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Kids Dressed as Easter Bunnies - Best Easter Gifts For Toddlers

Every parent wants to make the first holidays their child will remember special. Even when a child is two or three, those positive memories they form in those early years will leave a lasting emotional impact and drive their positive feelings towards the holiday. When it comes to toddler celebrations, there is a huge cottage industry around toddler birthday parties and Christmas celebrations. However, the equally significant holiday of Easter gets less attention from marketing, and parents often find themselves fending for themselves when looking to fill those Easter baskets with the best Easter gifts for toddlers.

Easter baskets are generally filled with a variety of small gifts and candy, but many health-conscious parents don’t want to give their kids too much sugar. That’s why finding appealing toys is key to delivering an appealing Easter basket for your kids. Here at The Party Theme, we’ve put together a list of the best Easter gifts for toddlers. Read on and find the best Easter gifts for toddlers to fill your little one’s Easter basket with joy and memories today!

Best Easter Gifts for Toddlers FAQ

1. What Types of Toys Make the Best Easter Gifts for Toddlers?

The best Easter gifts for toddlers will be simple, safe toys with a significant tactile element. They should be colorful, visually engaging, and a toy that a child whose fine motor skills are still developing can enjoy.

2. Are the Best Easter Gifts for Toddlers Safe for All Ages?

All these toys should be free of choking hazards and safe for ages two and up. Several have elements that can be eaten, like Play-Doh or Silly Putty, and all are non-toxic and should have no ill side effects.

3. Are the Best Easter Gifts for Toddlers Affordable?

Most of these Easter gifts are designed to be one of several items in an Easter basket. There are a few higher priced items that will be a solo presence in the basket with smaller toys.

4. Are the Best Easter Gifts for Toddlers Easy to Set Up?

Most of the toys on this list are ready to be used right out of the box. There are a few that will require a few minutes of parental set-up.

5. Where Can I Buy the Best Easter Gifts for Toddlers?

The seven Easter gifts on this list are available on Amazon or at major toy retailers and big box stores like WalMart or Target.

How We Reviewed

The following best Easter gifts for toddlers were reviewed based on the following parameters – affordability, suitability for toddler play, ease of use, ease of assembly, safety, and fun factor.

easter gift ideas for toddlers

Overall Price Range of Best Easter Gifts for Toddlers

The seven Easter gifts in this article begin at a lower price. The exception is one high-end stuffed animal which comes in a bit costly price. This is in line with most similar products in the market, particularly competitors in the Crayola or Play-Doh brand.

What We Reviewed

  • Glitter Sidewalk Chalk

  • Play-Doh Spring Eggs Easter Eggs

  • Hallmark Crayola Color Bath Dropz

  • Munchkin Fishin’ Bath Toy

  • Plush Bunny Ears Hairbands

  • Manhattan Toy Lovelies Riley Rabbit

  • Original Silly Putty
Crayola Outdoor Chalk, Glitter Sidewalk Chalk, Summer Toys, 5 Count
  • CRAYOLA CHALK SET: Features 5 Sticks of Crayola Chalk with Glitter Effects
  • SPECIAL EFFECTS CHALK: Bring home sidewalk chalk with extra pizazz! These specialty chalks make sidewalk art stand out...
  • OUTDOOR TOYS: Screen time is great, but sunshine is better This bulk sidewalk chalk set makes a great gift for girls and...


Coming in five colors per pack – blue, pink, orange, yellow, and green – this washable sidewalk chalk is a classic choice for budding artists. Ideal for outdoor play, the glitter adds a sparkly twist to traditional sidewalk chalk. Simple, safe, and ready to play with minutes after opening, it’s a great way to get the kids to play outside on a nice day after opening their basket.

Fun Factor

Kids of all ages will love making their own artistic creations on the sidewalk or driveway, and it’s a parent-approved opportunity for messy hands-on play.

Play-Doh Spring Eggs Easter Eggs 4 pack
  • Play-Doh Spring Eggs are filled with Play-Doh modeling compound
  • 4 bright colors
  • Perfect for Easter egg hunts or play dates


Perfectly fitting with the theme of the holiday, these four simple pastel eggs each contain a mound of Play-Doh in the same color as the egg – pink, blue, yellow, and purple. Non-toxic, soft, and reusable, this mini-set is a great way to introduce a small child to Play-Doh without having to invest in an expensive set. And the eggs can be used for an Easter egg hunt to kick the day off.

Fun Factor

Play-Doh is a classic choice for creative kids to build their own designs. Four colors add to the variety.

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Many parents know getting a child to take a bath can be a hassle. This bath time novelty can get kids excited, thanks to non-toxic dissolving bath drops that dye the water without leaving any color residue on skin or hair. With enough bath drops for five bath times, it’s a unique gift for Easter that will provide a sense of unpredictability and fun at bathtime.

Fun Factor

Young children will love seeing the bath water change color, taking the boredom out of bath time.

Munchkin Fishin' Bath Toy
  • Bath toy set contains (1) magnetic fishing rod and (3) underwater bobbing characters
  • Characters float with magnets on top for easy fishing
  • Characters are air tight, helping to limit mold and mildew


A toy fishing rod with a magnetic end, this bath toy comes with a trio of magnet-tipped plastic toys that can be “fished” out of the water. Ideal for kids ages two years and up, the characters float and are air-tight to ensure easy cleaning. This fishing game is a great way for young children to build hand-eye coordination.

Fun Factor

Simple to play with and interactive, young children will love the adventure of going fishing in the bathtub.

Candygirl 6pcs Fluffy Bunny Ear headbands for Women Girls Plush Rabbit...
  • Cute Bunny Ear Headband Costume Party Favor:Made of 100% Fleece Fabric, 6 Pack Easter Headbands for Women Girls
  • Colors:Pink,White,Blue,Purple,Black,Red.6 colors rabbit ear hair band mixed per pack.These colors are the most popular...
  • One Size Fits Most:Our cute rabbit ear headband is 4.8 inches wide and 5.8 inches high.Headband fits both adults and...


A set of six colorful headbands coming in black, pink, purple ears, pink ears, blue ears, and red ears, this is one gift that’s ideal for an entire family. Surprise your kids with this set in the morning and have the whole clan don them for an Easter photo you’ll never forget. It’s also an ideal choice for party favors for a kids’ Easter party.

Fun Factor

Simple to play with and interactive, young children will love the adventure of going fishing in the bathtub.

Manhattan Toy Lovelies Riley Rabbit - Large
  • Riley rabbit plush toy features an incredibly soft plush fabric that is irresistible to the touch
  • Stuffed animal rabbit features a weighted, pellet filled bottom to sit comfortably in place
  • An endearing plush animal toy to soften any room, durably Constructed to withstand years of love


Manhattan Toy is known for its high-end stuffed animals, and their Riley Rabbit model is no exception. A large soft white toy, it features a weighted bottom to keep it standing and stands ten inches sitting up. Constructed with sturdy but soft material, it’s designed to stand up to the vigorous play of any toddler. Free of hard parts except for the nested eyes, it’s an ideal nighttime companion.

Fun Factor

More a comfort toy than an active plaything, it’s ideal for imagination play.

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No products found.


A classic toy, this red egg is filled with a dense, stretchy putty that’s ideal for throwing against walls, forming into shapes, or picking up newsprint. It’s non-toxic and easy to clean, but less crumbly than Play-Doh. Ideal for kids of all ages, it lends itself to creative play and the egg makes a convenient storage container. Plus, it’s ideal for Easter egg hunts.

Fun Factor

Ideal for creative play, it’s a fun toy that can keep kids occupied for hours.

Comparison Table

The Verdict

Most of the toys on this list will result in a happy child on Easter morning. Which is the best will depend on the age of your child, where they’re likely to be playing, and what they like to do. But one toy stood out due to its active play, its excellent and safe construction, and its aid in developing hand-eye coordination. That it makes bath time a breeze doesn’t hurt either. We give the Munchkin Fishin’ Bath Toy our endorsement as the best Easter gift for toddlers on the market today.

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