Are Baby Showers Only For The First Baby?

Are Baby Showers Only For The First Baby?

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One of the things that an expectant mother looks forward to is her baby shower. A fun party with friends and relatives that celebrates the upcoming arrival of the little bundle of joy. 

Baby showers are typically filled with games, food, and gifts for the new mother. This can be a great well to help get the parent ready for their first child. 

But what if the parents have already had a child or two? Can you have a baby shower for your second or even fourth baby? 

Traditionally baby showers were only thrown for a first-time expectant mother, however recently this has changed and now baby showers are often thrown for children no matter if it’s their first or third. 

A first-time mother would not have any of the items that one would need to help care for a baby. The new mom would typically receive gifts such as clothes, blankets, a stroller, bassinet, diaper bag, bottles, and other essentials needed for the new baby. 

For those people who still believe that a baby shower is only for the first baby they think that once baby number two, three, or four come along that the parents should have what they need for their child. By this time, they will already have a crib, stroller, bassinet, changing table, plenty of blankets, and clothes that can all be handed down to the new baby. 

Why would parents need to have a baby shower when they no longer need these items? 

There are people who think it is alright to have a second shower if there are some special circumstances. If the mom-to-be is expecting a boy when she has only had girls before then they believe a baby shower would be alright since the mom would be wanting some more gender specific items for her newest baby. 

If it is the first child of one of the parents, perhaps the mom has already had a child but this baby will be the father-to-be’s first then there are people who believe that a baby shower is in order. Perhaps it has been ten or more years since the expecting parents’ last child was born and they have given away all of their baby items to friends or charity, then there are people who say that this would be an acceptable time to throw a second baby shower. 

There is also a popular viewpoint that is the opposite of tradition. These people believe that every baby deserves a party. That every child coming into this world is special and should be celebrated. 

They believe that baby showers for every child is alright. Though if you are throwing a baby shower for every baby then some people do believe that showers for any child after the first child should be scaled back a bit.

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What Do You Call A Baby Shower For A Third Child?

If someone is throwing a baby shower for a child that is not a first born it will often be called a baby sprinkle. A baby sprinkle is a scaled down version of a baby shower. 

Much like a baby shower, a baby sprinkle should not be thrown by the expectant mom or her parents. It can be given by a friend, sibling, or other relative. 

A baby sprinkle should be more casual than a baby shower and is a kid friendly affair. Since a baby sprinkle is a casual gathering of close friends and family to celebrate the impending arrival of the newest addition to the family these are oftentimes co-ed parties where your guests are welcome and encouraged to bring their children as well. 

The entire family can come and celebrate with you. Activities and games for a baby sprinkle can be just about anything that you want it to be. You can use the more traditional baby shower type games or choose to do something like onesie decorating. 

Onesie decorating can be a fun activity for both adults and children who are attending the baby sprinkle. All you need for this activity is a bunch of plain onesies, some fabric paint, and some stencils. 

Though you really do not need the stencils as guests can simply free-hand their design. You will want to set up a table with the onesies, paint, and stencils where your guests can get creative designing clothes for the new arrival. 

The food at a baby sprinkle should be light in nature. Finger foods and appetizers that can be eaten while guests mingle is ideal for this kind of party. It is important to remember that this is a kid friendly party so you will want to make sure that you offer some healthier options for food and drinks. 

You wouldn’t want to load the little ones up on sugar and caffeine and then send them home bouncing off the walls. 

Baby sprinkles can be a wonderful way to celebrate the expectant arrival of any baby that is not a first born. Gifts for a baby sprinkle should also be scaled down. 

Great gift ideas for a baby sprinkle are diapers, toiletries such as baby shampoo and lotion, or even books that can be read to the new baby.

How Do You Celebrate A Second Baby?

You have your second child on the way and want to celebrate his or her arrival but do not want to throw a baby shower. There are a lot of ways that you can celebrate the arrival of baby number two. 

You probably don’t want to throw a traditional baby shower only to have people decline the invitation because they have already attended a baby shower for the expectant mother. Instead of throwing a baby shower for the second baby you could have a spa day with the expectant mother and her closest friends and relatives. 

A day of pampering the mother-to-be will probably be really welcome as pregnancy can be uncomfortable. What could be better than a day of girl talk and pampering? 

You could also host a night out. Chances are that once the new baby arrives mom and dad won’t be going out for a while so a night on the town with some of their closest friends could be a wonderful way to relax before the baby comes. 

Another way that you could celebrate a second baby is to host a meet and greet. With a meet and greet you would choose a day a week or so after the baby is born where friends and family can come meet the new baby. It should be a casual drop-in event where guests can come and go as they please. 

This will give everyone a chance to meet the new baby and allow the new mother to visit with some friends and family. 

Of course, you can also host a baby sprinkle. A baby sprinkle is just a scaled back version of a baby shower. 

Gifts are typically smaller than what you would give someone at a baby shower and these are kid friendly so the expectant mother and her friends can all bring their children along.

Every child should be celebrated. There are plenty of ways that you can celebrate the arrival of a baby so that those who say that baby showers are only for the first born might still attend.

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