themes come in many different flavors. Guests can pose as heroes, villains, or other characters. The party can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. As the host, you can plan a great unmasking or let the mystery continue throughout the evening. Either way, a masquerade party can be a night to remember.

Planning your masquerade party is only half the fun. Creating the guest list, a backdrop for the event, and the storyline is the other. So, get the creativity flowing and start the planning process. The sooner you begin, the better your party will be.

Masquerade Party Themes

masquerade party themes: a woman in a Venetian masquerade mask, with a table in the background

There are as many masquerade party themes as there are reasons to celebrate. You might be celebrating a birthday, anniversary, a new job, or even a retirement party. A masquerade is a costume party for adults, with a touch of elegance and class most costume parties don’t entail.

First, start with a list of masquerade party themes — all the themes you can come up with. Then narrow it down to a short list. This will give you a better idea of who to invite and how to create a fun evening for everyone. These are a few creative, fun ideas you might consider when planning your masquerade party.

A Halloween masquerade

A Halloween party is a great way to celebrate this festive holiday. Most of us don’t outgrow a love for costumes — we just don’t get enough opportunities to put them on. And your party will give them an excuse.

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Food and drink

masquerade party themes: a plate of Halloween-themed candy and cookies

The next step after the theme and the guest list will be planning your menu. It’s not always easy to eat daintily while wearing a mask, so choose foods that your guests can manage. Keep it simple. Finger foods are great, as well as items that won’t crumble or fall all over the place. Consider small sandwiches and meat pies, along with trays of veggies and dip. Quick, easy, and mess-free — this is the way to go. As for drinks, how about an orange and black signature cocktail? Or maybe ghoulish Halloween specialty cocktails that guests can sip during the festivities?


Now that your food is sorted, it’s time for decorations. You might think about:

  • Masquerade masks to hang throughout the party hall or venue
  • A spooky chandelier or candelabra hanging above the tables
  • Cobwebs, spiders, black cats, witches, and other Halloween-theme garland or hanging streamers
  • Distinct lighting, to help set the mood for the event.

If there’s a specific character theme for the Halloween party, incorporate the villain into the decorations as well.

A Mardi Gras masquerade

Mardi Gras falls in February or March, but you can have a Mardi Gras masquerade party any time of the year. And because Mardi Gras is such a fun holiday anyway, it’s perfect for marking nearly any accomplishment or achievement in life. Mardi Gras uses distinct colors and imagery, so when planning for the party, choose the decorations accordingly.

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masquerade party themes: Mardi Gras mask and table decorations

How a party host chooses to decorate an event hall or venue will depend on several factors. For a Mardi Gras theme, you might consider:

  • Gold, purple, and yellow beads
  • Metallic curtains in the entryway
  • Mini centerpieces on tables with masks and other Mardi Gras inspired items
  • Directional display signs pointing guests to the bar, dance hall, and other areas of the venue.

The options are endless when it comes to this theme. Have fun!

Food and drink

There are a number of food and drink items people think of when they think of Mardi Gras. Bourbon, beignets, and dirty rice are a few of those items. When planning a masquerade party, light, main courses and appetizers are a great choice. These parties often take place in low-light settings. So, most guests don’t want to have a sit-down dinner. And, many don’t want to get their masks and costumes dirty while juggling a full plate of food. Desserts are always welcome onto any menu as well, so make sure to have these on hand for guests. Think mini crab cakes, hot crawfish dip, and King Cake cupcakes.

A superhero masquerade

Kids aren’t the only ones who love superheroes. Many adults dress up as superheroes for Halloween. Additionally, events and conventions like Comic-Con highlight the relevancy of superheroes in adult life. You can create a party around a single superhero like Wolverine, or around the entire cast of a movie or comic book.

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masquerade party themes: superhero toys Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, as decorations

When it comes to decorating for a superhero masquerade, you have a lot of choices. Consider the following:

  • Superhero themed centerpieces or nameplates
  • Tablecloth and accent napkins in different superhero color schemes
  • DIY superhero signs
  • Superhero cutouts and a photo booth to capture guests as they enter the venue

Food and drink

The food is also essential when preparing a superhero theme masquerade party. A Hulk cocktail or Avengers jello shots are creative and fun ideas for your drinks menu. Small snack foods are also a good option. Wings, chips and dip, and a cheese tray are some simple ideas guests will love.

No matter what food or decorations hosts choose, make sure they work together. Characters, colors, and the central theme of the party will come together if you make sure to plan first.

A Disney masquerade

Nearly everyone, at some point, has wanted to be a Disney character for a day, whether a prince or princess, a pirate, or Mickey Mouse. Your Disney masquerade will give them that chance. But you have to have the right balance of fun and enchantment. And that can only happen with the right kind of planning. No two Disney masquerade parties are going to look alike. You can create the perfect ambiance by planning early and possibly working with a party planner for the festivities.

masquerade party themes: Disney table decorations

The menu

Create a menu that incorporates several fun food items for guests to select. And consider bite-size and finger foods for snacking. At a masquerade party, sit-down or formal dinners are tough to pull off. Keep things simple with foods that are easy to eat. No one wants to ruin their costume!

For sweets, Mickey and Minnie Mouse cookies are a great idea. Cupcakes with a “Snow White” or “Beauty and the Beast” Disney movie theme will also bring guests to the table. Enchanting petit fours will fit in with any Disney fairytale theme, but we recommend contacting a bakery.

Guests will also look for some salty snacks at the party. A cracker tray with cheese in the shape of Cinderella’s Castle will attract guests quickly. A fruit and cheese tray in the form of a Disney character is also a simple idea to consider. Mini sandwiches, chips, and small items like mini quiche are also easy for guests to eat neatly.


There are several approaches you can take when decorating for a Disney masquerade party. Some fun decorating ideas include:

  • Cutouts Cinderellas castle or a fairytale forest backdrop
  • A photo booth to capture everyone in their character costume
  • Fun “drink me” shots for an Alice in Wonderland theme party
  • Icicles or LED hanging lights for a “Frozen” party theme.

Because there are so many characters, settings, and storylines to choose from, Disney is one of the most versatile masquerade party themes you can find. And if you like to get your hands dirty with the creative work, you can put together a truly magical evening for everyone.

An animal masquerade

masquerade party themes: colorful animal masks

An animal theme is another great option for a masquerade party. You can choose circus animals, safari animals, birds, sea creatures, and more. If there will be a lot of couples at your party, you could even suggest they come as predator and prey! And, of course, you will need to plan food and decorations accordingly.

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Food and drink

There are some easy foods to serve at an animal masquerade party. Cupcakes or cookies with animal print designs and iced and decorated animal crackers are fun for your sweets table. Pigs in a blanket and kabobs with chicken and veggies are delicious, as are shrimp skewers. Cheese trays and crackers are also items guests can nibble on, without ruining their mask, facial paint, or makeup. You can even serve safari-themed drinks with cocktails with names like Tiger Claw and Jungle Book Juice.


Masks will be the centerpiece of any animal masquerade. The great thing about masks is that you can buy them, make them yourself, or have a mask-making activity table at your party. Have a look at this video to see how to put together a lovely bird mask.

As for your venue, here are a few decorating ideas:

  • Animal centerpieces to create themes for tables or sections of the party hall
  • Tablecloths to match the animal theme (tiger, cheetah, monkey, etc.)
  • Safari hats and Jeep cutouts for a Safari theme party
  • A custom balloon arch featuring different colors for specific party themes.

The decorations can be as simple or ornate as the party host chooses. With this party theme, a laid-back venue will put guests at ease. So, consider some simple decorations for the party. It helps bring everything together in the party hall that the host chooses to rent when hosting a masquerade party.

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Mardi Gras Masquerade

Superhero Masquerade

Disney Masquerade

Animal Masquerade

General Decorating Tips for All Masquerade Party Themes

Planning your decorations in advance will make all the difference. Planning early ensures the venue looks great. And this goes for all masquerade party themes.

Tips to ensure the best execution possible

First, decide on your masquerade party themes as early as possible. This will guide your booking the venue, choosing the music, sorting out decorations, and putting a menu together.

Once you choose a theme, you can start selecting decorations. Consider colors, venue, and whether a formal or casual evening will unfold. Choose an appropriate menu and select foods that fit the theme. Consider hiring caterer. A buffet set up so guests can choose their meals is easy, too. A sit-down dinner is challenging to pull off at masquerade parties. So, keep foods simple and bite-size so they’re easy for guests to consume while in costume.

masquerade party themes: an organizer calendar open on a table

It’s also important to make sure guests are aware of the theme as early as possible. It allows them to buy their mask and costume and prepare themselves. For large events, hosts should consider renting a hall or venue for the masquerade party. It ensures all guests will fit and that everyone will be comfortable at the party.

As a host, the more planning and preparatory work you do, the better your party will be.

Masquerade Party Themes: Endless Variety for Endless Fun

Whether you’re going for mystery, fun, or a combination of both, a masquerade party can make your party the event of the season. And there are so many masquerade party themes to choose from. The sooner you begin the preparations, the easier it’ll be to pull off the festivities without a hitch. And, the earlier you begin to plan, the more relaxed you’ll be on the day of the party. So, you’ll get to enjoy the party with your guests when the big night finally arrives.

Have you thrown a masquerade party? What was the theme? Was it fantastic, or a fantastic disaster? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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